(DISCLAIMER: Some information in this guide is based off previous versions of Love Nikki. Information is subject to change between versions, so take this guide with a grain of salt until our version of the event is released and we can confirm info. This disclaimer will be removed once we are reasonably sure this guide is complete. Thank you for understanding.)

The Soul Requiem event will run from October 8th 05:00 LNST to October 12th 23:59 LNST. It features the Soul Requiem and Sanctity Aria sets and is played through Chapter 3 to 6 stages in Journey.

A brief rundown of the event:

  • Soul Requiem pieces will randomly drop from specific Maiden or Princess stages. The event provides hints for the necessary stages in the form of riddles, based on the events of Nikki’s journey through Miraland.
  • Event drops can be evolved into the complete version of Soul Requiem.
  • Two Soul Requiem items, Soul Lamp and Phantom Ghost, are gained through Recipe Crafting. The recipes are automatically sent to your mailbox during the event (freebies!).
  • Once fully evolved, Soul Requiem can be customized into Sanctity Aria.
  • The main limiting factor is Princess stage attempts. Only 3 free attempts are given per day, and the number of resets allowed per day is limited by the player’s V-level.
  • Princess stages can be played 15 times for free over the course of the event.
  • V0 players can reset stages once per day, so they can play Princess stages up to 30 times total. Higher V-level players will have higher limits.
  • Princess stages cost 30 diamonds to reset. V0 players can spend up to 600 diamonds on Princess resets; higher V-level players can spend more.

The following are available below: required stages, a stamina breakdown, extra event tips, and set completion breakdowns and stats. This guide may be updated once the event is released in LN; check back often and e-mail lovenikkiworld@gmail.com if you have any additions.

In case you need more help, we also offer one-on-one support through various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr!

What’s Required

The below table lists the required amount of each droppable Soul Requiem piece, as well as total gold costs (for Recipe Crafting, Clothing Evolution, or buying ingredients from the Clothes Store) to complete 1 or 2 sets.

Component Stage 1 Set 2 Sets
Hair 4-1 (P) 10 15
Dress 5-4 (P) 10 15
Shoes 5-10 (P) 10 15
Hair Ornament 6-4 (M) 5 9
Necklace 3-6 (M) 10 15
Bracelet 4-5 (P) 10 15
Makeup 6-7 (M) 5 10
Gold 256 080 470 400

M=Maiden; P=Princess
Mobile users: Scroll table for more info

To craft Soul Lamp and Phantom Ghost, you will also need Bambi (hair) and Red Headband (accessory), both of which can be purchased through the Clothes Store. (Gold costs are included in the table above.)

To customize Soul Requiem into Sanctity Aria, you will need a total of 2 Lemon Yellow, 10 Elegant Purple, and 2 Other Dyes. Specifics can be found under Suit Breakdowns.

Will I Have Enough Stamina?

Because the event is based on random drops, you might be worried if you’ll have enough stamina to collect enough ingredients. Over the course of the event, you can gain stamina from the following:

  • Recharging over time: 288 stamina per 24 hours
  • Daily rewards: 90 stamina per day from log-in stamina rewards at 12:00-14:00 LNST and 21:00 LNST, plus an extra 30 stamina on weekends
  • Daily quests: 44 stamina per day
  • Gifted from friends: 50 stamina per day
  • Sharing (obtaining a 3+ heart item): 6 stamina per day
  • Association-gifted: up to 35 stamina per day, depending on Association’s total scores
  • Styling Contest votes: 4 to 6 stamina randomly dropped from boxes, 1 box per 10 votes
  • Excluding V-level-associated stamina gifts, stamina from the monthly sign-in calendar, and Styling Contest rewards, you can gain up to 513 stamina per day. Throughout the course of the event, you can gain a total of 2535 stamina, not including stamina gained from Competition voting, monthly sign-in, or V-level rewards. This is enough to play Maiden stages 633 times, or Princess stages (potentially) 422 times.

