The Classical Concert event will run from August 31st at 05:00 and last for 5 days. It features the Clarinet Concerto, Sky Capriccio, and Monochrome Symphony sets. It has its own separate event map, which can be accessed through the sidebar and features 5 stages.

The first 2 stages are quiz-style stages, where you will have to answer questions similar to the Miraland Quiz format. The last 3 stages are styling battles. Stamina is not required to play, and each day gives 3 free attempts per stage. Attempts can be reset on stages 3-5 at 30 diamonds each (3 plays per reset). Failing a stage (e.g. answering a quiz question incorrectly, getting an F score in the styling battles) will not use up any attempts, so keep trying if you don’t pass a stage the first time through!

Passing a stage will award 5 Concert Ticket Stubs, which can be exchanged for parts of the event suits. To fully complete all the event sets, you will need 1688 Ticket Stubs. Using only free attempts will give you a total of 375 tickets, so to fully complete all the event sets you will need 2630 diamonds at a minimum.

The following are available below: a searchable table for the quiz stages, battle stage information and recommendations, and a breakdown of the event suits’ costs and stats. This guide will be updated frequently once the event is released in LN; check back often and e-mail if you have any additions!

Stage Guides

Stages 1-2: Quiz Stages

Stage 1 will ask music-themed questions, while Stage 2 will ask Miraland-themed questions. The list on this page contains event-specific questions. There are additional questions you may encounter that have been seen in previous Miraland quizzes. Those questions and answers can be found here. You can also type your question into the search bar below to instantly bring up your answer.

Question Answer
Bassoons belong to which family of woodwind instruments? Double reed
Which of the following is called the “Queen of Instruments”? Violin
Which of the following is called the “King of Instruments”? Piano
Which of the following is referred to as the “Heart of the Orchestra”? Strings
Which of the following is not a brass instrument? Flute
Which of the following is not a woodwind instrument? French horn
How many keys does a piano have? 88
To which instrument family does the clarinet belong? Single reed
Which instrument has 6 strings? Guitar
Which string instrument must be played standing up? Bass
Do you know what instrument is referred to as the “black pipe”? Clarinet / Single reed
n classical music, what is the term for musical compostition that consists of only a single movement? Symphonic poem
What is the term for a disturbance or interruption of the regular flow of rhythm? Syncopation
Which of the instruments are not a western classical instrument? Chinese lute
Which of the options below does not belong to the basic elements of music? (previously “not a necessary part of music”) Lyrics
Which of the following instruments are not played by plucking? Flute
What is the term for a musical composition that consists of a solo instrument and a symphony? Concerto
Round dances are also called…? Waltz
Which instruments in a symphony has the tallest structure, the highest pitch, and the most complex expression? Bass, piccolo, violin
What is the simplest wind instrument? Harmonica
Who won one of King Sayet’s three legacies? Hostess L
What is the condition for unlocking the next stage? A rating of C or above
Which chapter on the Miraland has the first side quest? 2
What is advocated in Lilith Kingdom? Cuteness and Fantasy
Which is the largest city in Lilith Kingdom? Cicia
What is the style of the Apple Federation? Modern and Stylish
What is advocated in Lilith Kingdom? Cuteness and fantasy
What is another name for Waltz? Valse
Who knows about both the real world and the continent in legends? Momo
Which anniversary of Nikki series is it on December 6th, 2015? 3
For Miraland chapter stages, what rating do you need to unlock ‘Complete Now’? A
How many Crystal Roses are awarded to those ranking in the top 1% to 5% in the Styling Contest? 20
What is Aiko’s profession? Manga Artist
Which set below belongs to the Republic of Wasteland? Tribe Totem
What is the price for Rustling Bamboo in the Clothes Store? 63315
Which nation does the fashion style of Dress: Jellyfish belong to? Pigeon Kingdom
Which chapter of Maiden Difficulty needs to be completed to unlock Princess Difficulty chapters? 3
How many colors are there for the Dress: Teddy series? 3
Who knows about both the real world and the continent in legends? Momo
How many tails are there in the Moon Vixen of Heart set? 9
Which set is needed in Chapter 2 of Maiden Difficulty to unlock Chapter 3? Panda Dreamland

Information translated by the LNW team: Source 1, Source 2

Stage Attributes Tags
3 (Can also use Christmas Reunion arena outfit)

Information translated by the LNW team from 4399 News.

