Star Insight

March 14 - 20

Star Insight

March 14 - 20


The Star Insight event will run from March 14th 05:00 LNST to March 20th 23:59 LNST. It features the Star Rite suit. It has its own separate event window, which can be accessed through the sidebar. This event plays much like the Interstellar and Summer Color Date events.

A brief rundown of the event:

  • Players will be given a styling theme and two premade outfits. Choose which outfit you think would score better for that theme to gain Fate Stars, which can be exchanged for pieces of Star Rite.
  • 5 Fate Stars will be rewarded for choosing the higher-scoring outfit. 3 Fate Stars will be rewarded for choosing the lower-scoring outfit.
  • 10 free attempts are given per day. More attempts can be purchased for 20 diamonds each.
  • 668 Fate Stars are required to complete Star Rite.
  • Over the course of the event, you will be able to get 210 to 350 Fate Stars for free, depending on your win rate.
  • To complete Star Rite, you will need between 1280 – 3060 Diamond depending on your win rate.

Like Stylist Arena, an outfit’s points are based on attributes, not looks. This means the winning set is not always obvious. If you leave and come back, the suits will not change, so feel free to leave often and check item attributes if you can’t remember an item’s attributes off the top of your head. Check your wardrobe in the upper-right hand corner of the main screen, and tap any item to view its stats.

The following are available below: theme attributes with corresponding Arena themes, voting recommendations, and set breakdowns. This guide will be updated frequently once the event is released in LN; check back often and e-mail if you have any additions!


Corresponding Arena Theme The Queen
Winning Items

Generally gorgeous and elegant clothes. Not all outfits with big dresses will win! In addition, the accessories may be misleading. Be sure to check your wardrobe on this one!

Purple Butterfly
War on Ruins
Black Swan
Stunning Beauty·Ink
Red Witch
Ribbon of Rotation
Magic Cloak

Losing Items

Generally cute and/or pure clothing.

Laurel Goddess

Corresponding Arena Theme Office Star
Winning Items Ablaze Night
Black Swan’s Crown
Dark Blue Secrets
Diamond Lover
Freehand Brushwork
Gentle Waiter

Generally: simple, elegant office lady

Losing Items Butterfly Ribbon (Cute, Lady)
Cat Girl
Ink Tale

Generally: swuimsuits

Corresponding Arena Theme Where is Spring
Winning Items Angel Bunny
Braid Girl-Rare
Kind Heart
Rising Star
Tribe Scarf
Leather Shoes

Generally: short hair, scarves

Losing Items Marionette-Black
Mature Sister (Brown, Gold)
Western Maiden-Rare
Corresponding Arena Theme Beach Party
Winning Items Cowboy Hat
Gentleman Sapphire (-Rare)
Orchid Dream
Natasha (-Rare)
War Spirit

Generally: shorter clothes

Losing Items Azure Beauty
Jade Cicada (-Rare)
Corresponding Arena Theme Christmas Reunion
Winning Items

Mainly wearing mufflers or items that look warm. Not all winning players will be wearing clothing with the pure attribute!

Tribe Scarf
Mask of Night

Losing Items

Generally clothing that look marine-ish and/or cool.

Rippled Waves

Suit Breakdown

Click image to enlarge.

Star Rite
  • Hair: Vasilisa – 72 Fate Stars
    A; A; S; SS; A
  • Top: Dance of Stars·First – 75 Fate Stars
    A; S; SS; SS; A;
  • Bottom: Dance of Stars·Second – 81 Fate Stars
    A; SS; SS; A; A;
  • Hosiery (anklet): Heaven Divination – 35 Fate Stars
    A; SS; A; SS; S
  • Foreground: Crystal Star Globe – 79 Fate Stars
    S; SS; A; A; S
  • Ground: Wish of Stars – 68 Fate Stars
    A; SS; SS; A; A
  • Hair Ornament: Wind Prophecy – 46 Fate Stars
    A; SS; S; SS; A
  • Earrings: Stars Whisper – 43 Fate Stars
    A; A; SS; S; S
  • Necklace: Song of Stars – 36 Fate Stars
    SS; SS; A; A; S
  • Gloves: Echo of Pale Morrow – 34 Fate Stars
    S; SS; SS; S; B
  • Makeup: Homing Star – 99 Fate Stars
    A; S; S; S; S
  • Hair (Suit Completion): Fate Stars
    A; S; SS; S; A
  • Dress (Suit Completion): Festival Star Dance
    A; SS; A; SS; A;
  • Hair Ornament (Suit Completion): Blessing of Starlight
    A; SS; SS; A; S

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