The Smile Circus

July 15 - 21

The Smile Circus

July 15 - 21


The Smile Circus event will run throughout July 15th 5:00 LNST to July 21st 23:59 LNST. The two suits featured in this event are Joker and Magic Card, and Aria of Night.

A brief rundown of the event:

  • The event map includes 5 stages: 2 quiz stages and 3 styling battles.
  • Magic Cards are used to exchange for both sets. S gives you 5 Magic Cards, A gives you 3 Magic Cards, B gives you 2 Magic Cards, and C gives you 1 Magic Cards.
  • Each stage gives 3 free attempts per day, which can be reset for 30 diamonds. Failing a stage will not deduct your attempts.
  • Stamina is not necessary for this event.
  • 75 Magic Cards are obtainable for free each day, which gives you 525 Magic Cards for free throughout the duration of the event.
  • You will need a total of 1710 Magic Cards to obtain both sets. Each set requires 855 Magic Cards.
  • A total of approximately 2370 diamonds is required to complete both Joker and Magic Card, and Aria of Night. Each set requires approximately 660 diamonds.

Set breakdowns, including stats, are available below. This guide will be updated once the event is released in LN; check back often and e-mail if you have any additions!





Stage Breakdown

The suggested suits guarantee you an S score. It’s recommended to use skills.


The list on this page contains event-specific questions. If you have a question that isn’t listed here, please send it to us at so we can add it! There are additional questions you may encounter that have been seen in previous Miraland quizzes. Those questions and answers can be found here.

