Stylist Association

Stylist Association

A collection of guides for the Stylist Association.

Stage Help

Chapter 1

1-1 Pajama Party
1-2 Morning Jog
1-3 Bikini Duel
1-4 Winter in Lilith
1-5 Cicia Music Concert
1-6 Star Sea Celebration
1-7 Rose Tea Party

Chapter 2

2-1 Travel Gain
2-2 Filia Debutante Ball
2-3 Cute-style Interview
2-4 Cold or Elegant
2-5 Strange Order
2-6 Latest Sailor Suit
2-7 Hika’s Cloud Style

Chapter 3

3-6 (avoid Apple-Stripe Gentleman set)

Chapter 4


Chapter 5

Check out Nikki’s Info for outfit recommendations!

General Info

Creating a Stylist Association


  • 3-2 Maiden Passed.
  • Stylist has 600+ item in wardrobe’s collection.
  • 300Diamond


  • Association’s Medal: President can choose one of the seven countries’s symbol
  • Association’s Notice Board: max 140 characters, explain what is required for your association.
  • Association’s name: maximum of 12 characters, no spaces
  • Association’s members: At the beginning, Association can have 20 members. The higher the Association level, the more members can join. You get 2 additional membership spots each time your association levels up.

Joining a Stylist Association


  • Not currently a member of another Association.
  • 3-2 Maiden Passed.

How to join:

  • Find by Association ID
  • Find by HOT Associations
  • Find by Associations currently recruiting.


  • After joining an Association, you can’t be kicked within 24 hours.
  • After quitting an Association, you have to wait 12 hours before joining a new Association.

Association Management


  • Each Association has 1 President and up to 3 Vice Presidents.
  • Only the President has the right to disband and change the Association’s Symbol.


  • President:
    • Kick member
    • Accept new member
    • Edit notice board
    • Edit symbol
    • Transfer President (12 hours later after creating Association)
    • Disband
    • Promote/Demote Vice President
  • Vice President:
    • Kick member
    • Accept new member
    • Edit notice board

Association Management:

  • Association member list:
    • All members can see Association Member List: name, level, featured suit name
    • Displayed in the following order: President, Vice President, Member
  • Notice Board:
    • Whenever there is a new notice, “!” will appear on the Association’s notice board


Association Coins:

  • Usage:
    • To level up skill.
    • To exchange clothing items, materials, and dyes in Association’s Store.
  • Gain from:
    • Sort material (5Association coin/times)
    • Donate book (18Association coin/times)
    • Completing Request (depend on the rating: C, B, A, S)
    • Bonus request Reward

Growth points:

  • Gain from:
    • All members sort material (3 Growth Point/times)
    • All members donate book (10 Growth Point/times)
    • All members do request (2 Growth Point/times)

Activity Points:

  • Gain from:
    • Association Requests (2 point/times).
    • Light Wishing Star (20 point/times).

Activity Ranking

Member’s Activeness Ranking:

  • Ranking is refreshed at 05:00 Monday

Association’s Activeness Ranking:

  • The total score of members is the score of association
  • Top 50 with the highest activeness will be shown

If member leaves or is kicked:

  • The total of association’s activeness score will immediately deduct the score of that member.
  • The total activeness score and weekly activeness score of that member will be deleted.


  • The chat board only shows 30 chat lines.
  • Maximum of 140 characters.
  • You have to wait 10 seconds before chatting again

Qutting an Association

  • Only Association Coin and Association Skill can be kept after quitting, others information will be deleted.


Library Activities

  • Sort Material
    • One-time free per day
    • Stylist can use Gold to sort material 2-times per day (8,800Gold)
    • Stylist gets 5Association coin, 1 activity point and 3 growth points each times
  • Donate Book
    • Stylist can use Diamond to donate book 3-times per day (88Diamond)
    • Stylist can get 18Association coin, 3 activity points and 10 growth points each time.


