Swan Love

February 12 - 18

Swan Love

February 12 - 18

(DISCLAIMER: The information in this guide is based off previous versions of Love Nikki. Information is subject to change between versions, so take this guide with a grain of salt until our version of the event is released and we can confirm info. This disclaimer will be removed once we are reasonably sure this guide is complete. Thank you for understanding.)


Swan Love runs from February 12th 05:00 LNST to February 18th 23:59 LNST. It features the Falling Feather and Guarding Wings sets. A brief rundown of the event:

  • The event map features three battle stages, each of which have their own theme. No stamina is needed to play.
  • Play through stages to obtain Love Feathers, which are used to exchange both suits.
  • When you have reached a certain amount of Love Feathers, you can claim rewards in the event window.
  • 5 free attempts are provided each day of the event, and attempts may be reset to 5 for 30 diamonds.
  • Similar to the Fairy Tale Bottle and rank events, the event items are gained in a specific order; there is no picking and choosing which items you want. However, you get to choose which set you start off with. You can’t change your choice later, so make sure to choose wisely.
  • Depending on your win rate, you will need a minimum of 2160 diamonds to obtain the first set and 3980 diamonds to obtain both sets.

The following are available below: stage breakdowns, reward tiers, and set breakdown. This guide will be updated frequently once the event is released in LN; check back often, and comment down below if you have any additions!

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Stage Breakdown

Additional recommendations at Nikki’s info!

Attribute (High)
Attribute (Medium)
Attribute (Low)
Suggested Suits Feather Attached
Flower in Mirror
Final Song
Hair Bewitching
Cloud Dancer·Black
Claire the Clown
Make Beautiful
Dress White Plumage
The Illusion
Starlight Melody·Green
Coat Feather Attached
Soaring Dragon
Tender like Snow
Hosiery (anklet) Bone (Night Ver.)
Butterfly Garters·Night
Elf Anklet·Epic
Hosiery Maple Night·Rare
Marine Flower·Epic
Assassin Stockings
Shoes White Feather Shoe
Extreme Luxury
Lady’s Steps
Makeup Charm All Beings
Wound of Nirvana
Sepulchral Eyes
Hair Ornament Rose Mask
Holy Crown
Elves’ Headwear
Earrings Extra Fragrance
Floral Tassel
Elves’ Earrings
Scarf Time Pause
Soul Bone Dream
Snake Tara
Noble Cape
Necklace Enchanting Pendant
Astral Array
Kiss of Butterfly
Right Hand Bracelet Souls Beads·Rare
Lotus Leaf Tassel
Gold Inlay
Left Hand Bracelet Dressed Branches
Samsara Twilight
Red Rubber
Gloves Cloud Gauzy Gloves
Starsea Gloves
Enchanting Gloves
Love Gloves
Right Handheld Kitty Conductor
Arrow of Souls
Sparrow Feather Fan
Ink Orchid Fan
Left Handheld Rose Dance
Flurried Soul
Dark Cane·Rare
Bow of Souls
Waist Athens Paradox
Soul Order
Romantic Palms
Veil Grievous Waiting
Dancing Gauze
Auspicious Snow Bun
Cosmos Cloak
Face Aurora Mirror·Yellow
Eye of Truth
Clown Mask
Brooch Suspension’s Wings·Virus
Mist White Dragon
Only You
Tattoo Badge of Honor
Frost Dragon Scale
Heartbeat of Passion
Seal of Demon
Wings Wings of Vast Sky
Sniffing the Rose
Angel’s Wings
Laser Wings
Tail Abyss Wing
Wings of Hunt
Mode of Seven Tones
Moon Vixen Tail
Foreground Moon
Shining Star Soul
Flying Broken Jade
Background Speed SUV
Vintage Bookshelf
All Gone Silent
Midnight Corridor
Hairpin In a Twinkling
Requiem of Fate
Harmony Brings Wealth
Ears Toxic Thorn
Resolution and Reason
Moon Vixen Ears
Head Ornament String Yoke
Samsara Obsession
Casket of Fate
Ground Nether Water
Rosy Puzzle
Unfinished Fate
Skin String Puppet
Heart of Ghost
Hot Beat
Additional suggestions available at Nikki’s Info!


