(DISCLAIMER: The information in this guide is based off previous versions of Love Nikki. Information is subject to change between versions, so take this guide with a grain of salt until our version of the event is released and we can confirm info. This disclaimer will be removed once we are reasonably sure this guide is complete. Thank you for understanding.)

The Haunted Night event will run from October 17th 05:00 LNST to October 24th 23:59 LNST. It features the Zashiki, Tengu, Shutendoji, and Banshee Momiji sets. The event is played through normal Journey stages, either Maiden or Princess.

A quick rundown of the event:

  • Random amounts of Ghost Fire (1 to 4 Ghost Fire per play) will drop when playing Maiden or Princess stages.
  • The average amount dropped appears to be the same regardless of stage, so Maiden stages may be more cost-effective.
  • After collecting certain amounts of Ghost Fires, you can claim stamina, gold, Starlight coins, diamonds, or pieces of the Zashiki and Tengu sets.
  • Items are gained in a specific order; there is no picking and choosing which items you want.
  • A total of 3800 Ghost Fires will be required to complete both sets. Details can be found below.
  • Pieces of the Banshee Momiji set, including an alternate pose and background, will be rewarded to players who collect the most Ghost Fire throughout the event.
    • Top 30 000 players – Banshee Momiji shoes, hosiery
    • Top 15 000 players – Banshee Momiji hair, hair ornament, shoes, hosiery
    • Top 8000 players – Banshee Momiji makeup, hair, hair ornament, shoes, hosiery
    • Top 3000 players – Banshee Momiji set
    • Top 1500 players – Banshee Momiji set + alternate pose
    • Top 500 players – Banshee Momiji set + alternate pose + background
  • Pieces of Shutendoji can be obtained through an event-only Pavilion. The first play costs 50 diamonds; each play afterwards costs 100 diamonds. Each play will also give 10 Ghost Fires.

The following are available below: reward tiers, a stamina breakdown, and a breakdown of set stats. This guide may be updated once the event is released in LN; check back often and e-mail lovenikkiworld@gmail.com if you have any additions.

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Reward Tiers – Ghost Fire Collection

Ghost Fires Collected Reward
50 Gold 1000
100 Stamina 10
150 Diamond 10
200 Kid Unknown
250 Starlight Coins 5
300 Days Gone
350 Gold 2000
400 Stamina 15
450 Legend of the Kid
500 Diamond 10
550 Starlight Coins 10
600 Story in Memory
650 Gold 3000
700 Stamina 15
750 Diamond 15
800 Handbag in Childhood
850 Starlight Coins 15
900 Gold 5000
950 Stamina 15
1000 Kid’s Doll
Ghost Fires Collected Reward
1100 Diamond 15
1200 Kids’ Friend
1300 Stamina 20
1400 Strange Neighbor
1500 Starlight Coins 20
1600 Guardian Kami
1800 Preordained Fate
Samsara Twilight
2000 Ferret Feather
Fang Magatama
2200 Night Journey
High Place Geta
2400 Wind and Cloud
Iron Feather Hat
2600 Soul Clutch
God’s Glove
2800 Pray Mask
3000 Karma of Zen
3200 Iron Feather
Soul Spell
3500 Iron Feather Clothes
3800 Iron Feather Miracle

Will I Have Enough Stamina?

Over the course of the event, you can gain stamina from the following:

  • Recharging over time: 288 stamina per 24 hours
  • Daily rewards: 90 stamina per day from log-in stamina rewards at 12:00-14:00 LNST and 21:00 LNST, plus an extra 30 stamina on weekends
  • Daily quests: 44 stamina per day
  • Gifted from friends: 50 stamina per day
  • Sharing (obtaining a 3+ heart item): 6 stamina per day
  • Association-gifted: up to 35 stamina per day, depending on Association’s total scores
  • Styling Contest votes: 4 to 6 stamina randomly dropped from boxes, 1 box per 10 votes
  • Excluding V-level-associated stamina gifts, stamina from the monthly sign-in calendar, and Styling Contest rewards, you can gain up to 513 stamina per day. Throughout the course of the event, you can gain a total of 4104 stamina, not including the aforementioned extras.

Supposing that each stage gives about 2 Ghost Fires (a conservative middle between 1 and 4), this will be enough to complete Zashiki and part of the Tengu suit. This is a difficult event to fully complete, especially for free players, but do your best to get as many voting bonuses as possible, or buy more Shuten-doji pieces!

