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Here you will find the questions and answers for the Miraland Quiz, as well as event quizzes encountered thus far. We have not included the questions about “what item is pictured.” You can back out of the question in game, and search the in game wardrobe!

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Questions Answers
What is the price for “Fresh Stripes” in the Store of Starlight in Stylist Arena? 20 Starlight Coins
After the “Smile” skill reaches max level, how much can your score be improved? 0.27
What’s the name of the Queen who summoned Nikki to Miraland? Nanari
What is Annabel’s profession? Manga Artist
Which NPC’s suit is not included in 4 Seasons? Sofia
What’s Toto’s Aries boyfriend’s profession? Photographer
How many times can the “Story of Shanghai” dress evolve? 2
What is the first set with dynamic effects in Miracle Nikki? Princess Azhar
How can we get the Master Magician Set? Pavilion of Fantasy
After styling contest judges give 10 likes, you can open which one of the gift box? / After giving 10 Like in competition, you can open the gift box, which reward is a possible drop? Crystal Roses
How many Crystal Roses are needed to exchange Miss Puff in Crystal Garden? 165
Who’s the Chief designer of Apple Federation Apparel Group? Joe
Which book is NOT included by Association Library? Alice
How many Crystal Roses are needed for the special accessory “Too Beautiful to Fall Asleep” from the Styling…? 8
Who is the designer of the White Swan set? Star Seer
How many powerful stylists are in the Iron Rose Stylist Legion? 10
How many bags can Nikki wear at the same time? As many as she can imagine (previously “Many, because she is full of confidence”)
How many pieces are needed to make one Crystal Shoe? 50
Which school did Timi go to for advanced studies with her senior? Cicia Design School
How many Pink Wings Gorgeous are needed to evolve into one Pink Wings Treasured? 4
Whose works were taken by Queen Elle of Pigeon Kingdom in the Nine Day War? King Sayet
What set is Nikki wearing in the Pavilion of Fantasy poster? Sheer Dance
What material is needed to convert “Panda Pajamas” into “Heart Pajamas”? Polka Dots
What is the set targeted for Chapter 3? Rock Singer
What’s the color of Kaja’s spectacle frames? Blue
How many Crystal Roses can we obtain if we are in the range of top 1% to 5%? 20
How many Crystal Roses are needed for the special accessory “Call Me Cute” from the Styling Contest? 10
How many colors are there in the Dress: Teddy series? 3
Where was the Designer’s Tea Party which made Nidhogg famous held? Wintermount
Where is the first place that Bai Jinjin and Zhong Lizi first met? Plum Villa
Who does “White Fairy with otherworldly elegance that is pure like snow” refer to? Immortal in Ancient Tomb
How many SS attributes does Star Prophecy, jacket of the Star Seer outfit, have? 5
How many colors are there for the “Rose Dress”? 2
There are 5 tiers in the Stylist Arena. Which is the 3rd tier? Senior Stylist
How many parts are there to the “Star Sea” – the most beautiful and precious dress of December Troupe? 6
Which is Momo’s favourite? Grilled Fish
Which below is not a material for crafting the Star Sea? Polychrome
Which of the actions below would not be a good gift for Mother’s Day? Sleeping for the entire day
Which Ancient Civilization first started celebrating Mother’s Day? Ancient Greece
Who is credited with founding Mother’s Day? Anna Jarvis
Which person said the following line: “One good mother is worth 100…”? George Herbert
Which option below would be a good Mother’s Day gift? Giving your mum a heartfelt hug
Which of the characters in the game might celebrate Mother’s Day? Nikki’s Mother
Which is the date of this year’s Mother’s Day? 13th May
What country did the modern version Mother’s Day originate from? America
Usually, which flower will be given on Mother’s Day? Carnations
Which is NOT another word for motherboard? Keyboard
How can we get the Dreamland Teatime Set of Lilith Kingdom? Pavilion of Fantasy
Who is commonly known as the The Father of Video Games? Ralph H. Baer
If you sign in monthly, which is the set you will obtain in the first month? Cinnabar Cloud
What is the theme of Father’s Day? Honor fathers
Which US president signed Father’s Day into law and make it permanent national holiday? Nixon
Which of the people below is a mother? Marie Curie
When was the first modern Mother’s Day celebrated? 1908
Which Country celebrates Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May? Japan
