Suit Completion Guides

Here you will find our directory for suit completion guides, listed both below and in the navigation bar. The main galleries will display the full suits you can obtain in each category. Click on a suit to see a guide showing:

  • the full suit image
  • a listing of the items in the set
  • reward for suit completion
  • total maximum currencies (gold, diamonds, exchange currency e.g. Crystal Shoes) to obtain the full set
  • total maximum currencies to obtain each set item
  • breakdown of needed supplies for each set item

Note: the total maximum currency listing at the top of the suit guide is the absolute maximum you may spend to get the suit. For example, if an item is obtainable both through the Clothes Store and a Maiden stage, the MAX listing will include costs as if you purchased everything from the Clothes Store. There is a good chance that you will spend less than the max total listed on a suit guide.

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