Love Nikki...Interior Design Queen!

On February 28th, 2018, the housing system was introduced to Love Nikki! This is a massive new feature that introduces many new gameplay mechanics – almost an entire game in itself! To view your house, select “Go Home” from the main screen. Don’t forget to “share” daily for 2 extra diamonds!


When going to your home, you open up in your first floor. You can see your name and floor name at the top as well as a heart to favorite homes, although you cannot favorite your own home. On the left side of the screen you can hit “stair choose” to change the floor. The “take back” button and slider underneath it functions as the zoom. Underneath is your BBS (Bulletin Board System), your option to expand, and the option to share for 2 diamonds daily. On the right side, you can see your life bits amount, your home information tab, your furniture catalogue tab, the Users’ Furniture tab, your Community, the option to Visit other players, the Wish Court, a button to collapse/expand this menu, your current life bits task, and the button to place furniture.

Your home info tab shows you your community number, the name of your home (which you can edit here), your home level (which you can upgrade here), and your vehicle displayed on the main screen, the outfit selected for your chibi Nikki, and your three self-intros that can be edited by tapping the box. The “set” button determines your home settings, and you can disallow certain people to leave messages if you wish.

Your Home

You can change your floor name by clicking on it at the top of the room. Each home can have up to four storeys (one room per floor), so you have a lot of space to create your dream home! When starting out, you already have seven pieces of furniture: Geometric Low Table, Simple Nightstand, Simple Chair-Yellow, Grey Lattice, Simple Pastoral Wardrobe, Minimalism-Pink, and Unbleached Home.


There are four floors in the home system, and each floor can be expanded from a grid of 16 x 16 to 18 x 18 (for 198 diamonds) and beyond. You must have floor one to unlock floor two, and so on.

The first floor is the starting room in your house. This is the Warm Hut, which opens floor one. The requirement is one clothing item, so this is automatically unlocked.

To upgrade to a second floor, you will need to pay 68 diamonds and have at least 300 clothes in the wardrobe. This is the level two Refined House, which opens floor two, unlocks the “stairs” furniture category, unlocks the community function, and grants the furniture gift “All About Steel.”

Unlocking the 3rd floor costs 218 diamonds and a minimum wardrobe of 1000. This is the level three Deluxe Villa. It opens floor three, unlocks the “kitchen” and “bathroom” furniture categories, and rewards the furniture gift “All About Steel” and the transportation gift “Youthful Journey.”

The fourth floor is 218 diamonds, and a wardrobe requirement of 1000. This is the level four Deluxe Villa. It opens floor four and gives the furniture gift “All About Steel.”

Placing Objects

By using the “place” button you can place, move, and remove items in your home. You can also clear your entire home and start with a blank slate. All your items are on the bottom of the screen with the quantity in your inventory, and can be sorted by type. When you place an item, the quantity will reduce by 1. To move items, click on the item and drag it across the grid in your house. The rotate button changes the position of the item, the X returns it to your inventory, and the checkmark places the item. Remember to hit “save” when you’re done!

Your Vehicle

You can change your vehicle under Home Info -> Vehicle. There are currently three vehicles available for your home, which can be viewed on the main screen next to the bus. These are Low-carbon (the starter bike), Long Vacation (a moped purchased for 58 diamonds), and Youthful Journey (a car given once the user upgrades their home to a Luxury Villa).

Your Avatar

You can change Nikki’s appearance under Home Info -> Dress. From here, you can view your unlocked chibi outfits. There are currently two – Cherry Youth, which comes with the Home, and Wedding Nikki (unlocked by getting 27/27 items in the time-limited Time of Flower & Love Wish Court). More avatars will be available in the future.

Visiting Others

To visit others, click on “visit” in the sidebar. You have four options – visit a friend, an association member, wander to random users’ homes, or visit (which is currently unavailable and will give you the message “the home master has left to travel and you cannot pay a visit for now”).

Clicking on the user multiple times shows you the welcome messages they have set.

By clicking on the heart button in the lower left corner OR the “favorite home” heart in the top left of someone’s home, you can “like” their home. The comment button in the bottom left allows you to leave a comment.


You can join a community or create your own! Each community can hold up to four people. Creating a community is free, or you can search for communities randomly or using their ID. Communities can be public or private. In public communities, anyone can join. In private communities, users must have the ID and then apply. The leader can view and accept or deny these applications. When you are in your community, you can see the four members and visit their houses. These are where you can go to do other tasks for life bits. The group buy takes place here, and you can also chat with your members and use special Nikki and Momo emojis!

There is also a community BBS to view other communities. Here, you can view and filter by the tags set by other communities. The “set” button on the main community screen lets you view information including the ID number and your own tags. You can quit from this screen. If you are the leader, you have several options including setting the name and description, setting community tags, and viewing and making decisions on applications.