Which country first celebrated Father’s Day publicly? America
How many colors does the Rustling Bamboo dress come in? 4
Which nation did Nikki arrive in when she first came to Miraland? Apple Federation
Which of the following items is not a Wedding Dress? Cake Manor
Which Category does “Washing Machine” belong to? Trousers
Which nation is “the country bathed in Storm and Fire? North Kingdom
How much discount is provided to someone with V6 privilege in the Clothes Store? 15%
What’s Nidhogg’s favorite small animal? Rabbit
Which person below is not one of the Four Cloud Empire Flower Field Sisters? Snow
Which state first celebrated Father’s Day? Washington
Which nation does Bobo’s everyday dressing style belong to? Lilith Kingdom
What flower does Nikki have in her mouth in the Romeo outfit? Rose
How many nations are there across Miraland? 7
Which set is designed by the heir of the Apple Federation Apparel Group, Kimi, to prove… Bright Galaxy
How can we get the Locco’s Tea Party set? Room of Mystery (Previously: Exchange in Room of Cinderella)
How to remove “Sleeping” curse set by opponent in styling competitions? True Love
Which of the following clothing garments can’t be purchased from the Stylist… Meow-Wee
By whom was the idea of celebrating Father’s Day introduced in America? Sonora Dodd
Who was the person that Nikki met at the Designer’s Tea Party that looked like Nikki? Bai Jinjin
In which show’s rehearse Nikki and Royce were invited to join? Romeo and Cinderella
When did people begin to celebrate Father’s Day publicly? Early 20th century
Which clothes do not belong to ‘Mori Girl’ series? Queen of Deer Elf
What is the price for Nikki’s Dress in the Clothes Store? 7580 gold
What’s Nikki’s astrological sign / constellation? Sagittarius
Which secret organization does Mela, who robbed Lunar’s recipe, belong to? Iron Rose Stylist Legion
Which of following is hardly a gift for Father’s Day? Sleep the day off
Which nation does the fashion style of Dress: Jellyfish belong to? Pigeon Kingdom
Which factor helped the establishment of Father’s Day? Commercial profit
Which set below does not belong to Pigeon Kingdom? Star Seer
What’s the most popular date to celebrate Father’s Day around the world? Third Sunday in June
Which one of the following isn’t an alternative color of the “Rustling Bamboo”? Rustling Bamboo – Lonely Drink / Rustling Bamboo – Drunk
Who is popularly known as the father of History? Herodotus
How to get White Swan from Black Swan? Evolution
Who is known as the Father of Medicine? Hippocrates
What is Supermodel Hiber’s true identity? One of the Phantom Thief group
Which theme did Zhong Lizi style to get recognition from the Chief of the North Army? Bunny
What is the name of the “Icewind Warchant” that Eunikina got from Eagle? Grani Lightning
Who designed the statue “Summer Foam and Sea Songs”? Gradis
Which clothes caused Bai Jinjin and Zhong Lizi to argue with each other? Bunny
How did Meira get her name? By robbing
Who is the Commander-in-Chief of Tyre’s Coalition? Verdfurare
Starlet said: Stars can foresee fate but they cannot foresee ( )? Direction
What is Priestess Lanza’s true identity? One of the Iron Rose Organization
What will you gain after reading Little Red Riding Hood in the Association Library? Max Stamina Boost
When the Starry Corridor opened, how many times was it decorated? Hundreds of times
Which legendary design was stolen at the famous auction? White Blossom
How did Nikki and her friends came to the Republic of Wasteland from the Lilith Kingdom? By train
Which dress was not thrown into the garbage by Kimi? Diamond Glint
What is the name of Power Phoenix’s Treasure House? Seamoon Pavilion
Which column does Starlet launch in Amphitea News? Zodiac column
Who wrote Nikki’s Note in the Time Memory Record (Tour)? Nikki
Which country is mostly covered in snow in Miraland? North Kingdom
Which House of the Cloud Empire is Zhu Ruosheng from? Power Phoenix
Who is the president of the Mercury group? Reid
Which family is located to the east of the Cloud Empire? Dawn Dragon
Which city of the North Kingdom did the legend about Eunikina and Eagle take place? / Where did the legend of Yunikina and Eagle take place? White Stone City / White Rock City
What’s the relationship between Princess Dawn and Queen Night? The same person
What is the best Art Academy in Apple Federation? Rawding Academy
What are the names of two characters in The Song of Summer Ocean? Ellisa and Fleur
Who is the famous writer Haiden’s servant? Lilian’s Rabbit