Suit Breakdowns


TOTAL 1600 Ghost Fires

  • Hair: Legend of the Kid (Lively, Cute)
    • A; SS; S; S; S
  • Dress: Strange Neighbor (Lively, Pure)
    • S; S; B; SS; S;
  • Coat: Kids’ Friend (Elegance, Pure)
    • A; SS; A; SS; A;
  • Hosiery: Kid Unknown (Simple, Elegance)
    • S; SS; S; A; A;
  • Shoes: Days Gone (Lively, Pure)
    • A; SS; A; SS; S;
  • Hair Ornament: Story in Memory (Lively, Cute)
    • A; SS; SS; A; A;
  • Handheld (Right): Handbag in Childhood (Cute, Pure)
    • A; S; SS; SS; A
  • Handheld (Left): Kid’s Doll (Cute, Pure)
    • A; A; SS; SS; A;
  • Dress: Guardian Kami (Cute, Pure)
    • A; A; SS; SS; A;

TOTAL 3800 Ghost Fires

  • Hair: Wind and Cloud (Lively, Sexy)
    • S; SS; A; SS; A;
  • Dress: Iron Feather Clothes (Gorgeous, Sexy)
    • SS; A; A; SS; A;
  • Hosiery: Night Journey (Elegance, Mature)
    • A; SS; SS; A; A;
  • Shoes: High Place Geta (Mature, Sexy)
    • S; A; SS; S; A;
  • Veil: Pray Mask (Gorgeous, Sexy)
    • SS; A; A; SS; A;
  • Hairpin: Iron Feather Hat (Elegance, Mature)
    • A; SS; SS; A; A;
  • Necklace: Fang Magatama (Gorgeous, Elegance)
    • SS; SS; A; A; A
  • Scarf: Ferret Feather (Gorgeous, Elegance)
    • SS; SS; A; A; A
  • Gloves: God’s Glove (Elegance, Mature)
    • S; S; SS; S; A;
  • Handheld (Left): Soul Clutch (Elegance, Mature)
    • A; S; SS; S; S
  • Foreground: Soul Spell (Elegance, Mature)
    • A; SS; SS; A; S;
  • Wings: Iron Feather (Gorgeous, Elegance)
    • SS; SS; S; A; A
  • Bracelet (Right): Preordained Fate (Elegance, Mature)
    • A; S; SS; S; A
  • Bracelet (Left): Samsara Twilight (Mature, Sexy)
    • A; S; SS; SS; A
  • Makeup: Karma of Zen (Gorgeous, Lively)
    • SS; SS; A; A; A
  • Dress: Iron Feather Miracle (Mature, Sexy)
    • S; A; S; SS; A;
  • Hair: Sound of Sumeru (Gorgeous, Mature)
    • SS; A; S; A; A
  • Dress: Offshore Song (Mature, Sexy)
    • A; S; SS; SS; A
  • Coat: Moon Shadow (Gorgeous, Sexy)
    • SS; A; A; SS; S
  • Shoes: Dual Fate Ring (Mature, Sexy)
    • S; A; SS; SS; S
  • Foreground: Ghost Fire (Lively, Cute)
    • S; S; S; A; S
  • Hair Ornament: Nightmare (Elegance, Sexy)
    • A; SS; S; S; A
  • Head Ornament: Casket of Fate (Elegance, Mature)
    • S; SS; SS; A; A
  • Background: Bone Throne (Gorgeous, Elegance)
    • SS; SS; A; S; A;
  • Handheld (Right): Millet Spirit (Mature, Sexy)
    • S; A; SS; S; A
  • Necklace: Bloody Return (Elegance, Sexy)
    • S; S; A; SS; S
  • Gloves: Chain of Destiny (Gorgeous, Elegance)
    • SS; SS; A; A; S
  • Tattoo: Flower of Evil (Gorgeous, Sexy)
    • SS; A; A; SS; A
  • Makeup: Invisible Figure (Mature, Sexy)
    • A; S; SS; SS; S
  • Hair: Sumeru Spirit (Mature, Sexy)
    • A; A; SS; SS; A;
  • Dress: The Invisible (Gorgeous, Sexy)
    • SS; A; A; SS; A;
  • Ground: Nether Water (Gorgeous, Mature)
    • SS; A; SS; S; S;
  • Background: Soul Seat (Elegance, Mature)
    • A; SS; SS; A; S
Banshee Momiji
  • Hair: Mountain Road (Gorgeous, Mature)
    • SS; A; SS; A; A
  • Dress: Maple Banquet (Gorgeous, Mature)
    • SS; A; SS; A; S
  • Hosiery: Maple Hunt (Gorgeous, Sexy)
    • S; S; A; SS; A
  • Shoes: Banquet Danger (Mature, Sexy)
    • A; S; SS; SS; A
  • Hair Ornament: Zither Player (Elegance, Mature)
    • A; SS; SS; A; S
  • Foreground(?): Skeleton Seat (Gorgeous, Sexy)
    • SS; A; S; SS; A
  • Makeup: Maple Enchantress (Mature, Sexy)
    • A; S; SS; S; A
  • Hair: Forest Hermit (Gorgeous, Mature)
    • SS; S; SS; S; A
  • Dress: Last Meal (Gorgeous, Sexy)
    • SS; S; A; SS; A

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