Fate Echo

November 15 - 21

Fate Echo

November 15 - 21


The Fate Echo event will run from November 15th 5:00 LNST to November 21st 23:59 LNST and features the Dusk and Dawn and Star Invoker sets.

A brief rundown of the event:

  • The event map includes 5 stages: 2 quiz stages and 3 styling battles.
  • Faith Rune is used to exchange both suits.
  • Each stage gives 3 free attempts per day, which can be reset for 30 diamonds. Failing a stage will not deduct your attempts.
  • Stamina is not necessary for this event.
  • 75 Faith Runes are obtainable for free each day, which gives you 525 Faith Runes for free throughout the duration of the event.
  • You will need 2074 Faith Runes to get both suits. Dusk and Dawn requires 1059 Faith Runes and Star Invoker requires 1015 Faith Runes.
  • A total of approximately 3120 diamonds is required to complete both Dusk and Dawn and Star Invoker. Dusk and Dawn requires 2130 diamonds and Star Invoker requires 990 diamonds.


Set breakdowns, including stats, are available below. This guide will be updated once the event is released in LN; check back often and e-mail lovenikkiworld@gmail.com if you have any additions!



Stage Breakdown

Our guide will be updated soon. Find the recommendations at Nikki’s info!

The list on this page contains event-specific questions. If you have a question that isn’t listed here, please send it to us at lovenikkiworld@gmail.com so we can add it! There are additional questions you may encounter that have been seen in previous Miraland quizzes. Those questions and answers can be found here.


Question Answer
What’s the origin of the western astrology? Mesopotamia
Which of the following doesn’t match Wasteland’s weather? Abundant rain
What are the 12 astrological signs? 12 ecliptic sectors
What’s the reason for an eclipse? Sun blocked by earth
Which star system does Star Secret theme suits relate to? 28 Mansions
Which NPC knows astrology best? Starlet
What’s the plane that Sun follows over the course of a year? Ecliptic
Which of the following cannot be done by astrology? Change reality
Beside human affairs, what’s a common usage of orthodox astrology? Predict nation fortune
When you travel in the Wasteland, what’s the least possible thing to see? Snow
What’s the biggest desert in the world? Antarctic Desert
How to call a watery area in a desert? Oasis
What’s not a necessity for a desert travel? Momo
Which of the following can help survive a desert? Bring sufficient water
You see a city in the desert. What could that be? Mirage
What’s a common plant in the desert? Cactus
What’s the device to measure the position of the celestial body? Astrolabe
What’s NOT a common resource in the desert? Momo
Besides observing, how can ancient people perform astrology? Calculate
Which celestial body was deemed ominous in ancient times? Comet
Suggested Suit Sweet Sunshine
Additional suggestions available at Nikki’s Info!
Suggested Suit Sweet Sunshine
Additional suggestions available at Nikki’s Info!
Suggested Suit Golden Sunshine
Additional suggestions available at Nikki’s Info!



Suit Breakdowns

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Dusk and Dawn

TOTAL 1105 Faith Rune

  • Hair: Light of Star – 182 Faith Rune
     SS; SS; A; A;  A
  • Dress: Ocean of Moonlight – 191 Faith Rune
    A;  SS; A;  SS; A;
  • Coat: Flowing Thread – 99 Faith Rune
     S;  A;  SS;  S; A;
  • Shoes: Sound of Samsara – 75 Faith Rune
     B;  SS; S;  S; A
  • Hair Ornament: Stars Aligned – 63 Faith Rune
    S; SS;  SS; A; A
  • Hairpin: Crown of Light – 121 Faith Rune
     SS; SS; A;  A; A
  • Necklace: Heavy Moonlight – 86 Faith Rune
    SS;  S;  SS;  A;  B
  • Right Hand Ornament: Echo of Fate – 74 Faith Rune
     A;  SS; S:  S;  A
  • Makeup: Back to Past – 168 Faith Rune
     A; SS; A:  SS; S


  • Hair (Suit Completion): Shimmer in Starlight
     SS; S;  S;  A; S
  • Dress (Suit Completion): Sea of Moonlight
    A;  S; A;  SS;  S;
  • Foreground (Suit Completion): Mortal Moment
    A;  SS;  S;  S; A
  • Background (Suit Completion): Dawn and Dusk
    SS; SS; A; S;  S
  • Ground (Suit Completion): Tower of Time
     SS; SS;  A; A; A

Star Invoker

TOTAL 1105 Faith Rune

  • Hair: Word in the Dust – 170 Faith Rune
    A;  S; SS;  SS; A
  • Dress: Star Invoker – 182 Faith Rune
     A; A; SS; SS; A;
  • Shoes: Moon Pacer – 73 Faith Rune
    A; SS;  SS; A; A
  • Hair Ornament: White Raven – 63 Faith Rune
     SS;  S;  SS; A; A
  • Earrings: Moon Fall – 73 Faith Rune
     SS;  SS; A;  S; A
  • Necklace: Go with Wind – 76 Faith Rune
     SS; A;  S;  SS; A
  • Tattoo: Fiery Kiss – 81 Faith Rune
     A; A; SS; SS; A;
  • Gloves: Dark Feather – 77 Faith Rune
     A; SS; SS; A;  S
  • Left Handheld: Zenith of Faith – 121 Faith Rune
     SS; A; A;  S;  S
  • Hairpin: Requiem of Fate – 99 Faith Rune
     SS;  S;  S; A; A;


  • Hair (Suit Completion): Sealed Secret
    A; SS; SS;  S;  B
  • Dress (Suit Completion): Eternal Stardust
     S; B; SS; SS;  S;
  • Foreground (Suit Completion): Star Stays
     A; SS;  SS; A;  S
  • Background (Suit Completion): Eye of the Unknown
     A; A; SS; SS;  S;
  • Hairpin (Suit Completion): Wild Dance
     A;  SS; SS; A;  A;

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