What is the most amount of activity diamonds you can get by finishing the Daily Quests? 53
Who created Dream of Evernight Kingdom? / Who’s the writer of the fairytale: Dream of Evernight Kingdom? Haiden / Hayden
Who is Orlando’s best friend from his school days? Freen
What’s the most number of photos that can be saved at the Starry Corridor? / How many photos can be saved in Starry Corridor at most? 50
What’s young chopper Fu Su’s true identity? Master Designers Disciple
Which Fluorite can be found on Dream Island? Dazzle Stone
What’s the theme of Kimi’s graduation design? Love of Life
What is the name of Orlando’s cat? Mr. Lancelot
What is Young Chopper Higo’s true identity? Ancient Pavilion Designer’s Apprentice
Who is ranked No. 10 in the Iron Rose? Debbie
After clicking the main stories, where can we review stories and view manga? In the Time Memory Record / Time Diary
Which city does Lunar work for as Chief Designer? Cloud City
Where did Henry become famous with the Rose Dress? Designer’s Tea Party
According to the Stars Record, what is Meira’s special skill? Snap fingers 30 times in 10s
Which newspaper does journalist Cali work for? Amphithea News
Which city did the Nine-Day War break out in? Roertedam
Who sent Yvette a “March Bunny” as a gift? Nidhogg
Where can we get the Story Conversation background? Time Memory Record
Who does the “White fairy with otherworldly elegance that is pure like snow” refer to? Immortal in Ancient Tomb
Which is the first video story launched by Love Nikki? Summer Foam and Sea Songs
Congrats! You drew a simple question! Choose this one
Where can you get a rename card? Users Shop
Bassoons belong to which family of woodwind instruments? Double reed
Which of the following is called the “queen of instruments”? Violin
Which of the following is called the “king of instruments”? Piano
Which of the following is referred to as the “heart of the symphony”? Strings
Which of the following is not a brass instrument? Flute
Which of the following is not a woodwind instrument? French horn
How many keys does a piano have? 88
To which instrument family does the clarinet belong? Single reed
Which instrument has 6 strings? Guitar
Which string instrument must be played standing up? Bass
Do you know what instrument is referred to as the “black pipe”? Clarinet / Single reed
In classical music, what is the term for musical compostition that consists of only a single movement? Symphonic poem
Which is the first music suit in Love Nikki? Sky Rhapsody
What is the term for a disturbance or interruption of the regular flow of rhythm? Syncopation
Which of the instruments are not a western classical instrument? Chinese lute
Which of the following is not a necessary part of music? Lyrics
Which of the following instruments are not played by plucking? Flute
What is the term for a musical composition that consists of a solo instrument and a symphony? Concerto
Round dances are also called…? Waltz
Which instruments in a symphony has the tallest structure, the highest pitch, and the most complex expression? Bass, piccolo, violin
What is the simplest wind instrument? Harmonica
Who won one of King Sayet’s three legacies? Hostess L
What is the condition for unlocking the next stage? A rating of C or above
Which chapter on the Miraland has the first side quest? 2
What is advocated in Lilith Kingdom? Cuteness and Fantasy
Which is the largest city in Lilith Kingdom? Cicia
What is the style of the Apple Federation? Modern and Stylish
Which set below belongs to the Republic of Wasteland? Tribe Totem
What is the price for Rustling Bamboo in the Clothes Store? 63315
Which chapter of Maiden Difficulty needs to be completed to unlock Princess Difficulty chapters? 3
Who knows about both the real world and the continent in legends? Momo
How many tails are there in the Moon Vixen of Heart set? 9
Which set is needed in Chapter 2 of Maiden Difficulty to unlock Chapter 3? Panda Dreamland
What is the title of Archpriest Imm? Wind Whisperer
Which character did not attend fantasy styling contest? Fu Su
Where’s Fantasy Styling Contest held? Royal City
Who’s Lu Yinian? Landlady of Moon Inn
What’s correct to secure your account? Bind Mail
Which of the following is not one of the four fairies in Flower Field? Snow
When did the association store refresh at night? 20:00:00
What is the first set that introduced dynamic effect in Love Nikki? Princess Azhar
How much is Memory of Youth in store? 2387 Gold
Who wrote the Time Diary in achievement? Nikki
How do we get the special background in Journey? Time Diary
Which character offered the theme “White fairy, otherworldly elegance, pure… Lunar
