#1 Nikki Fan, Common Stylist

  • Lilith Kingdom
  • Pisces
  • 5' 2"
  • Lively, fanciful, extroverted
  • Cute, youthful, whimsical
  • Teaming up with Momo to make bad jokes
  • Quarreling with Momo, fangirling over boys

"Before the developer gives me a date, I’ll prevent anyone from getting between me and the only handsome guy that’s appeared so far!"


Bobo is the first person to befriend Nikki and Momo in Miraland, and accompanies them through the Seven Nations. Although she introduces herself as an average stylist from Lilith Kingdom, Bobo seems to know more about the reason for Nikki’s presence in Miraland than she gives away. Nevertheless, Bobo is a steady supporter of Nikki in every stylist battle.

A bright and cheerful girl, Bobo seems to stick with Nikki and Momo for no reason other than to witness Nikki’s growth as a stylist, and to bicker with Momo. Bobo and Momo are very close friends, although they will be the last to admit their care for each other. The two share much in common, including their outgoing personalities, love for food, and strong senses of justice.

If Bobo has one weakness, it is that she is #foreveralone. She has a sixth sense for whenever a hot boy is near, and dreams of the day her fairytale prince will sweep her off her feet.


All Journey stages through present update

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