Attribute (High)
Attribute (Medium)
Attribute (Low)
Suggested Suits Overdrive Cycle
Sweet Sunshine
Power Reinforce
Hair Cute Smile
Messy Cute·Pink
Flower Bud·Rare
Coat Gentle Care
Hot Summer·Red
Geometry Puzzle
Top Pink Pajamas
Heart Pajamas·Top
Panda Pajamas·Top
Bottom Moonlight Ocean·Mint
Heart Pajamas·Trousers
Panda Pajamas·Trousers
Hosiery (anklet) Fate Cat Ring Bell
Fresh Socks
City Dream
Hosiery Clown Socks
Fairy Tale·Rare
Sweet Sunshine
Shoes Heart Pajamas·Slippers
Panda Pajamas·Slippers
Beach Sandals·Red
Homely Slippers·White
Makeup Hippie Clown
Innocent Angel
Cute Sweetheart
Soul Deer and Willow
Hare and Secret
Deer’s Whisper
Hair Ornament Panda Pajama·Nightcap
Heart Pajama·Nightcap
Dynamic Bow
Necklace Soft Pink Choker
Pearl Necklace·Cherry
Rose Necklace
Right Hand Bracelet Luminous Embrace
Knotting Culture
Bow Bracelet·Red
Left Hand Bracelet Floral Ornament
Doll Ribbon
Laurel Bracelet
Right Handheld Heart-shaped Sealing Wax
Carrot Bag·Rare
Carrot Bag
Left Handheld Kunai
Kid’s Doll
Nikki Lifebuoy·Yellow
Waist Restart
Little Apron
Rose Belt
Veil Heart Magic
Red Satin·Epic
Red Cloak·Rare
Face Colorful Clown
Grilled Fish Bun
Relaxing Bubble Gum
Brooch Anchor Satchel
Biscuit Brooch
Brocade Drum
Tattoo Ruby Cheek
The Watching Star
Wholehearted Kiss
Foreground Swinging Bear
Ornitholestes the Bird Robber
Blue Bird
Hairpin Spell of Fairy Cat
Bean Paste Washing
Strawberry Pastry
Cardamom in Spring
Ground Spinning Ball
Blood Silk Temple (Day Ver.)
Hungry Little Panda
Colorful Celebration
Skin Warm Ray
Additional suggestions available at Nikki’s Info!
Attribute (High)
Attribute (Medium)  
Attribute (Low)
Suggested Suits Glimmer and Dream
Dreampath for Travelers
Tune at Dawn
Hair Liliana·Epic
Cute Rabbit Lillian
Dress Blue Wish · Treasured
Maiden’s Romance·Epic
Heart Knight
Coat Heart of Puppet
Coronate for Love
Top Dream Piper
Cute Rabbit Boy·Top
Red Vest
Bottom Cute Rabbit ·Bottom
Dreamy Dress
Sweet Knight·Skirt
Red Apron·Rare
Hosiery (anklet) Twilight Steps
Diva’s Anklet
City Dream
Hosiery Foam·Rare
Fairy Tale·Epic
Shoes Lost Castle·Epic
Rabbit Boots
Lop Princess·Rare
Makeup Waking Moment
Holy Night Snow Eye
Carrot Dream
Soul Blue Phoenix’s Letter
Star Moon Covenant
Deer’s Whisper
Hair Ornament Orange Mood · Treasured
Love Trial
Cute Rabbit Hat
Earrings Sapphire Sea·Rare
Moon Pendant
Starry Sky Earrings
Scarf Cloud Wings
Tribe Scarf
Festival Atmosphere
Necklace Light Neckwear·Epic
Key for Heart
Song of Solitary
Right Hand Bracelet Lily Bracelet
Bow Ribbon
Eden Bracelet
Left Hand Bracelet Doll Ribbon
Laurel Bracelet
Gloves Tune at Dawn
Wind Wave·Rare
Song of Belief
Right Handheld Spell Encyclopedia
Cute Rabbit Clock
Carrot Bag
Waist Silent Bagpipe
Meeting and Parting are Irregular
Dream Yarn
Veil Flower Maiden·Epic
Red Cloak·Epic
Flower Maiden·Rare
Face Gold-Rimmed Glass
Retro Monocle
Heart Candy Paper
Brooch Stopped Clock
Clear Yarn Melody
Biscuit Brooch·Dream
Night Bag
Tattoo Ruby Cheek
The Watching Star
Wholehearted Kiss
Wings Wings of Dawn
Transparent Wings
Perpetual Motion
Tail Abyss Wing
Icarus’s Wings
Gray Cat Tail
Song of Stream
Foreground Flying Pigeon
The Nutcracker
Butterfly Dance
Background Magpie Love
Eternal Clock
Song of February
Hairpin Strawberry Pastry·Epic
Flower Seed
Strawberry Pastry·Rare
Bean Paste Washing
Ears Nature Whisper
Drooping Rabbit Ears
Mechanical Angel
Head Ornament String Yoke
Fleeting Time
Miracle Castle
Ground Colorful Celebration
Sweet Chapter
Goose Feather
Hungry Little Panda
Skin String Puppet
Broken Puppet
Heart of Ghost
Additional suggestions available at Nikki’s Info!