Stage 3 Outfit Recommendations


  • Hair: Lop – Rare
  • Dress: Geriar – Red Wine
  • Coat: Nanny’s Gift
  • Hosiery: Fresh Socks & Bunny’s Favorite
  • Shoes: Fresh Snow Boots
  • Makeup: Affectionate Eyes
  • Hair Ornaments: Fluffy Rabbit Ear – Rare
  • Earrings: Snow Pompon – Big
  • Scarf: Multicolor Scarf
  • Necklace: Time Choker – Rosy
  • Right Hand Bracelet: Catkins Bracelet
  • Left Hand Bracelet: Laurel Bracelet
  • Gloves: Ablaze Beauty – Gloves
  • Right Handheld: Guardian Bear
  • Left Handheld: Kunai
  • Waist: Little Apron
  • Veil: Red Cloak – Rare
  • Face: Relaxing Bubble Gum
  • Brooch: Wasteland Satchel
  • Tattoo: Shining Light
  • Wings: Angel’s Wings
  • Tail: Rabbit Tail
  • Foreground: Butterfly Dance
  • Background: Nightmare Clinic
  • Hairpin: Bean Paste Washing
Stage 4 Outfit Recommendations


  • Hair: Rich Lady
  • Coat: Countess’ Shawl
  • Top: Pastry Cook – Pink
  • Bottom: Duke’s Daughter – Bottom
  • Hosiery: Lunar Ripple & Glamorous Mood
  • Shoes: Glamour – Brown
  • Makeup: Northern Solider
  • Hair Ornaments: Wide Hat – Rare
  • Earrings: White Swan Earrings
  • Scarf: Denim Scarf
  • Necklace: Nikki’s Dance Necklace
  • Right Hand Bracelet: Red Watch
  • Left Hand Bracelet: Oceanic
  • Gloves: Phantom Thief’s Gloves
  • Right Handheld: Jade Pipe
  • Left Handheld: Masked Dancer
  • Waist: Dream Yarn
  • Veil: Shepherd Girl’s Cap
  • Face: Meticulous
  • Brooch: Elegant Angel
  • Tattoo: Shining Light
  • Wings: Angel’s Wings
  • Tail: Rabbit Tail
  • Foreground: Butterfly Dance
  • Background: Everlasting Moonbeam
  • Hairpin: Bean Paste Washing
Stage 5 Outfit Recommendations

  • Coming soon!

Suit Breakdowns

Clarinet Concerto

TOTAL 200 Ticket Stubs

  • Hair: Music Rises (Cute, Pure) – 22 Tickets
  • Dress: Treble Clef (Elegance, Pure) – 30 Tickets
  • Coat: Dynamic Note (Elegance, Pure) – 20 Tickets
  • Hosiery: Dotted Note (Elegance, Pure) – 20 Tickets
  • Shoes: Unexpected Opportunity (Elegance, Mature) – 22 Tickets
  • Handheld (Right): Clarinet (Gorgeous, Elegance) – 20 Tickets
  • Ground: Scattered Music Papers (Elegance, Mature – 23 Tickets
  • Handheld (Left): Wonderful Music (Elegance, Mature) – 20 Tickets
  • Makeup: Shed Tears (Cute, Pure) – 23 Tickets
Sky Rhapsody

TOTAL 913 Ticket Stubs

  • Hair: Violin Poet (Elegance, Mature) – 152 Tickets
  • Dress: Sky Capriccio (Gorgeous, Elegance) – 218 Tickets
  • Shoes: Melody Echo (Elegance, Mature) – 83 Tickets
  • Foreground: Dream Wings (Elegance, Pure) – 98 Tickets
  • Background: Stairs of Music (Gorgeous, Elegance) – 118 Tickets
  • Hair Ornament: Butterfly Fantasy (Elegance, Pure) – 62 Tickets
  • Necklace: Violin in Moonlight (Elegance, Pure) – 80 Tickets
  • Ground: Secret of Violin (Gorgeous, Elegance) – 102 Tickets
Monochrome Symphony

TOTAL 575 Ticket Stubs

  • Hair: Piano Art (Elegance, Mature) – 75 Tickets
  • Dress: Monochrome Symphony (Gorgeous, Elegance) – 113 Tickets
  • Shoes: Golden Stage (Elegance, Mature) – 78 Tickets
  • Earrings: Joyful Music Notes (Gorgeous, Elegance) – 67 Tickets
  • Hair Ornament: City of Music (Elegance, Pure) – 67 Tickets
  • Necklace: Stars and Moon (Gorgeous, Elegance) – 70 Tickets
  • Background: Black and White (Gorgeous, Elegance) – 105 Tickets

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