In which event did we first introduce avatar pendant? Haunted Night
How many suits are there in Time Yard? 8
Who’s the seer Nikki met in Wasteland? Starlet
Where can you see the map of Miraland? Time Diary
Who sent Yvette a “March Hare” as a gift? Nidhogg
How many diamonds are needed for the 10 draws in Pavilion of Fantasy? 540
What’s the prize set in Love Nikki Anniversary Event? Sweet Breeze
Where is Orlando from? Apple Federation
What suit caused a misunderstanding between Bai Jinjin and Zhong Lizi? Bunny
What’s special cloth owned by Lunar’s family? Cloud Calico
What takes the longest time in life bits quests? Arrange
What’s the real identity of Tuda? Son of Tribe Chieftain
What were Nikki and her friends seeking in Wasteland after the Mutiny of Nidhogg? Miracle Scroll
Which nation lies to the southwest corner of Miraland? Wasteland
What’s the gender of Fantasy Envoy? Male
Which suit has different forms in day and night? Underworld Lord
How much does Miss Anna cost in Store of Starlight? 39 Starlight Coins
Who was apprehended after Star Sea was stolen? Lisa
What’s the first set that has transparent limb parts? Cosmos Tide
What special stylist groups commanded by Queen Elle? Iron Rose
In the first round of Fantasy Styling Contest, who’s Nikki’s opponent? Sherry
Who are the two characters in the story of Ghost Gathering? Stitch and Adora
What does Momo usually wear? A cloak
How many people designed the mansion theme suits? 1
In which chapter Kimi first showed up? Chapter 2
Who put yeast in cloth in Silk Shop and took Lunar away? Mayor
Who’s the character crazily fond of grilled fish? Momo
Where did Nidhogg first gain fame? Designer’s Tea Party
What’s the homeland of Nidhogg? North
Which is NOT a good choice for Mother’s Day? Sleep off the day
Which item can you not buy in User’s shop? Pavilion of Mystery Sets
Which style is the weakness of Bai Jinjin? Pigeon
What can you not do in competition? Have a style contest
Which instrument has not appeared in Toupe sets? Accordion
Who’s the first woman in Bible? Eve
What can you do in Starry Corridor? Share your style
How many stamina can you claim in friends’ mail? 50
Where did Nikki meet Sherry first? Fantasy Styling Contest
Who’s the little girl Nikki met in Moonlit City? The Mayor
In which event we introduce first avatar pendant? Night Haunting
How many suits are included in event Ghost Gathering 5
Which VIP level can get the Umbrella Memory Set? V12
Which one does not belong the Life Bits of Home? Shopping Carnival
How many star coins can you earn when you win the battle? 5
How many colors does suit flower fairy Mevilla have? 3
In Greek Mythology, who’s known as mother of gods? Rhea
How many functions are in workshop? 4
What items can you buy at Time Yard? Karma Crystal
By Guinness world records, how many children does the most prolific mother have? 69
What’s the true identity of Wasteland Priest Ransa? Iron Rose Legion
What’s the only island nation in Miraland? Ruin
When is the American Mother’s Day? The second Sunday of May
Who robbed the design of Lunar in Wheat Field? Mela
Which nation does suit Demon Huntress belong to? Pigeon Kingdom
Which of the following garment can’t be bought from the association store? Meaw Ow
What does NOT Mother’s Day Honor? World Peace
Which day is the settlement day for Arena? Monday
What’s Mother Teresa known for? Charity Work
What can you not do in Home? Cook food
When is the Saint Patrick’s Day? 17 March
Which color do people usually use for celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day? Green
Which one do people usually wear for celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day? Shamrocks
Which drinks do people usually have for celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day? Irish whiskey
Which one is not a tradition for celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day? Light the lanterns
Which story is related to the Saint Patrick’s Day? Pot of gold
Which option below is not related to the leprechaun? Famous stylist
Where is leprechaun come from? Irish folklore
What is Saint Patrick known as? Apostle of Ireland
How many leaves do Shamrocks usually have? Three
What is in the pot of Irish green elf? Golds
According to the legend, why doesn’t Ireland have snakes? They had all been banished by Patrick
According to the legend, what did Patrick’s walking stick grow into? A living tree
Where does the leprechaun hide his pot of gold? At the end of the rainbow

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