Question Answer
When did modern circus appear? 18th century
Who’s known as the father of modern circus? Philip Astley
Where did modern circus start? England
Which act is connected to the name of ‘circus’? Trick riding
Usually, where is a circus held? In a tent
Usually, which animal is NOT used in a circus show? Blue whale
What’s the standard diameter of a tent used in circus? 42 ft
Why does Smile use Magic Card to perform? It gives Claire joy
What’s the real magic of Magic Card Smile of Claire
What’s NOT true about Diamond Mask? It can not be removed upon wearing
Which of following is a famous magician? David Copperfield
What’s NOT a type of magician? Stylist
What’s NOT true about magic? It’s supernatural
What’s correct about circus? You can watch circus on TV
Which of the following is not a traditional Chinese festival? April Fool’s Day
Which of the following is not an iconic feature of a clown? Slender legs
Please identify the following false information. Earth is flat
Which poker card’s face is a clown? Joker
How many jokers are there in a pack of cards? Two
Which one is NOT a common act in a circus show? Football
Attribute (High)
Attribute (Medium)
Attribute (Low)
Suggested Suit Sweet Sunshine
Hair Messy Cute
Dynamic Maiden
High Ponytail
Coat Geometry Puzzle
Honey Ice
Hot Summer·Red
Top Cloud Blouse·Blue
Model Worker·Top
Bottom Cloud Pants·Blue
Classic Kilt·Brown
Model Worker·Bottom
Black Shorts
Hosiery (anklet) Fresh Socks
White Chocolate
City Dream
Hosiery Summer Chat
Sweet Sunshine
Fairy Tale·Rare
Shoes Heart Adventure
Leather Shoes
Sweet Words
Makeup Hippie Clown
Innocent Angel
Cute Sweetheart
Youth Storm
Hair Ornament Small Magic Hat
Seashore Hat·Brown
Summer Breeze
Earrings Warm Heart Companion
Dream Stud
Sapphire Sea
Scarf Toona Clothes
Multicolor Scarf
Natural Gift
Necklace Cutting Line
Wild Choker
Cake Fondness
Right Hand Bracelet Luminous Embrace
Bow Bracelet·Red
Flower Knot
Left Hand Bracelet Floral Ornament
Doll Ribbon
Laurel Bracelet
Gloves Power Up
Red Riding Hood’s Bracelet
Wind Wave
Right Handheld Carrot Bag·Rare
Carrot Bag
Heart Handbag
Left Handheld Red Hat’s Basket
Test Tricks
Japanese Fan·Rhyme
Waist Little Apron
Heart Gift Box
Rose Belt
Coffee Girdle
Veil Flower Maiden
Red Cloak·Rare
Red Cloak
Face Relaxing Bubble Gum
Polestar Glasses
Common Glasses·Blue
Brooch Cloud Sachet
Locco’s Handbag
Purse of Cracked Egg
Brocade Drum
Tattoo Black Acceleration
The Watching Star
Shining Light
Wings Little Devil’s Wings
Wings of Dawn
Laser Wings
Tail Caught Goldfish
Rabbit Tail
Song of Stream
Foreground Swinging Bear
Ornitholestes the Bird Robber
Flaming Football
Background Archaeopteryx the Old Wing
Funny Park
Colorful Kingdom
Memorial Day
Hairpin Strawberry Pastry
Bean Paste Washing
Crayon Hairpin
Ears Drooping Rabbit Ears
Imaginary Phantom
Glider Wings
Head Ornament Luck Bringer
Ground Spinning Ball
Sakura Tea
Colorful Celebration
Skin Warm Ray
Miss Skateboard
Additional suggestions available at Nikki’s Info!
Attribute (High)
Attribute (Medium)  
Attribute (Low)
Suggested Suit Sweet Sunshine
Hair Clouds and Water
Swimming Carp
First Love
Coat Butterfly Skyline
Flowers Letters
Spring Rain
Dress Verdant Willow
Spring Camellia
Pink Lotus
Hosiery (anklet) Fluttering
Lunar Ripple
Fresh Socks
Hosiery Heartbeat Firework
Kid Unknown
Sci-fi Soul
Shoes Star Pattern Geta
Crimson Shoes•Rare
Swaying Willow•Rare
Makeup Northern Soldier
Meditative Moon
Innocent Angel
Hair Ornament Warbler Whisper
Water Lily
Concerto of Melody
Earrings Snow Pompon•Big
Pink Diamond Earrings
Dream Stud
Scarf Knitting Shawl•Yellow
Denim Scarf
Multicolor Scarf
Necklace Moonstone Necklace
Star Necklace
Right Hand Bracelet Butterfly Dancing
China Bracelet
Knotting Culture
Left Hand Bracelet Oceanic
Punk Bracelet
Gloves Hold Your Hand
Power Up
Sky Chiffon
Right Handheld Green Tea Parasol
Hardcover Notebook
Left Handheld Camellia Branch
Tasseled Lotus Lantern
Waist Royal Duty
Little Apron
Lucerne Leaf
Veil Red Cloak•Rare
Red Cloak
Shepherd Girl’s Cap
Face Reading Glasses
Talent’s View
Student Glasses
Brooch Elegant Angel
Tea Whisper
Lime Pie
Tattoo The Watching Star
Shining Light
Wings Wings of Dawn
Little Devil’s Wings
Angel’s Wings
Tail Icarus’s Wings
Rabbit Tail
Mode of Seven Tones
Foreground Ornitholestes the Bird Robber
Swinging Bear
Mountains Books•Less
Background Everlasting Moonbeam
Mountain Books•More
Song of February
Hairpin Strawberry Pastry
Strawberry Pastry•Rare
Flying Snow
Ears Drooping Rabbit Ears
Imaginary Phantom
Moon Vixens Ears
Head Ornament Luck Bringer
Casket of Fate
Holy Coffin
Ground Icy Lotus
Beauty Village
Reverse Galaxy
Skin Warm Ray
Miss Skateboard
Hot Beat
Additional suggestions available at Nikki’s Info!
Attribute (High)
Attribute (Medium)
Attribute (Low)
Suggested Suit Princess Jellyfish
Hair Tang Yuan
Song of Silence
Music Box Girl
Dress Poppy Fox
Guardian Kami
Rustling Bamboo
Coat Pink Wings·Epic
Spring Pretty
Hosiery (anklet) Sweet Memory
Holographic Surround
Green Laces
Hosiery Foam·Rare
Cat Stock
Fairy Tale·Epic
Shoes Firelight·Epic
Vast Stardust
Red Bean Paste
Makeup Radiance of Heart
Sky Pursuit
Arch Brows
Hair Ornament Holoscope
Love Hood
Story in Memory
Earrings Sapphire Sea·Rare
Dinosaur Age
Love Confession
Scarf Mind Synaesthesia
Soul Bone Dream
Denim Scarf·Rare
Necklace Shore Flower·Epic
Sweet Choker
Silk Ribbon
Right Hand Bracelet Bow Ribbon
Youth Bracelet
Devil Bracelet
Left Hand Bracelet Laurel Bracelet
Cross Bracelet
Gloves Wind Wave·Rare
Syncopated Note
Origin Gloves
Right Handheld Handbag in Childhood
Trees and Flowers
Xmas Gift
Left Handheld Kid’s Doll
Nikki Lifebuoy·Blue
Prehistory Lord
Waist Meteor Rain
Dream Yarn
Moon Jade Pendant
Veil Red Cloak·Epic
Red Cloak·Epic
Red Satin·Rare
Face Polestar Glasses
The Incident
Round Glasses
Brooch Brocade Drum
Night Bag
Wasteland Satchel
Tattoo The Watching Star
Cool Selfness
Wings Laser Wings
Angel’s Wings
Steady State Transfer
Tail Song of Stream
Black White Cat Tail
Icarus’s Wings
Foreground Lanterns of Destiny
Police Dog Assistant
Egg of Huayangosaurus
Background City Under Curfew
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Drip Support
Hairpin Memory Trip
Echos on the Field
Bean Paste Washing
Ears Drooping Rabbit Ears
Glider Wings
Moon Vixen Ears
Head Ornament Luck Bringer
Ominous Bat
Casket of Fate
Ground Colorful Celebration
Reverse Galaxy
Goose Feather
Skin Hot Beat
Warm Ray
Miss Skateboard
Additional suggestions available at Nikki’s Info!





