Welcome to the Starry Corridor! This feature was introduced November 30th 2017 during a major update. The Starry Corridor is located on the main page, between the Competition and Stylist Association buildings. Here, you can share your own outfits with captions describing them and view outfits from stylists all over! You can leave reviews on your favorites, and comments on your friends’ posts. You can even take group photos and show off stylist duos! The outfits do not have to have a specific theme – just share you best creations!

Submitting Outfits

To submit your outfit, click the round pink camera icon in the bottom middle of the screen. You can choose to take a group photo with a friend or association member, or submit a solo picture. Create your outfit and click Next, position yourself and click Confirm, and then write your caption and choose your tags! Tags are in the bottom left – it will say No Tag until you choose 2.

Voting on Outfits

There are three tabs at the top of the main menu – Hot, New, and Friend. Hot outfits are those that are popular at the moment, and these are divided into categories based on nation. Nations are determined by the outfit’s submitted user tags. Here you can see the 24-Hour Hot List, and the 3-Day Hot List, showing the most popular recent outfits. New outfits are recently submitted by users from all over the globe. Friend outfits are outfits that have been submitted by people on your friends list and in your stylist association.

When voting in Hot or New, you can choose one of three comments to leave. They are “Beautiful,” “Loveable,” and “Creative.” No matter what you choose, you will use one of your votes (seen on the bottom of the screen). You can move between different submissions by clicking the left and right arrows on the sides of the picture. When voting in Friend, you can leave unique comments! Select the box down below that says “Length: 50 to 2 letters!” and write your comment. Remember, the Love Nikki profanity filter is very strong – you may have to reword your caption and remove any special symbols. Click “Comment” and you can view your comment and others by clicking the blue comment button to the right of views and comment numbers, on the user’s profile.

Anatomy of a Submission

When viewing a photo, you can see several pieces of information listed about the user who submitted it. First is their username, VIP level, and a “Group Photo” button, if you want to take a group photo with this user’s avatar and your own. If you click on the user’s round photo (avatar) in their comment profile, this will take you to their diary. In the submission box you can also see the comment about the outfit, the report button (with the options Spam, Harass, Abusive Words, Politics, and Other), an eye symbol (telling you how many users have viewed this submission), and a comment symbol (telling you how many comments have been left). The comment button to the right is a comment record of all friend and tag comments. If the person is your friend or in your association, you will also have a box to leave custom comments. The tags are on the bottom left (ex. Cloud, Swimsuit).

Your Diary

By clicking the blue diary icon on the bottom right corner, you can acess your diary with your player name and avatar, views and comments in the past week, and submissions with dates. Click “view all” to see all submissions. Any comments friends leave as well as group photos users take with you will appear here. You can also locate settings here. Remember, each user is only allowed to store 50 outfits at a time. You will have to delete any other submissions.

The Starry Memorial – Rewards

Similar to Competition, you can hold a maximum of 30 unused votes at a time. It takes 5:00 minutes to replenish one vote. When you vote 10/10 times, you will receive a random reward (honor points, stamina, diamonds, or gold). Unlike Competition, you cannot hoard reward boxes – they will be immediately redeemed when you reach 10/10.

Honor Points are exclusive currency for the Starry Corridor. According to Love Nikki, Honor Points are Hepis Association’s reward of recognition for stylists. A random amount of honor points can be obtained by reaching 10/10 votes. By selecting “Rewards” in the top right corner, you can access the menu to redeem Honor Points. Available for purchase are themed voting frames, user frames, and submission frames that can be used in the Starry Corridor. To equip these after purchase, before you click “Confirm” to submit your outfit, click “More Styles” on the bottom right. A price table is below.

Type Name Description Price
Vote Frame Fixate light and shadow All experiences on the way of growth is a memory worth commemorating. Those frozen frames are worth cherishing. Will you share them with me? 50 Honor Points
Vote Frame Romantic Sense The pink of cherry blossoms, romantic and tender, implicit with sweetness. It’s like wandering in the season of cherry blossoms with falling. 75 Honor Points
Vote Frame Stars of Promise You told me to wait for you, and we can watch the starry sky when you’re back. I nodded with a smile, and you just disappeared into the night. 100 Honor Points
Vote Frame Summer Dessert Sweet and sour water ice is indeed a necessity in summer. There has never been anything as good. Momo just loved to have icy summer. 60 Honor Points
Vote Frame Wintermount Gift Wintermount Dessert is a must-have for confession! In Lilith Kingdom, lads and girls always use it as a token to express their feeling 60 Honor Points
Vote Frame Castle Court Enter the ancient palace alone, follow a mystery shadow deep inside, and discover the secret buried thousands of years ago. 60 Honor Points
User Frame Enjoy the landscape of summer It is said that the newly opened Starry Corridor is a platform for stylists to communicate with each other. Momo is so excited and searched for such a long time. 100 Honor Points
User Frame Sakura Secret The mild sweet smell of sakura flowers are speaking to the girl’s heart. The pink decorations are like early spring, showing the most attractive side. 125 Honor Points
User Frame Tranquil Starry Sky I stand under the tranquil starry sky, looking up in silence. I remember the right of that year, and you at the time. A breeze blows over, disturbing me. 200 Honor Points
User Frame Summer Fantasy Between crushed ice. there is the fantasy made of cherries and powdered sugar. No one can resist that temptation to eat it in one swallow. 90 Honor Points
User Frame Wintermount Dessert Wintermount Dessert is a must-have for confession! In Lilith Kingdom, lads and girls always use it as a token to express their feeling. 120 Honor Points
User Frame Castle Garden Enter the ancient palace alone, follow a mystery shadow deep inside, and discover the secret buried thousands of years ago. 120 Honor Points
Submission Frame Wintermount Sea Feel the wind on hair on the beach of Wintermount. The cool and moist air delivers the touch of sweet smell, a smell only exists in Wintermount. 100 Honor Points
Submission Frame Castle Porch Walk into a long long gallery. Head up and I saw a shiny star in the navy blue night sky. My mind was lost into its mystery light. 100 Honor Points

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