Sail of Hunt, Sea of Joy

October 26 - November 1

Sail of Hunt, Sea of Joy

October 26 - November 1


Sail of Hunt, Sea of Joy runs from  October 26th 05:00 LNST to November 1st 23:59 LNST. It features the Treasure Keeper and Storm Tamer sets.

This event features two styling themes. The event runs similarly to the Stylist Association battles and Dawn Front. However, you will be matched with three other players, most likely your friends, to battle against the pirates and gain Golden Anchors for rewards.

A brief rundown of the event:

  • The event requires you to prepare an outfit before the contest. By using the Preparation button, you can test out your outfit. Testing outfits do not require any attempts.
  • You can change your partners by tapping on their avatars. After you change partners, you can test out your scores again through the Preparation button.
  • Tap the Battle 1 or 5 button once you’re ready to begin the styling battles. 5 free attempts are given daily. 4 stamina is needed per play. More attempts can be bought at 50 diamonds for five attempts.
  • A higher styling score rewards you more Golden Anchors. Around 5 Golden Anchors are rewarded for winning the battles.
  • You can gain a maximum of 175 Golden Anchors with only free attempts.
  • Storm Tamer requires 1140 Golden Anchors. To obtain both the Storm Tamer and Treasure Keepber sets, you will need a total of 2050 Golden Anchors.
  • To obtain both sets, will need a minimum of 3240 diamonds depending on your win rate and morale.

The following are available below: stage attributes and similar stages, outfit recommendations, and set breakdowns. This guide will be updated frequently once the event is released in LN; check back often, and comment down below if you have any additions!

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Stage Guides

Outfit recommendations can be found at Nikki’s info! Our guide will be updated later.

Hair Fleurs Du Mal
Cloud Dancer•Black
Coat Prosperity•Epic
Dark Forest•Epic
Officer Coat•Dark Blue
Dress Glory Chapter
Puppet Grice
Love Magic
Hosiery (anklet) Bone (Night ver.)
Elf Anklet•Epic
Hosiery Broken Order
Sand of Gold
Black Desire
Shoes Castle Dream
Locked Love
Makeup Sweet Demon
Queen’s Grace
Nether Purple Iris
Hair Ornament Yin and Yang
Cherry Word
Skeletons Pirate Hat
Earrings Golden Moon
Sparrow Fan
Clear Star
Scarf Necklet of Chain
Snake Tara
Peacock Belt
Necklace Galaxy Beads
Oath of Flowers
Black Bow Tie
Right Hand Bracelet Butterfly Dancing•Purple
Moon Beads
Lotus Leaf Tassel
Left Hand Bracelet Demon Blood Gauntlets
Lace Loop
Gloves Gauzy Sleeves
Intelligent Data
Shift Time
Right Handheld Millet Spirit
Assault Rifle
Arrow of Souls
Left Handheld Moon Crutch
Dark Cane•Rare
Bow of Souls
Waist Athens Paradox
Semitone Interval
Soul Order
Veil Dream Maid
Horn of Rebellion
Magic Cloak
Face Hologram Communicator
Thief’s Mask•Rare
Child of Earth
Brooch Suspension’s Wings•Virus
Homecoming Queen
Only You•Rare
Tattoo Badge of Honor
Mysterious Butterfly
Void World
Wings Sniffing the Rose
Power Jet
Steady State Transfer
Tail Poppy Foxtail
Abyss Wing
Moon Vixen Tail
Foreground Time Pilot
Uno the Griffin
Underworld Fire
Background All Gone Silent
Prison of Life and Death
Vintage Bookshelf
Hairpin Lie and Name
Iron Feather Hat
Ocean Sunglasses
Ears Toxic Thorn
Moon Vixen ears
Glider Wings
Head Ornament Holy Coffin
Samsara Obsession
Casket of Fate
Ground Rosy Puzzle
Blood Silk Temple
Skeleton Seat
Skin String Puppet
Heart of Ghost
Hot Beat
Additional suggestions available at Nikki’s Info!

Suit Breakdowns

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