Reading Books

  • Member can use Association Coin to level up Skills using the Books in the Library.
  • Each Skill requires different Association levels to learn, Skill’s level also is limited by Association’s level.
  • The Skills belong to the Member. So:
    • Changing new Association will keep the current skill level, no need to level up again. However, if your skill level is too high, but you join a low level Association, then you can’t level up your skill further (not meet the requirement of leveling skill).

Types of Skills

  • Increase the limit of Stamina
  • Completing Maiden/Princess stages will reward more Gold
  • Doing stages will reward a score bonus

 Book Content

  • Each skill corresponds to one book which can be read by clicking the button to the right of the book name and info.

Association Store

Association Coins

How to get:

  • Do commission requests
  • Sort Material
  • Donate Book
  • Bonus day reward

How to use:

  • Exchange for clothing, materials, and dyes in the Association Store

Store Info


  • Shop only displays 8 items each time
  • At 12:00 and 20:00, the system will refresh the Store (randomly change 8 items)
  • In addition, depending on Member’s VIP Level, free refresh is available.
  • Member can use 10Diamond to refresh Store (unlimited number of refresh)


Reset Time:

  • Every day at 05:00, the system will automatically refresh the number of VIP refreshes

Commission Requests



  • Each member has 5 challenge attempts. You can purchase more attempt up to 5 times (25Diamond/attempt – regardless of VIP Level).
  • No Momo’s guide or share function.
  • Stylist can get a higher score by learning Association’s Skills.
  • No consumption of stamina, and it does not affect daily quests.
  • For each challenge attempt, Stylist can get:
    • Association Coins: corresponding to the stage rating (C, B, A, S).
    • 2 growth points.
    • activity points.


  • Each stage will determine the number of points received, getting enough points will advance the association to the next stage. All members need to participate to get enough points in order to pass.

Wishing Star:

  • Using Wishing Star will add extra score while doing request stages (+20%)
  • It costs 188Diamond to light. Wishing Star applies to all members of the Association.
  • It lasts for 24 hours after buying (time can be stacked if additional purchases are made)
  • Stylist receives 20 activity points when they light the Wishing Star


  • Daily Contribution Ranking: corresponding to each member’s points for the day (refresh at 05:00 each day)
  • Wishing Star Ranking: corresponds to the number of times a member has lit the Wishing Star.
  • Stage Ranking:
    • The Association that completes the stage the fastest will be honored at each stage.
    • TOP 20 Association members who achieve the highest score while doing requests at each stage.


  • Use materials received in request stages to exchange for each part of Association suits.
  • Stylist must complete the requirement stage in order to unlock and exchange each part of the suit.
  • 1 item can be redeemed multiple times.



  • Request function has several chapters, each chapter has several stages
  • Complete all stage in order to unlock new chapter, and you can challenge the current stage of previous chapter again
  • Stylist can instantly complete the stages just like Maiden/Princess


  • Reward for doing stage:
    • Association coin, activity point, growth point, material to exchange for suits
  • Bonus day Reward:
    • The members, who participate in doing Request, help the accumulative points of the Association reach the requirement. They can get big reward at 05:00 each day (F rating also counts).
      • Get 600,000 point to receive 200 Gold + 8 Association coin + 20 Stamina
      • Get 1,200,000 point to receive 450 Gold + 12 Association coin + 22 Stamina
      • Get 2,000,000 point to receive 800 Gold + 16 Association coin + 25 Stamina
      • Get 3,000,000 point to receive 1000 Gold + 18 Association coin + 30 Stamina
      • Get 4,000,000 point to receive 1500 Gold + 20 Association coin + 35 Stamina
    • TOP 4 of each Association has the highest amount of points from doing requests.
      • TOP 1 receives 1000 Gold + 6 Association coin
      • TOP 2 receives 800 Gold + 4 Association coin
      • TOP 3 receives 500 Gold + 3 Association coin
  • Rewards and points are refreshed and sent to Stylist at 05:00 each day (Reward will be deleted if Stylist doesn’t claim it before 05:00)
  • Reward of completing stage: when the stage is completed at 100%, all members will receive rewards

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