Midnight Escape

May 22 - 28

Midnight Escape

May 22 - 28



Midnight Escape runs throughout May 22nd 05:00 LNST through May 28th 23:59 LNST. The suits featured in this event are Crime Buster and Midnight Prisoner.

A brief rundown of the event:

  • The event map includes 5 stages: 2 quiz stages and 3 styling battles.
  • Secret Heart is used to exchange for both sets.
  • Each stage gives 3 free attempts per day, which can be reset for 30 diamonds. Failing a stage will not deduct your attempts.
  • Stamina is not necessary for this event.
  • 75 Secret Hearts are obtainable for free each day, giving 525 Secret Hearts for free throughout the duration of the event.
  • You will need a total of 1,290 Secret Hearts to get both sets. Each set requires 645 Secret Hearts.
  • A total of approximately 1530 diamonds is required to complete both Crime Buster and Midnight Prisoner.

The following are available below: stage attributes and similar stages, outfit recommendations, and set breakdowns. This guide will be updated frequently once the event is released in-game; check back often and e-mail lovenikkiworld@gmail.com if you have any additions!

Stage Guides

The list on this page contains event-specific questions. If you have a question that isn’t listed here, please send it to us at lovenikkiworld@gmail.com so we can add it! There are additional questions you may encounter that have been seen in previous Miraland quizzes. Those questions and answers can be found here.