Group Buying

This is a function of communities, so you must be in a community to participate in group buy. They only take place on Saturday and Sunday within the game. There are two sessions in a weekend.The exact times are from Saturday 5:00 AM LNST – Sunday 5:00 AM LNST, and Sunday 5:00 AM LNST – Monday 5:00 AM LNST. Group buys are divided into seasons, and each season lasts four weeks. The limited items are only available during the season, but may return for purchase after like event clothing.

During group buy, limited items and store items are sold for a discount. If two or more members of the community choose to purchase the same item, you will each receive a 32% discount. If you are the only one buying the item, you will pay full price.

When group buy opens, you can see four random pieces of furniture. The first two are group buy limited, meaning you can only get them from group buy. You can see their prices and discounts, as well as the down payment. You can also see how many people in your community have participated in each item so far.

To participate in the group buy, you must select an item and pay the down payment – 10% of the item’s cost. If you change selected items during the group buy, there is no down payment refund.

When the group buy is over, click on “my orders” to complete your purchase. You must pay the remaining balance within 5 days of the down payment or you will lose the item and will not receive a refund. Your ten most recent orders are saved here, and you can see the deadline, final price, and which neighbors also chose this item.

The first season of group buy was from March 3rd until March 25th. The limited items in this group buy were: Kindred Sofa, Sun Vision, Throbbing Moment, Wide Sea and Horizon, Television-Childhood Heart, Elegant Dressing, Returned Sail Boat, Practical Hanger, White Princess Bed, Night Dream Wardrobe, Fairy Tale Planet, Princess Dream, Multifunctional Bookshelf, Travel Impression, and Simple Pastoral Dining Table.


The “My Furniture” tab functions almost exactly like the clothing wardrobe. You can search by name or style, sort by gained or not gained, and see your total collection! There are four tabs on the left, and each tab has its own sections. Furniture contains tables, chairs, beds, cabinets, kitchen items, and bathroom items. Ornament contains ornaments (small items for the home), plants, wall decor, and carpet (rugs). Appliances contains major appliances and small appliances. Finally, decoration contains doors, windows, walls, floors, and stairs. Click on items to see their heart (rarity) level, how many you own, their tags, and how to obtain them!

The Users Furniture button is the shop! Click the furniture to preview it. Items can be purchased for life bits, gold, or diamonds. You can see all items currently available for purchase here, under the same tabs as in My Furniture. There are also two other tabs – New Arrival for new items and Special for items that are hot right now. These will periodically change as Love Nikki adds more home items.

Life Bits

You may have noticed new quests available in the daily quest tab that grant Life Bits! Life bits are a housing-exclusive currency with which you can purchase furniture in the furniture store or in group buys. You can see your total life bits in the top right corner of your home. You can gain life bits several different ways – including through the life bits button on home’s main page, through your daily quests, and through your community members.

The life bits button in the bottom right of your home allows you to choose one of three tasks for a specified amount of life bits. The life bits rewarded will increase with your VIP level. The three tasks are attending to Momo, arranging your furniture, or cleaning your room. These tasks are randomized and the length of time they take will change. The first task takes 4 hours and rewards 10 life bits. The second task takes 8 hours and rewards 20 life bits. The third task takes 12 hours and rewards 60 life bits. Each task can be sped up for 5 diamonds, and sped up a maximum of 15 times a day (may change depending on VIP level).

There are three daily requests relating to life bits. You can recieve 3 life bits by visiting others for 5 times (anyone’s home will do), 3 life bits by completing a life bits task one time in your home, and 4 life bits by completing 2 life bits tasks in neighbor’s homes. To do this, you will need to click on “my community” and visit one of your community members with an exclamation point. This means they have set a life bits task and you can contribute. You can see your contributions on their page, as well as a countdown timer of how long you have before you can complete the task again. If they have not chosen a task yet, you will be notified of this. You can only complete this daily quest with community members.


There are two types of pavilions – long-term and time-limited. Currently we only have the House in Forest long-term pavilion. Like Corridor of Clock and Porch of Misty, you can wish once for free every 48 hours. Additionally, every 48 hours you can wish 5 times for 100 diamonds instead of 200. This guarantees 4-5 heart furniture. This pavilion has 69 items. Redeem codes may reward you a wish ticket – used for a free pull in the House in Forest similar to tickets for the Pavilion of Fantasy.

The time-limited pavilion that ran concurrently with Honeymoon Holyland is Time of Flower & Love. This pavilion operated like House in Forest, with twenty-seven items. If the user collected all 27 items, they gained the Poetic Future chibi Nikki avatar for their home.


This is the bulletin board system for your home! You can view messages others have left you and the likes you’ve gotten (denoted by hearts) as well as visit their homes! By changing the tab to “send” you can see the messages you’ve written on others’ boards.

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