Christmas Surprise

December 21 - 27

Christmas Surprise

December 21 - 27


The Christmas Surprise event will run from December 21st 5:00 LNST to December 27th 23:59 LNST and features the Snowy Night Bless and Warm Christmas Eve sets.

A brief rundown of the event:

  • The event map includes 5 stages: 2 quiz stages and 3 styling battles.
  • Snowflakes are used to exchange both suits.
  • Each stage gives 3 free attempts per day, which can be reset for 30 diamonds. Failing a stage will not deduct your attempts.
  • Stamina is not necessary for this event.
  • 75 Snowflakes are obtainable for free each day, which gives you 525 Snowflakes for free throughout the duration of the event.
  • You will need 1650 Snowflakes to get both suits. You need 825 Snowflakes for Snowy Night Bless alone, and 825 Snowflakes for Warm Christmas Eve alone.
  • Considering the number of Snowflakes obtainable through free tries each day, you will need at least 600 diamonds for Snowy Night Bless alone, or at least 600 diamonds for Warm Christmas Eve alone.
  • To obtain both suits, you will need at least 2250 diamonds.


Set breakdowns, including stats, are available below. This guide will be updated once the event is released in LN; check back often and e-mail if you have any additions!



Stage Breakdown

Additional recommendations at Nikki’s info!

The list on this page contains event-specific questions. If you have a question that isn’t listed here, please send it to us at so we can add it! There are additional questions you may encounter that have been seen in previous Miraland quizzes. Those questions and answers can be found here.


Question Answer
What’s the previous night of Xmas called? 24th Dec.
When is Christmas usually observed? Gala Night
Where does Santa Claus put the gifts? In the socks
What’s the common food of Xmas? Turkey dinner
What’s the traditional ornament for Xmas? Christmas Tree
What’s the classic song for Xmas? Jingle Bells
Which animal is known to pull the sleigh for Santa Claus? Reindeer
What’s the origin of Xmas? Commemorate the birth of Jesus
What are the classic colors of Xmas? Red, Green, White
Under which plant cannot a person refuse other’s kiss on Xmas? Mistletoe
Which plant is often used to decorate rooms for Xmas? Holly, Mistletoe
What kind of children will receive Christmas gifts? On the list of ‘Good Children’
If Santa Claus is leaving for Apple on 25th, but there is a 50% chance that he would be stopped by Ice Queen, when will he arrive? In the Christmas Eve
What’s a Christmas tree usually? Pine
What’s the usual name for Santa Claus? Saint Nicolas
Where will the Santa Claus send in the gifts? In the chimney
What’s the traffic tool of Santa Claus? Sleigh
How many reindeers does Santa Claus have? 9
Who will give out gifts in Xmas? Santa Claus
What’s a traditional snack for Christmas? Gingerbread
Attribute (High)
Attribute (Medium)
Attribute (Low)
Suggested Suits Wind in Starry Wilderness
Hair Koi Story
Dark Tomb·Black
Dark Tomb
Flower of Yesterday
Dress Dance of Venus
Burning Red Glaze
Ladies Dress
Coat Luster Brocade·Purple
Flower Moon Cloak
Silk Coat·White
Hosiery (anklet) True or False
Lunar Ripple
Studded Sock Welts
Hosiery Dark Cloud
Heroine’s Socks
The Doll
Shoes Same Path in the End
Jade Pearl
Blue & White Shoes
Makeup Frown in Despair
Extraordinary Elf
Improvised Challenge
Soul Glory Umbrella
Vintage Entanglement
Glory Medal
Hair Ornament Heaven’s Light·Night
Nether Chain
Dipping in Snow
Countess’s Garden
Earrings Spring Bud·Purple
Dimly Snow
Denim Earrings·Rare
Triangle Puzzle
Scarf Stethoscope
Denim Scarf·Black Stripes
Autumn Meeting
Necklace Nightly Necklace
Binding Bandage
Nikki Choker·Black
Right Hand Bracelet Shiny Golden Bracelet
Bloody Bandage
Rose Choker
Left Hand Bracelet Jade Bracelet
Dressed Branches
Warm dance Bracelet
Gloves Countless Treasure
Navy Leather Gloves
Praying Gloves
Right Handheld Koi Brush
Pearl Shell·Pink
Left Handheld Leather Purse
Time Machine
Bow of Souls
Waist Royal Duty
Night Wind
White Belt
Veil Name and Love
Magic Cloak
Tender Bangladesh
Face Wild Tattoo
Brooch Versatile Satchel
Round Satchel·Dark
White Collar Bag
Tattoo Flame Lips
Seal of Demon
Grace of Beauty
Wings Love Accelerator
Sniffing the Rose
Angel’s Wings
Tail Arrow of Cupid
Poppy Foxtail
Mode of Seven Tones
Foreground Mountain Books·Less
Specimen No.7
Shining Star Soul
Background Ladder for Research
Mountain Books·More
Everlasting Moonbeam
Hairpin Sophisticated Rig
Iron Feather Hat
Harmony Brings Wealth
Ears Toxic Thorn
Moon Vixen Ears
Bluetooth Earphone
Head Ornament Broken Yoke
Guardian of Kitsune Fire
Dawn and Dusk
Ground Blood Silk Temple
Yoco’s Hobby Horse
Nether Water
Skin Broken Puppet
Miss Skateboard
Additional suggestions available at Nikki’s Info!