The fifth stage surveys the player on which sets and items they would wear for the provided themes. The themes include Swan Date, Island Dance, Sunset Parting, Silent Night, Cursed Prince, and Beautiful Ending. The quiz gives you a description of your personality based on your answers when you finish.

In addition, the quiz rewards you 15 Love Feathers the first time you complete it. The choices you make on the survey do not affect the number of Love Feathers you are rewarded.



Reward Tiers – Feather Collection

Falling Feather

Love Feathers Collected Reward
50 String of Admiration
100 5000 Gold
180 Lost in Embrace
260 10 Stamina
350 Wings Connected
440 10 Diamonds
540 Lights Change
640 10000 Gold
740 Lifelong Promise
840 20 Stamina
940 Pure Prayer
1050 10 Star Coin
1165 Brilliant Sweet Dream
1280 20 Diamonds
1410 Falling Feather


Guarding Wings

Love Feathers Collected Reward
1440 Dusty Shard
1480 5000 Gold
1530 Boundary of Day
1580 10 Stamina
1635 Lock of Hesitation
1690 5 Star Coins
1760 Rosy Feather
1830 10 Diamonds
1920 Intersect
2010 10000 Gold
2100 Daybreak Pursuit
2190 5 Star Coins
2280 Elegant WIngs
2370 20 Stamina
2460 Void Expectation
2550 10 Star Coins
2640 Soft Long Night
2730 20 Diamonds
2820 Dark Feather Chant

Guarding Wings

Love Feathers Collected Reward
30 Dusty Shard
70 5000 Gold
120 Boundary of Day
170 10 Stamina
225 Lock of Hesitation
280 5 Star Coins
350 Rosy Feather
420 10 Diamonds
510 Intersect
600 10000 Gold
690 Daybreak Pursuit
780 5 Star Coins
870 Elegant WIngs
960 20 Stamina
1050 Void Expectation
1140 10 Star Coins
1230 Soft Long Night
1320 20 Diamonds
1410 Dark Feather Chant


Falling Feather

Love Feathers Collected Reward
1460 String of Admiration
1510 5000 Gold
1590 Lost in Embrace
1670 10 Stamina
1760 Wings Connected
1850 10 Diamonds
1950 Lights Change
2050 10000 Gold
2150 Lifelong Promise
2250 20 Stamina
2350 Pure Prayer
2460 10 Star Coin
2575 Brilliant Sweet Dream
2690 20 Diamonds
2820 Falling Feather




Suit Breakdowns

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