Extra Tips

This is a fairly simple event, so here are some extra things you can do during the event:

  • Decomposition: Collect extra Soul Requiem pieces dropped in Maiden stages, then evolve them to the Rare stage (4 hearts). Even better, the dropped Hair Ornament is already 4 hearts – no need for evolution! Decompose them after the event for more hard-to-get Rebirth Earrings!
  • Recipe Crafting: The Journey stages have their own drops, which can be used to craft other items. Notably, stages 4-5 (Princess) and 5-10 (Princess) drop items used to craft Star Sea and Stunning Beauty, so if you haven’t already made them, now’s a good time to start collecting!
    • Princess Drops: Jellyfish (4-1), Night of Shanghai (4-5), Marine Flower (5-4), Azure Flower (5-4), Firelight (5-10), Lotus Pendant (5-10)
    • Maiden Drops: Picnic Cloth (3-6), Luxury Bathrobe (3-6), Cloudy Day (6-4), Plaid Impression-Red (6-4), Red Watch (6-7), Wheat Ears (6-7)

Suit Breakdowns

Soul Requiem
  • Hair: Nightmare-Epic (Elegance, Pure) – Evolution
    • Gold11 000; 9x Nightmare
    • A; SS; S; SS; A
  • Dress: Soul Requiem-Epic (Gorgeous, Sexy) – Evolution
    • Gold11 000; 9x Soul Requiem
    • SS; A; S; SS; A
  • Shoes: Midnight Wander-Epic (Mature, Sexy) – Evolution
    • Gold11 000; 9x Midnight Wander
    • A; S; SS; SS; A
  • Hair Ornament: Dark Thorns-Rare (Gorgeous, Sexy) – Evolution
    • Gold7 000; 5x Dark Thorns
    • SS; S; A; SS; A
  • Necklace: Thorns Necklace-Epic (Gorgeous, Sexy) – Evolution
    • Gold11 000; 9x Thorns Necklace
    • SS; B; S; SS; S
  • Gloves: Thorns Bracelet-Epic (Gorgeous, Sexy) – Evolution
    • Gold11 000; 9x Thorns Bracelet
    • SS; A; A; SS; A
  • Handheld (Right): Soul Lamp (Gorgeous, Elegance) – Crafting
    • Gold8 000; 2x Thorns Necklace; 2x Nightmare; 2x Midnight Wander; 5x Bambi (Gold59 520)
    • SS; SS; A; S; A
  • Foreground: Phantom Ghost (Gorgeous, Elegance) – Crafting
    • Gold8 000; 2x Thorns Bracelet; 2x Soul Requiem; 5x Dream Nocturne; 10x Red Headband (Gold 98 560)
    • SS; S; A; A; S
  • Makeup: Dream Nocturne (Mature, Sexy) – 6-7 (Maiden, event-only)
    • A; A; SS; SS; A
Sanctity Aria
  • Hair: Mellow Snowy Night (Gorgeous, Elegance) – Customize (2 Lemon Yellow)
    • S; SS; S; S; A
  • Dress: Sanctity Aria (Gorgeous, Elegance) – Customize (3 Elegant Purple)
    • SS; SS; S; A; A
  • Shoes: Tranquil Whisper (Elegance, Pure) – Customize (2 Elegant Purple)
    • S; S; A; SS; A
  • Hair Ornament: Holy Rhythm (Gorgeous, Elegance) – Customize (1 Elegant Purple)
    • S; SS; A; A; S
  • Gloves: Holy Bracelet (Gorgeous, Elegance) – Customize (1 Elegant Purple)
    • SS; SS; A; A; A
  • Necklace: Necklace of Sanctity (Gorgeous, Elegance) – Customize (1 Elegant Purple)
    • SS; SS; A; A; S
  • Handheld (Right): Holy Lamp (Gorgeous, Elegance) – Customize (1 Elegant Purple)
    • SS; SS; S; A; A
  • Foreground: Fleeting Shadows (Elegance, Pure) – Customize (1 Elegant Purple)
    • A; SS; A; SS; A
  • Makeup: Zephyr (Elegance, Mature) – Customize (2 Other Dye)
    • A; SS; SS; S; A

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