One of the more challenging aspects of Love Nikki gameplay is decomposition and reconstruction. Found within the Recipe Workshop building, clicking “Decomposition” takes you to a special menu with new features.

Here, extra items you have collected can be decomposed (deleted) in exchange for prizes and forms of currency. Remember, these are only clothes that have MORE THAN ONE piece already. For example, if you have one Cloudy Day dress, this will not appear in the menu as you do not have any extras to decompose. If you have two Cloudy Day dresses, one will appear in the Decomposition menu. The game will always automatically keep one of your items, and ONLY extras will available for decomposition.

To utilize the decomposition menu, it is important that you become familiar with the symbols and key posted just under the word “decomposition.” An orange spool and yarn ball means an item can be evolved (ex. Ghost Flower), a green dye bottle means the item can be customized (ex. Champagne), and a brown rectangular box with a dress means the item is a material used in a recipe (ex. Cloudy Day). Some items may have all three symbols.

It is recommended you only decompose items with no symbols, as you may need extras of the other items later. You can check which items are used for which recipes here.

  • Decomposing a three-heart item can drop Hope Rings.
  • Decomposing a four-heart item can drop Rebirth Earrings.
  • Decomposing a five-heart or six-heart item can drop Eternal Necklaces.

In addition, for every item you decompose (no matter the number of hearts), you will receive gold and material. More hearts means more gold and material.

To Decompose:
In the list of items below, select your item to decompose (be sure you don’t need it for evolving, etc). You can choose multiple items at once. Select the minus button on the item if you no longer want to decompose it. You will obtain gold, material, and possibly Hope Rings, Rebirth Earrings, and/or Eternal Necklaces. Please remember that Hope Rings, Rebirth Earrings, and Eternal Necklaces are not guaranteed drops for any item you decompose. Although certain items have a better drop rate, no item is guaranteed to drop Reconstruction Jewelry. The Love Nikki World team is currently gathering data on decomposition drop rates and will update as more information is available.

The Lost Casket
In the top left-hand corner of the Deconstruction Menu is a box inside a circle. This is called The Lost Casket. As you decompose items, this provides “energy” to The Lost Casket. When it reaches an energy of 100 and the circle is full, click it to obtain an item. The energy gained is proportionate to the number of hearts the decomposed item has. Currently, the only items to drop from the lost casket are: gold (varying amounts), dyes (one dye of any color), and evolvable pieces (including standard and rare) in the Tarot Fortuneteller set. The Lost Casket is currently the only way to obtain Tarot Fortuneteller.

  • 1-heart item = 1 energy point
  • 2-heart item = 1 energy point
  • 3-heart item = 2 energy points
  • 4-heart item = 4 energy points
  • 5-heart item = 6 energy points
  • 6-heart item = 6 energy points


Reconstruction is not possible without Decomposition. If you are unfamiliar with decomposing items, please read the above guide first!

There is a feature in Love Nikki that lets you use material, Hope Rings, Rebirth Earrings, and Eternal Necklaces (all gained from decomposition) to “build” new clothing items for your wardrobe! To begin reconstructing, go to the Decomposition menu and click the blue “Reconstruction” menu in the top right corner. As you look at the items available for reconstruction, you can see how many Hope Rings, Rebirth Earrings, and Eternal Necklaces you will need to construct the item – items you can make now have a exclamation point on them. If you have all required items, tap “reconstruct” and begin adding to your wardrobe! Below are the items available for purchase.

Because Hope Rings, Rebirth Earrings, and Eternal Necklaces are not guaranteed drops and may be difficult to obtain, there are many items you can “farm” for the jewelry. Below is the official Love Nikki Facebook page’s farming guide, in addition to several more items.

  • Fashion Pioneer-Boy glasses, 4-heart, available in Princess 5-1 and Princess 7-S2.
  • Yellow Rose, 4-heart, available in Maiden 5-8.
  • Iceworld Whisper, 4-heart, available from the store for 3680 gold.
  • Purple Bow-tie, 4-heart, available from the store for 2580 gold.
  • Fairy Tale Cutie, 4-heart, available from the Association Workshop for 46 Starwish Hairpins and 12 Starwish Pendants. This has almost a 1:1 drop rate for Rebirth Earrings.

*Image courtesy of Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s Official Facebook page.

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