Suit Breakdowns

Click image to enlarge.

Joker and Magic Card

TOTAL 855Magic Cards

  • Hair: Pink Gemini – 55Magic Cards
     A; SS;  S; S;  A
  • Top: The Clown’s Hoax – 102Magic Cards
     SS; SS;  A;  B;  A;
  • Bottom: Dreamlike Chess Piece – 100Magic Cards
     A; SS;  S;  A;  S;
  • Hosiery: Starlight of Night –  65Magic Cards
     A; SS;  SS;  A;  A
  • Shoes: Fantastic Beat – 80Magic Cards
    A; SS;  S;  S; A;
  • Foreground: Candy Bear – 82Magic Cards
     A; SS;  SS;  A;  A;
  • Hair Ornament: Star of Victory – 75Magic Cards
     SS;  SS;  A;  S;  A; 
  • Face: Colorful Clown – 77Magic Cards
     SS;  SS;  A;  A;  S
  • Scarf: Colorful Star Collar – 72Magic Cards
     A;  SS;  S:  SS;  A
  • Right Handheld: Magical Cards – 70Magic Cards
     A;  SS;  SS;  A;  S
  • Background: Incredible Game – 77Magic Cards
     S;  SS;  A;  A;  A


  • Top (Suit Completion): The Clown’s Secret
     SS; A;  A;  SS; A;

Aria of Night

TOTAL 855Magic Cards

  • Hair: Claire the Clown – 68Magic Cards
     A; SS; SS;  A;  A
  • Dress: Aria of the Night – 113Magic Cards
    S;  A; SS; SS;  A; 
  • Hosiery: Foolish Somniloquy – 68Magic Cards
     SS;  A; SS;  A;  A
  • Shoes: Dim light of Dream –  79Magic Cards
     A;  SS; S;  S;  A; 
  • Foreground: Kitty Night – 101Magic Cards
     A; SS;  SS;  S;  A;
  • Hair Ornament: False Feather – 85Magic Cards
     S;  SS;  A;  A;  S; 
  • Scarf: Sorrowful Overture – 82Magic Cards
     A;  SS;  A;  SS;  S; 
  • Gloves: Wings of Solitude – 73Magic Cards
     A;  SS; SS: A;  A
  • Right Handheld: Kitty Conductor – 96Magic Cards
     SS;  SS;  S:  S;  A
  • Makeup: Abyss Chant – 90Magic Cards
     A;  A;  SS:  SS;  A


  • Gloves (Suit Completion): Solitary Aftersound
     S;  SS;  SS;  A;  S; 

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