Attribute (High)
Attribute (Medium)
Attribute (Low)
Suggested Suits Sweet Superstar
Thunder Beat
Rock Singer
Hair Absolute Beat
Rock Girl·Red
Coat Luster Brocade·Purple
Flower Moon Cloak
Silk Coat·White
Top Secret Planet
Voice of Cat·White
Studded Tube Top
Bottom Shuttle Note
Heart Spell·Bottom
Super Agent·Trousers
Hosiery (anklet) Studded Sock Welts
Hosiery Rock Stockings·Blue
Large Fishnet Socks
Shoes Silent Galaxy
Breaking Rhythm
Studded Boots
Makeup Legendary Music
Pupil of Silver Wings
Carrot Dream
Soul Deer and Cliff
Deer’s Whisper
Hare and March
Hair Ornament Hidden Cat Ears
Sweetheart Idol
Jelly Drop Headphone
Earrings Star Line
Ruby Earrings
Scarf Necklet of Chain
Golden Gear
Gale Feather
Tribal Armband
Necklace Boneteeth Necklace
Chain Necklace
Bright Colors
Right Hand Bracelet Romantic Rock
Devil Bracelet
Bow Bracelet·Pink
Left Hand Bracelet Dazzling Bracelet
Doll Ribbon
Cross Bracelet
Gloves Agent Gloves
Rune Gloves
Boundary Gloves
Right Handheld Memory Replay
Maple Sugar Prank
Energetic Ball·Right
Left Handheld Magic Broom
Modern Heroine
Energetic Ball·Left
Waist Portable Projector
Electric Cadence
Moon Jade Pendant
Veil Fragrant Karma
Magic Resound
Red Satin·Epic
Face The Spotlight
Hidden Glasses
Brooch Meteor Tail
Hardened String
Brocade Drum
Tattoo Integrated Light
Quick Lightning
Wings Wings of Nine Wheels
Laser Wings
Little Devil’s Wings
Tail Energy Tail
Ruin’s Cat Tail
Rabbit Tail
Foreground A Song for You
Samsara Keylight
Drum Beat
Background Cute Rabbit
Ready to Battle
Song of Sorrow
Hairpin God of Light
Echoes on the Field
Bean Paste Washing
Ears Glider Wings
Bluetooth Earphone
Moon Vixen Ears
Head Ornament Supply Helper
Black Predator
Luck Bringer
Ground Infinite Fire
Ultimate Truth
Overclock Matrix
Skin Hot Beat
Hacker’s Secret
Warm Ray
Additional suggestions available at Nikki’s Info!