Question Answer
Who is the most dangerous to travel with? Fantasy Envoy
Who is generally considered the inventor of detective fiction? Edgar Allan Poe
Which of following is reputed to be ‘The Queen of Crime’? Agatha Christie
Which of the following is NOT a tool against criminals? Lollipop
What should you do if you see someone’s wallet stolen? Call the police
What should we do first after a burglary occurs in our home? Call the police
Who took Lunar in Moonlit City? Mayor
No news is 100% true, but what info in the newspaper is usually reliable? Date
Which of the following is a famous thief in literary work? Arsene Lupin
Which is the first country in the world to set up a police station? France
Which of the folowing is NOT correct against theft? Electrify your door
Which place in Miraland should you stay away from? The 6th Clinic
Who stormed Moon for Bai Jinjin? Quiong
Which country introduced policewomen first? Germany
What should you do if you encounter a suspicious person? Cautiously avoid him
Which of the following is a detective fiction? Murder on the Orient Express
Which of the following is NOT frequently used by the thief? Grilled Fish
Which of the following is the right way to hunt criminals? Show identity before arrest
Who was apprehended for stealing Star Sea? Sofia
Which of the following treasures doesn’t belong to Miraland? Frostmourne
Attribute (High)
Attribute (Medium)
Attribute (Low)
Hair Wheat Ears·Rare
Elf Long Hair·Epic
Long-hair Doll
Coat Down Vest
Nanny’s Gift
Station Of Departure
Top Sugary Sweater
Gradient Colored Sweater
Baseball Jacket
Bottom Gray Knit Skirt
Leather Trousers
Eastern Vintage Style
Hosiery (anklet) Fresh Socks
Studded Sock Welts
Hosiery Snowflake Socks
Warm Sugar Water
Warm Maple Syrup
Shoes Teleport Skill
Fresh Snow Boots
Tall Snow Boots·Brown
Makeup Sapphire
Swan of Innocence
Northern Soldier
Hair Ornament Ablaze Beauty·Hat
Indigo Hat
Penguin Hat
Earrings Snow Pompon·Big
Snow Pompon·Small
Dream Stud
Scarf Natural Gift
Multicolor Scarf
Autumn Meeting
Necklace Holy Night Scarf·Feather
Golden Scarf
Cutting Line
Right Hand Bracelet Catkins Bracelet
Bow Ribbon
China Bracelet
Left Hand Bracelet Jade Bracelet
Punk Bracelet
Gloves Ablaze Beauty·Gloves
Cluster Cuddle
Studded Gloves
Right Handheld Heart Handbag
Guardian Bear
Cozy Nap
Chocolate Bag
Left Handheld Consonance Cellphone
Starry Umbrella·Feather
Japanese Fan·Rhyme
Waist Royal Duty
Little Apron
Coffee Girdle
Veil Red Cloak·Rare
Nuns’ Headwear·Epic
Red Cloak
Brooch Phoenix
Tassel Handbag·Brown
Lime Pie
Wings Iron Feather/a>
Little Devil’s Wings
Laser Wings
Tail Rabbit Tail
Moon Vixen Tail
Song of Stream
Foreground Ornitholestes the Bird Robber
Retro Phone Booth
Swinging Bear
Hairpin Gentle and Snowy Velvet
Crayon Hairpin
Strawberry Pastry
Ears Moon Vixen Ears
Drooping Rabbit Ears
Glider Wings
Head Ornament Holy Coffin
Luck Bringer
Casket of Fate
Ground Past in the Dream
Scattered Music Papers
Colorful Celebration
Skin Miss Skateboard
Warm Ray
Hot Beat
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Attribute (High)
Attribute (Medium)
Attribute (Low)
Hair Gentleman Sapphire
Dynamic Maiden
Coat Delicious Pastry
Geometry Puzzle
Hot Summer•Red
Dress Housemaid
Geriar•Red Wine
Tranquil Autumn
Hosiery (anklet) Tarot•Rare
Fresh Socks
Studded Sock Welts
Hosiery Summer Chat
Woolen Socks
Fairy Tale•Rare
Shoes Heart Adventure
High-top Flats•Black
Leather Shoes
Makeup Youth Storm
Little Devil’s Secret
Innocent Angel
Hair Ornament Magic Hat
Time Hairpin
Earrings Warm Heart Companion
Dream Stud
Cross Earrings
Scarf Tribal Armband
Multicolor Scarf
Natural Gift
Necklace Wild Choker
Nikki Choker•Red
Sweet Maiden•Neck
Right Hand Bracelet Lemon Bracelet
Bow Bracelet•Red
Romantic Rock
Left Hand Bracelet Floral Ornament
Laurel Bracelet
Jade Bracelet
Gloves Power Up
Nurse Gloves
Time Gloves
Right Handheld Carrot Bag•Rare
Graduation Scroll
Barrel Sports Bag•Pink
Left Handheld Red Hat’s Basket
Test Tricks
Modern Heroine
Waist Little Apron
Assassin’s Belt
Moon Jade Pendant
Veil Flower Maiden
Red Cloak•Rare
Red Satin•Epic
Face Street Standard
Relaxing Bubble Gum
Wild Tattoo
Brooch Cloud Sachet
Brocade Drum
Wasteland Satchel
Tattoo Black Acceleration
Flame Lips
Shining Light
Wings Little Devil’s Wings
Wings of Dawn
Angel’s Wings
Tail Rabbit Tail
White Cat Tail
Gray Cat Tail
Foreground Swinging Bear
Momo Stalking
Lillian Rabbit
Background Archaeopteryx the Old Wing
Ridiculous Park
Outing Time
Hairpin Strawberry Pastry
Crayon Hairpin
Bean Paste Washing
Ears Drooping Rabbit Ears
Imaginary Phantom
Moon Vixen Ears
Head Ornament Luck Bringer
Samsara Obsession
Casket of Fate
Ground Spinning Ball
Colorful Celebration
Overclock Matrix
Skin Warm Ray
Miss Skateboard
Hot Beat
Additional suggestions available at Nikki’s Info!


Suit Breakdowns

Click image to enlarge.

Crime Buster

645 TOTAL Secret Hearts

Item Attributes Secret Hearts
Special Investigator
Doris’ Punishment
Heartbeat Chase
Hosiery (anklet):
Exclusive Kneepad
True Identity
Police Dog Assistant
Hair Ornament:
Absolute Authority
Message Receiver
Both Handheld:
Laser Pistol
Right Hand Ornament:
Electrical Handcuffs
Tracking Time
The Watching Star
The Incident
City Under Curfew
Sky Pursuit
Item Attributes
Dress (Suit Completion)  

Midnight Prisoner

645 TOTAL Secret Hearts

Item Attributes Secret Hearts
Ring of Night Shade
Dark Night Solo
Striped Garb
Adverse Joke
Prisoner of Fate
Sinful Cross
Doris’ Necklace
Athens Paradox
Badge of Honor
The Wanted
Night Shadow
Item Attributes
Dress (Suit Completion):
Midnight Prisoner

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