The Competition building is home to Styling Contests. Here, Love Nikki players coordinate an outfit based on a specific theme, which changes every 4 days, and have them judged against other players. At the end of each contest, players receive diamonds, gold, and Crystal Roses based on their final rank.

At any point during the contest, you can check your Rank at the top right corner of the screen. You can also tap “Rankings for Likes” to see the current top 20, their Likes count, and their submission.

Styling Contest Rewards

Settlement Period is between 2:00 to 6:00 UTC-8 on the last day of the contest. Top 20 players will win special awards.


No. 1 Diamond180 Gold20,000 Crystal Rose50
No. 2 Diamond170 Gold20,000 Crystal Rose48
No. 3 Diamond160 Gold18,000 Crystal Rose46
No. 4 Diamond150 Gold18,000 Crystal Rose46
No. 5 Diamond140 Gold17,000 Crystal Rose44
No. 6 Diamond130 Gold17,000 Crystal Rose44
No. 7 Diamond120 Gold16,000 Crystal Rose42
No. 8 Diamond110 Gold16,000 Crystal Rose42
No. 9 Diamond100 Gold15,000 Crystal Rose40
No. 10 Diamond100 Gold15,000 Crystal Rose40
No. 11 Diamond80 Gold14,000 Crystal Rose39
No. 12 Diamond75 Gold14,000 Crystal Rose38
No. 13 Diamond70 Gold13,000 Crystal Rose37
No. 14 Diamond65 Gold13,000 Crystal Rose36
No. 15 Diamond60 Gold12,000 Crystal Rose35
No. 16 Diamond55 Gold12,000 Crystal Rose34
No. 17 Diamond50 Gold11,000 Crystal Rose33
No. 18 Diamond40 Gold11,000 Crystal Rose32
No. 19 Diamond35 Gold10,000 Crystal Rose31
No. 20 Diamond30 Gold10,000 Crystal Rose30


Top 1-5% Diamond25 Gold10,000 Crystal Rose20
Top 6-10% Diamond20 Gold8,000 Crystal Rose18
Top 11-20% Diamond20 Gold5,000 Crystal Rose15
Top 21-30% Diamond15 Gold3,000 Crystal Rose10
Top 31-50% Diamond15 Gold2,500 Crystal Rose8
Top 51-70% Diamond10 Gold2,000 Crystal Rose5
Top 71-99% Diamond10 Gold1,500 Crystal Rose3


This is where players dress up their characters. Once Nikki is fully dressed to your liking, click “Get Dressed” to submit the design to the contest. Outfits can be changed and resubmitted at any time during a Styling Contest, but this will reset the player’s total likes to 0.

Additionally, a design may be shared on social media through the “Share” button in exchange for 2 diamonds. This is available once a day.


Here, players can judge others’ submissions. Choose the one you prefer by clicking on the “Like” button. The amount of times you can “Like” other submissions is shown at the bottom, charged up to a maximum of 30 times. A new “Like” charge is recharged every 3 minutes.

For every 10 “Like”s, you can receive a reward box, shown at the bottom of the screen next to the Times counter. The box is initially shaded gray but will be colored pink when a reward is available. Tap on the box to receive, at random, either hearts, diamonds, gold, or Crystal Roses.


Players can directly support their friends here by clicking the “Like” button beneath their submission. Tap through each friend on the list to see their submission and like them. You can also tap your own name at the bottom and Like yourself. These Likes can be done once per contest.

Crystal Garden

As Crystal Roses are obtained, they can be traded in for set pieces exclusive to the Competition building. These currently include pieces for the Detective Girl, Miss Puff, Nikki Mechanical, and Lingering Butterfly sets.

Pigeon - Nikki Mechanical
  • Vortex 50Crystal Rose
  • Nikki Mechanical 198Crystal Rose
  • Glorious Gear 50Crystal Rose
  • Leather Socks 38Crystal Rose
  • Roaring Metal 38Crystal Rose
  • Inventor Glasses 22Crystal Rose
  • Ancient Crutch 10Crystal Rose
Lilith - Miss Puff
  • Tiny Puff 45Crystal Rose
  • Miss Puff 165Crystal Rose
  • Cream Puff 42Crystal Rose
  • Puff Headwear 18Crystal Rose
  • Puff Wristband 28Crystal Rose
  • Puff Handbag 31Crystal Rose
  • Puff Necklace 30Crystal Rose
Apple - Detective Girl
  • Smart Girl 54Crystal Rose
  • Tribal Shawl 58Crystal Rose
  • Loose Undershirt 68Crystal Rose
  • Condiment of Wisdom 74Crystal Rose
  • Knitting Braid Socks 45Crystal Rose
  • Primitive Tribe 45Crystal Rose
  • Detective Cap 38Crystal Rose
  • Slender Metal Ring 42Crystal Rose
  • Tribe Scarf 35Crystal Rose
Cloud - Lingering Butterfly
  • Youth Poetry 68Crystal Rose
  • Lingering Butterfly 178Crystal Rose
  • Beauty Dance 54Crystal Rose
  • Clear Yarn Melody 38Crystal Rose
  • River Painting 40Crystal Rose

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