Ruin Tide

February 22 -28

Ruin Tide

February 22-28


To hunt down Gray Raven, Orlando accesses the social network of Ruin Island. The master here, Typery, is willing to help with the cost of themed styling contests. From February 22 following the update, through February 28 11:59 LNST (Love Nikki Server Time), the Ruin Tide event will be available. This event features the Eternal Tides suit, and is a new event type to Love Nikki. During the event, the player will help Orlando choose the best suited outfit for particular themes and receive Soft Waves.

A brief rundown of the event:

  • Each theme provides 6 item types, with 3 choices per item.
  • One free theme is playable each day, with additional theme plays available for 30 Diamond
  • Choosing the correct item will award 5 Soft Waves, choosing incorrectly will award 3 Soft Waves.
  • If you choose all 6 items correctly, you receive a bonus 30 Soft Waves, bringing the daily free total to 60 Soft Waves.
  • During the event, you are able to collect a maximum of 420 Soft Waves if you have 100% accuracy when choosing.
  • A total of 3190 Soft Waves are needed to complete the Eternal Tides suit.
  • Considering all free tries are used, this leaves 2770 Soft Waves that will need to be received through purchased attempts.
  • With 100% accuracy in each theme, 47 additional attempts will need to be purchased, totaling 1410 Diamond needed to complete Eternal Tides.

Theme Guides

Each theme during this event has 6 correct answers. The correct outfits for each theme can be found at Nikki’s info!

Suit Breakdown

Click image to enlarge.

Eternal Tides

Hair: Broken Light Tide
S; SS; A; S; A
Coat: Illusory Dream
S; SS; A; SS; A;
Top: Three Thousand Moon Tide
A; SS; SS; A; A;
Bottom: Shining Dome
A; SS; A; SS; A;
Shoes: Emotional Code
A; SS; S; SS; S;
Foreground: Vast Lunar Sea
SS; SS; A; A; S;
Hair Ornament: Shining Moon Water Crown
A; S; S; SS; S;
Necklace: Heart of Disillusionment
A; S; S; SS; S
Gloves: Data Connection
SS; S; A; A; S;
Right Hand Ornament: Anonymous Spy
SS; SS; A; S; A;
Left Hand Ornament: Galactic Imagination
S; SS; A; S; A
Tattoo: Thousand Rivers into the Sea
A; SS; S; A; A
Hairpin: Real Light and Shadow
S; A; A; S; A;
Ground: Data Abyss
A; S; S; SS; S;
Posed Top: Miniature Moon and Stars
S; SS; S; A; A;
Posed Bottom: Eternal Tides
A; S; S; SS; A;
Background: Brilliant Fission
S; SS; A; S; S;

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