Summer Color Date

July 13 - 22

Summer Color Date

July 13 - 22

(DISCLAIMER: The information in this guide is based off previous versions of Love Nikki. Information is subject to change between versions, so take this guide with a grain of salt until our version of the event is released and we can confirm info. This disclaimer will be removed once we are reasonably sure this guide is complete. Thank you for understanding.)


The Summer Color Date event runs from July 13th 05:00 LNST to July 22nd 23:59 LNST. It features the Summer Color and Dream of Star City sets. It has its own separate event window, which can be accessed through the sidebar.

A brief rundown of the event:

  • This event mirrors some aspects of competition voting. You are given one theme and two outfits. Vote for the outfit you think would score the most points in a Stylist Battle for that theme to collect Ice Cream, which can be exchanged for set pieces.
  • If you choose the higher-scoring outfit, you will earn 5 Ice Cream. If you choose the lower-scoring outfit, you will earn 3 Ice Cream.
  • Each player has 10 free attempts daily. Each extra attempt costs 20 diamonds. Attempts can be purchased one at a time or in groups of 10.
  • Over the course of the event, you can earn up to 300 to 500 Ice Cream for free, depending on your win rate.
  • Depending on your win rate, you will need 700 to 2480 diamonds to complete both sets. The Summer Color set requires 0 to 40 diamonds. The Dream of Star City set requires 0 to 440 diamonds.

The following are available below: theme attributes, voting recommendations, and set breakdown. This guide will be updated frequently once the event is released in LN; check back often, and comment down below if you have any additions!

In case you need more help, we also offer one-on-one support through various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

Voting Recommendations

Like Stylist Arena, an outfit’s points are based on attributes, not looks. This means the winning set is not always obvious.

If you can’t remember an item’s attributes off the top of your head, back out and check your wardrobe in the upper-right hand corner of the main screen. Tap any item to view its stats.

Below is a table of the voting themes, the attributes they are likely to have, the Arena theme they resemble, and items that may be more likely to help an outfit win or lose.

Corresponding Arena Theme Beach Party
Winning Items Generally look for clothing that look marine-ish and sexy. Note: not all clothing will be short!

Denim Cap·Rare
Summer Shooting Star
PJ Shorts·Gray
Chiffon Shoes
Free Joy

Losing Items Generally look for elegant clothing.
Main Attributes
Corresponding Arena Theme Where Is Spring and Fairytale Garden
Winning Items Generally simple and cutesy clothing. Occasionally, the winning player may wear a gorgeous dress.

Braid Girl·Rare
Flower Fragrance
Suspender Skirt·Red
Snow White Kitty
Sailor Girl·White
Leather Shoes
Barrel Sports Bag·Pink

Losing Items Generally elegant and sexy clothing.

Floating Kite·Blue
Countess’s Garden
Shark Suit

Corresponding Arena Theme Christmas Reunion
Winning Items Mainly wearing mufflers or items that look warm. Not all winning players will be wearing clothing with the pure attribute!

Tribe Scarf
Mask of Night

Losing Items Generally clothing that look marine-ish and/or cool.

Rippled Waves

Corresponding Arena Theme Office Star
Winning Items Mainly simple and mature clothing. Styles range from simple clothing to long dresses.

Sapphire Hat
Concept Waistcoat
Teacher’s Wardrobe·Purple
Cloud Blouse·Blue
Royal Elegance·Purple
Twinkle High Heels

Losing Items Look for clothing with the gorgeous or cute attribute.

Ice Dessert·Epic
Heart Pajamas·Trousers

Corresponding Arena Theme The Queen
Winning Items Generally gorgeous and elegant clothes. Not all outfits with big dresses will win! In addition, the accessories may be misleading. Be sure to check your wardrobe on this one!

Purple Butterfly
War on Ruins
Black Swan
Stunning Beauty·Ink
Red Witch
Ribbon of Rotation
Magic Cloak

Losing Items Generally cute and/or pure clothing.

Laurel Goddess

Suit Breakdowns

Click image to enlarge.

Summer Color

TOTAL 306Ice Cream

  • Hair: Shiny Sundae – 25Ice Cream
     A; A;  SS; SS;  A
  • Top: Ice Dew Star Candy – 33Ice Cream
     A;  A;  SS;  SS;  A;
  • Bottom: Vanilla Ice Cream – 39Ice Cream
     S;  SS;  A;  SS;  A;
  • Hosiery: Sweet Secret – 19Ice Cream
     A;  S;  A;  SS;  A; 
  • Hosiery (anklet): White Chocolate – 23Ice Cream
     A;  SS;  SS;  A;  A
  • Shoes: Sweety Icing – 27Ice Cream
     A;  SS;  A;  S;  A; 
  • Hair Ornament: Mint Tea – 18Ice Cream
     A;  A;  SS;  SS;  S; 
  • Face: Shinning Summer – 16Ice Cream
     A;  SS;  A;  S;  S;
  • Scarf: Double Silk Ribbon – 19Ice Cream
     S;  S;  A;  B;  B
  • Waist: Heart Gift Box – 24Ice Cream
     A;  SS;  SS;  S;  A; 
  • Gloves: Multi-layer Snow – 26Ice Cream
     SS; SS;  S;  A;  A
  • Right Handheld: Rainbow Milk Cream –  17Ice Cream
    A;  SS;  SS;  A;  A
  • Left Handheld: Summer Manifesto –  20Ice Cream
    A;  SS;  A;  SS;  A


  • Top (Suit Completion): Colorful Summer
     S; SS;  A;  SS;  A

Dream of Star City

TOTAL 365Ice Cream

  • Hair: Summer of Star City – 30Ice Cream
     A;  SS;  SS;  A;  A;
  • Dress: Dream of Star City – 48Ice Cream
     A;  SS;  A;  SS;  A; 
  • Coat: Light Pink Tippet – 29Ice Cream
     S;  SS;  SS;  A;  A; 
  • Shoes: Lace Dancing Shoes – 25Ice Cream
     A;  A;  SS;  SS;  A
  • Hair Ornament: Frost Pistil – 23Ice Cream
     A;  SS;  S;  S;  A; 
  • Face: Heart Candy Paper – 19Ice Cream
     A;  A;  SS;  SS;  S
  • Scarf: Mint Tea – 28Ice Cream
     A;  SS;  S;  SS;  A
  • Necklace: First Impression – 18Ice Cream
    A;  S;  SS;  S;  A
  • Right Hand Ornament: Luminous Embrace –  29Ice Cream
     SS;  S;  S;  S;  A
  • Brooch: Starlight of Night –  25Ice Cream
    A;  SS;  SS;  A;  A
  • Background: Colorful Kingdom –  57Ice Cream
     S;  SS;  A;  SS;  A
  • Makeup: Figure of the City –  34Ice Cream
    A;  SS;  SS;  A;  A


  • Coat (Suit Completion): Summer Hue
     S; SS; A;  SS;  A; 

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