Wonder Museum: Ancient Fossil Hall

April 20 - 24

Wonder Museum: Ancient Fossil Hall

April 20 - 24



The Wonder Museum is coming to Miraland from April 20 05:00 LNST through April 24 23:59 LNST. The suits featured in this event are Ancient Fossil Hall, which is a collection of dino skeletons, and Back to Prehistory. Both are found under the Wonder Museum section of the Achievement gallery. A brief rundown of the event:

  • The event map will include 5 stages: 2 quiz stages and 3 styling battles.
  • Each stage gives 3 free attempts per day, which can be reset for 30 diamonds.
  • Failing a stage will not deduct your attempts, and stamina is not necessary for this event.
  • Amber Fossil is used to draw in an event exclusive pavilion. 40 Amber Fossils are required for one (1) draw in the pavilion for the first 9 times, 60 Amber Fossils for the next 7 times, and 90 Amber Fossils for the final 9 times. 1,590 Amber Fossils are required to fill the entire board.
  • The event pavilion drops Back to Prehistory suit pieces, as well as other game items such as pavilion tickets, gold, and stamina.
  • 75 Amber Fossils are obtainable for free each day, giving 375 Amber Fossils for free throughout the duration of the event.
  • There are milestones throughout the event. Each of these milestones will allow you to claim a souvenir. Souvenirs are items found in the Ancient Fossil Hall “suit.”
  • Approximately 1200 diamonds are required to complete Back to Prehistory, and a total of approximately 1900 diamonds to complete both Back to Prehistory and the Ancient Fossil Hall pack.

The following are available below: stage attributes and similar stages, outfit recommendations, and set breakdowns. This guide will be updated frequently once the event is released in-game; check back often and e-mail lovenikkiworld@gmail.com if you have any additions!

Stage Guides

The list on this page contains event-specific questions. If you have a question that isn’t listed here, please send it to us at lovenikkiworld@gmail.com so we can add it! There are additional questions you may encounter that have been seen in previous Miraland quizzes. Those questions and answers can be found here.