Attribute (High)
Attribute (Medium)
Attribute (Low)
Suggested Suits Sweet Sunshine
Mori Girl and Reindeer
Hair Young and Reckless
Messy Cute
School Girl
Coat Misty Starlight
Geometry Puzzle
Honey Ice
Top Cloud Blouse·Blue
In Dream’s Name
Bottom Cloud Pants·Blue
Black Shorts
Classic Kilt·Brown
Hosiery (anklet) Fate Cat Ring Bell
Fresh Socks
Hosiery Miko Footwear
Woolen Socks
Fairy Tale·Rare
Shoes Marguerite
Heart Adventure
Leather Shoes
Makeup Innocent Angel
Cute Sweetheart
Northern Soldier
Soul Deer and Willow
Hare and Secret
Hare and March
Hair Ornament Summer End
Croak Headband
Summer Breeze
Earrings New Year Ring Bell·Green
Warm Heart Companion
Dream Stud
Scarf Imagination of the Future
Multicolor Scarf
Natural Gift
Necklace Soft Pink Choker
Cutting Line
Wild Choker
Pearl Necklace·Cherry
Right Hand Bracelet Luminous Embrace
Knotting Culture
Bow Bracelet·Red
Left Hand Bracelet Floral Ornament
Jade Bracelet
Laurel Bracelet
Gloves Sweet Summer
Power Up
Wind Wave
Right Handheld Rhombic Nail
Blessed Aeolian Bell
Carrot Bag·Rare
Left Handheld Write Your Memory
Camellia Branch
Waist Little Apron
Heart Gift Box
Rose Belt
Veil Flower Maiden
Red Cloak·Rare
Red Cloak
Face Colorful Clown
Relaxing Bubble Gum
Common Glasses·Blue
Brooch Anchor Satchel
Biscuit Brooch
Cloud Sachet
Tattoo The Watching Star
Flame Lips
Shining Light
Wings Silver Snow Wings
Little Devil’s Wings
Transparent Wings
Wings of Dawn
Tail Cute Tail of Leo
Song of Stream
Rabbit Tail
Foreground Maika’s Shikigami
Ornitholestes the Bird Robber
Swinging Bear
Background Skeleton of Tyrannosaurus
Funny Park
Colorful Kingdom
Hairpin Spell of Fairy Cat
Strawberry Pastry
Crayon Hairpin
Ears Cute Ear of Leo
Drooping Rabbit Ears
Nature Whisper
Head Ornament Luck Bringer
Miracle Castle
Fleeting Time
Ground Spinning Ball
Image of Abyss
Waning Dream
Skin Warm Ray
Additional suggestions available at Nikki’s Info!



Suit Breakdowns

Click image to enlarge.

Warm Christmas Eve

TOTAL 825 Golden Snowflakes

  • Hair: Golden Snowflakes – 97 Golden Snowflakes
     S; SS; A;  SS;  A
  • Dress: Holy Night Carnival – 143 Snowflakes
     S; A; SS;  A;  SS;
  • Coat: Warm Robe Like Snow – 116 Snowflakes
     A; SS; SS;  A;  S
  • Hosiery: Ramping on Earth – 68 Snowflakes
     A; SS; A;  SS;  A
  • Shoes: Nap on the Eaves – 91 Snowflakes
     A; SS; A;  A;  SS;
  • Hair Ornament: Reindeer and Holly – 77 Snowflakes
     A; SS; SS;  A;  S
  • Earrings: Holy Night Wish – 57 Snowflakes
     S; S;  S;  SS;  A
  • Waist: Blessing Horn – 88 Snowflakes
     A; A;  SS;  S;  S
  • Tail: Golden Bell and Snow
     A; SS;  S;  SS;  A


  • Hair (Suit Completion): Melting Sunlight
     S; SS;  A;  S;  A
  • Dress (Suit Completion): Merry Christmas
     SS; SS; A;  A;  A;
  • Background (Suit Completion): Holy Night Gift
     SS; SS; A;  A;  S;

Snowy Night Bless

TOTAL 825 Snowflakes

  • Hair: Dancing Luminous Light – 170 Snowflakes
    A;  A; SS;  S;  S
  • Dress: Silent Winter Night – 182 Faith Rune
    A;  SS;  S;  SS;  A; 
  • Coat: Sweet Somniloquy – 73 Faith Rune
    A;  SS;  SS;  A;  S; 
  • Hosiery (anklet): Lingering Sound – 73 Faith Rune
    SS;  A;  A;  SS;  B
  • Shoes: Chat around Fireplace – 73 Faith Rune
    A;  SS;  SS;  A;  A
  • Hair Ornament: Melodious Holy Song – 63 Faith Rune
    A;  SS;  A;  S;  A
  • Hairpin: Pious Wish – 73 Faith Rune
    A;  A;  SS;  SS;  S
  • Earrings: Crystal Clear Light Snow – 76 Faith Rune
    A;  SS;  A;  SS;  A
  • Necklace: Holly’s Blessing – 81 Faith Rune
    A;  SS;  SS;  A;  S
  • Gloves: Initial Dream – 77 Faith Rune
    SS;  SS;  A;  A;  S


  • Shoes (Suit Completion): Delicate Dance
    A;  SS;  S;  SS;  A
  • Foreground (Suit Completion): Snowy Wonderland
  • SS;  SS;  A;  A;  A; 
  • Gloves (Suit Completion): Warm Poetry
    A;  SS;  A;  SS;  A

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