Homecoming Reunion runs from September 17th 05:00 LNST to September 23rd 23:59 LNST. The event features two new sets: Alumni Ace and Prom Princess.

Like previous events, these suits will be accessible through the sidebar, by clicking on the Reunion icon. They can only be purchased with this event’s currency: Balloons!

The Homecoming Competition event mirrors some aspects of competition voting. You are given one theme and two outfits. Vote for the outfit you think would score the most points in a Stylist Battle. Keep the theme in mind!

If you choose the higher-scoring outfit, you will gain 5 Balloons. If you choose the lower-scoring outfit, you will gain 3 Balloons. Each player has 10 free attempts each day, and each extra attempt costs 20 diamonds. Attempts can be purchased one at a time or in groups of 10. Depending on your win rate, you will need 2080 to 4400 diamonds to complete both sets.

We will be updating this guide frequently. Make sure to check back for more information and advice. Don’t hesitate to e-mail lovenikkiworld@gmail.com with event information we’re missing!

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Voting Recommendations

Like Stylist Arena, an outfit’s points are based on attributes, not looks. This means the winning set is not always obvious. If you leave and come back, the suits will not change.

If you can’t remember an item’s attributes off the top of your head, back out and check your wardrobe in the upper-right hand corner of the main screen. Tap any item to view its stats.

You can also look up the item’s attributes in our database!

Below is a table of the voting themes, the attributes they are likely to have, the Arena theme they resemble, and items that may be more likely to help an outfit win or lose.

Note: the attributes seem to be weighted the same way they are in the Stylist Arena. Let us know how this works for you!

Themes matched to information translated by the LNW team from 4399 News (additional sources) and XiaoPi.

Corresponding Arena Theme The Queen
Winning Items Dark-blue Curls
Elves’ Headwear
Thief’s Mask-Rare
Vintage England

Generally: masks, veils, elaborate clothes

Losing Items Citrus
Double Butterflies
Mushroom Hair
Corresponding Arena Theme Office Star
Winning Items Ablaze Night
Black Swan’s Crown
Dark Blue Secrets
Diamond Lover
Freehand Brushwork
Gentle Waiter
Losing Items Butterfly Ribbon (Cute, Lady)
Cat Girl
Ink Tale
Corresponding Arena Theme Ongoing Sports
Winning Items Angel Bunny
Braid Girl-Rare
Kind Heart
Rising Star
Tribe Scarf

Generally: short hair, scarves

Losing Items Marionette-Black
Mature Sister (Brown, Gold)
Western Maiden-Rare
Corresponding Arena Theme Beach Party
Winning Items Cowboy Hat
Gentleman Sapphire (-Rare)
Orchid Dream
Natasha (-Rare)
War Spirit

Generally: shorter clothes

Losing Items Azure Beauty
Jade Cicada (-Rare)
Corresponding Arena Theme Christmas Reunion
Winning Items Ablaze Beauty-Hat
Lop (-Rare)
Red Cloak (-Rare)
Reindeer Hat
Teddy Bear-Pink

Generally: sweaters, cozy clothing

Losing Items Galaxy Melody (any color)
Moon Destiny
Wild (-Rare)

Suit Breakdowns

Alumni Ace

TOTAL 435 Balloons

  • Hair: Speed Short Hair (Lively, Pure) – 40 Balloons
    • A; SS; S; SS; A
  • Top: Rampart (Gorgeous, Lively) – 45 Balloons
    • SS; SS; S; A; A; ;
  • Bottom: White Phantom (Lively, Pure) – 45 Balloons
    • A; SS; A; SS; S; ;
  • Hosiery: Shadow Step (Elegance, Pure) – 25 Balloons
    • A; SS; A; SS; A
  • Shoes: Rugby Runner (Lively, Pure) – 25 Balloons
    • A; SS; A; SS; S;
  • Hair Ornament: King’s Glory (Gorgeous, Elegance) – 30 Balloons
    • SS; SS; A; A; A;
  • Handheld (Right): Golden Autumn (Elegance, Pure) – 35 Balloons
    • A; SS; A; SS; S;
  • Brooch: Homecoming King (Gorgeous, Elegance) – 35 Balloons
    • SS; SS; A; A; S;
  • Gloves: Race Handler (Gorgeous, Lively) – 30 Balloons
    • SS; SS; A; S; A;
  • Face: Wild Warrior (Lively, Pure) – 25 Balloons
    • S; SS; S; S; A
  • Foreground: Nikki Rugby (Lively, Pure) – 40 Balloons
    • S; SS; S; SS; A; ;
  • Makeup: Invincible (Elegance, Pure) – 60 Balloons
    • A; SS; S; S; A
Prom Princess

TOTAL 435 Balloons

  • Hair: Golden Autumn (Elegance, Mature) – 40 Balloons
    • A; SS; SS; A; A;
  • Dress: Star Fall (Gorgeous, Sexy) – 60 Balloons
    • S; A; A; SS; S; ;
  • Anklet: Flower Trace (Elegance, Sexy) – 35 Balloons
    • A; SS; A; S; S
  • Shoes: Silver Stiletto (Mature, Sexy) – 40 Balloons
    • S; A; SS; SS; A
  • Hair Ornament: Royal Order (Gorgeous, Elegance) – 30 Balloons
    • SS; SS; S; A; A
  • Brooch: Homecoming Queen (Elegance, Mature) – 35 Balloons
    • A; SS; SS; S; A;
  • Bracelet (Right): Ring of Reign (Gorgeous, Elegance) – 23 Balloons
    • SS; SS; S; A; A
  • Earrings: Ctystal Drop (Elegance, Sexy) – 25 Balloons
    • S; S; A; SS; A
  • Necklace: Astral Array (Gorgeous, Elegance) – 25 Balloons
    • SS; SS; S; A; A
  • Handheld (Left): Blooming Night (Elegance, Mature) – 40 Balloons
    • A; SS; S; S; S
  • Bracelet (Left): Lace Loop (Elegance, Mature) – 22 Balloons
    • S; SS; SS; A; S
  • Makeup: Queen’s Grace (Mature, Sexy) – 60 Balloons
    • A; A; SS; SS; A

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