Question Answer
What usually doesn’t form a fossil? Grilled fish hidden by Momo
Which is the carrier of fossil? All the rest
Which of the following is not a necessity during excavation? Momo
From the perspective of preserving, what’s the type of dinosaur’s footprint? Trace Fossil
Generally, in what kind of stone can fossil be found? Sedimentary Rock
Where is the only museum in Miraland that collects fossils? Pigeon
What animals lived in the same age with the dinosaur? Limulus
What should you do when you are lost in the wilderness? Use compass or judge by stars
What’s the main source of a dinosaur’s food? Varies among different species
What’s necessary to the formation of fossil? Long petrifaction
Attribute (High)
Attribute (Medium)
Attribute (Low)
Hair Azure Jewel•Black
Lady Short Hair
Coat Fall into Dream
Diamond Shadow•Rare
Montague Prince
Dress Ball in Night
Sanctity Angel
Royal Elegance•Rare
Hosiery (anklet) Bone (Night Version)
Spiritual Vow
Elf Anklet•Epic
Hosiery Dainty Dish
Marine Flower•Epic
Lunar Knight
Shoes Thief’s Boots•Rare
Poppy’s Death
Maple Woods
Makeup Charm All Beings
Scented Snow
Wound of Nirvana
Hair Ornament Rose Mask
Night Rose
Sapphire Hat•Rare
Earrings Oath of Red Leaves
Floral Tassel
Extra Fragrance
Scarf Time Pause
Moonlight Cloak
Noble Cape
Necklace Stay Safe
Holy Necklace
Soul Necklace
Right Hand Bracelet Ring of Reign
Moon Beads
Black Diamond Bracelet
Left Hand Bracelet Samsara Twilight
Lace Loop
Gloves Story of Collection
Starsea Gloves
Holy Gloves
Right Handheld Midnight Butterfly
Ink Orchid Fan
Left Handheld Rose Dance
Night Petals
Death Scythe
Waist Semitone Interval
Star Pieces
Romantic Palms
Veil Grievous Waiting
Snow Bun
Dancing Gauze
Face Thief’s Mask•Rare
Delusive Clinic
Brooch Only You•Rare
Suspension’s Wings
Homecoming Queen
Tattoo Void World
Flower of Evil
Wings Iron Feather
Angel’s Wings
Laser Wings
Tail Abyss Wing
Moon Vixen Tail
Icarus’s Wings
Foreground Moon
Moon Lamp
Background Vintage Bookshelf
Fantasy Fox
Midnight Corridor
Hairpin Iron Feather Hat
Gentle and Snowy Velvet
Flying Snow
Ears Moon Vixen Ears
Drooping Rabbit Ears
Head Ornament String Yoke
Casket of Fate
Holy Coffin
Ground Gliding Armchair
Crystal Music Box
Secret of Violin
Skin String Puppet
Hot Beat
Miss Skateboard
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Attribute (High)
Attribute (Medium)
Attribute (Low)
Hair Messy Cute
Lonely Hanabi
Cloud Ink
Coat Geometry Puzzle
Ice Dessert
Green Plaid
Top Flower Fragrance
Paper Plane Book
Bottom Cloud Pants•Blue
Sky Impression
Pearl Skirt•Blue
Hosiery (anklet) Holographic Surround
Fresh Socks
Hosiery Fairy Tale•Rare
Summer Chat
Cold Kitten Tale
Shoes Marguerite
Teenage Days
Leather Shoes
Makeup Innocent Angel
Northern Soldier
Cloud Lady
Hair Ornament Double Buds
Sports Sunhat•Black
Time Hairpin
Earrings Warm Heart Companion
Red Fruit
Dream Stud
Scarf Tribal Armband
Mind Synaesthesia
Multicolor Scarf
Necklace Singing Warbler
Wild Choker
Star Necklace
Right Hand Bracelet Knotting Culture
Bow Bracelet•Red
Lemon Bracelet
Left Hand Bracelet Floral Ornament
Jade Bracelet
Laurel Bracelet
Gloves Red Riding Hood’s Bracelet
Idol Gloves
Wind Wave
Right Handheld Heart-shaped Sealing Wax
Rhombic Nail
Wasteland Handbag
Left Handheld Red Hat’s Basket
Japanese Fan•Rhyme
Waist Little Apron
Assassin’s Belt
Rose Belt
Veil Flower Maiden
Red Satin•Epic
Red Cloak•Rare
Face Common Glasses•Black
Street Standard
Guardian Time
Brooch Locco’s Handbag
Cloud Sachet
Brocade Drum
Tattoo Flame Lips
Shining Light
Wings Little Devil’s Wings
Wings of Dawn
Angel’s Wings
Tail Goldfish Catched
Black White Cat Tail
Rabbit Tail
Foreground Miracle Circus
Rosy Shadow
Nikki Rugby
Background Funny Park
Outing Time
Drip Support
Hairpin Strawberry Pastry
Bean Paste Washing
Small Lemon
Ears Drooping Rabbit Ears
Head Ornament Luck Bringer
Moon Night Lantern
Samsara Obsession
Ground Spinning Ball
Overclock Matrix
Perfect Picnic
Skin Warm Ray
Miss Skateboard
Hot Beat
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Attribute (High)
Attribute (Medium)
Attribute (Low)
Hair Cute Animal•Gray
Children Encounter
Youth Melody•Moon
Coat Sheep Coat
Mini Oven
Hot Summer•Red
Top Panda Pajamas•Top
Bunny Pocket•Pink
Voice of Cat•White
Bottom Hide and Seek
Momo Overalls•Blue
Sky Impression
Hosiery (anklet) Holographic Surround
Fresh Socks
Hosiery Pastry Footprint
Pink Rabbit
Fairy Tale•Rare
Shoes Rabbit Race
Joyful Bunny
Panda Pajamas•Slippers
Makeup Hippie Clown
Innocent Angel
Youth Trend
Hair Ornament Fluffy Rabbit Ear•Rare
Warm Company
Reindeer Hat•Rare
Earrings Warm Heart Companion
Dream Stud
Red Fruit
Scarf Multicolor Scarf
Denim Scarf•Rare
Natural Gift
Necklace Rabbits Love Poems
Heart Choker
Pearl Necklace•Cherry
Right Hand Bracelet Bow Bracelet•Red
Lemon Bracelet
Knotting Culture
Left Hand Bracelet Floral Ornament
Laurel Bracelet
Jade Bracelet
Gloves Snow Fuzzy Claws
New Family
Ablaze Beauty•Gloves
Right Handheld Cozy Nap
Rabbit Ears Teapot
Carrot Bag•Rare
Left Handheld Red Hat’s Basket
Quatrefoil Luck
Gentle Dance
Waist Little Apron
Rose Belt
Moon Jade Pendant
Veil Fragrant Karma
Red Satin•Epic
Red Cloak•Rare
Face Polestar Glasses
Relaxing Bubble Gum
Wild Warrior
Brooch Round Panda Face
Brocade Drum
Cloud Sachet
Tattoo Shining Light
Flame Lips
Wings Little Devil’s Wings
Wings of Dawn
Angel’s Wings
Tail White Cat Tail
Gray Cat Tail
Rabbit Tail
Foreground Dream Bringer
Fish and Dragon Dance
Lost Lamb
Background Ridiculous Park
Miss Chubby
Nightmare Clinic
Hairpin Echoes on the Field
Bean Paste Washing
Strawberry Pastry
Ears Moon Vixen Ears
Drooping Rabbit Ears
Head Ornament Luck Bringer
Moon Night Lantern
Samsara Obsession
Ground Blood Silk Temple (Day Version)
Spinning Ball
Overclock Matrix
Skin Warm Ray
Miss Skateboard
Hot Beat
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Suit Breakdowns

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Back to Prehistory

Item Attributes
Lilac Cycad
Small Stegosaurus
Rainforest Inhabitant
Kiss of Dinosaur
Velocisaurus Footprint
Meteor Track
Dinosaur Age
Left Handheld:
Prehistory Lord

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