Heiress to the Apple Federal Apparel Group, Exceptional Stylist

  • Apple Federal
  • Taurus
  • 5' 3"
  • Haughty, strong, brave even in the face of trouble
  • Refined, modern, tailored
  • Running in 6-inch heels
  • Equestrian sports, firework displays

"The best stylist can extract the unique charm of any design and enable the wearer to feel magic in their clothes."


Kimi is one of Nikki’s closest friends in Miraland. The future leader of the Apple Federal is closely involved with the nation’s dealings with other countries, and is Nikki’s first introduction to the Miraland political elite. She currently travels with Mr. Joe through Apple Federal, conducting business on behalf of her father.

Kimi immediately recognizes Nikki’s natural talents as a stylist when they first meet at the Designer’s Tea Party. It is she who motivates Nikki to hone her abilities as a stylist by traveling the Seven Nations. Kimi becomes a strong supporter of Nikki’s success, even practicing together before Nikki’s Designer’s Tea Party contests.

As the daughter of the Apple Federal Apparel Group president, Kimi has borne a deep sense of responsibility since an early age. She has worked hard to earn her right as a stylist and a business leader, without relying her father’s influence. Her reputation as the pride of the Apple Federal Apparel Group is well-known within the upper echelons of Miraland society.


Journey 2.8, 5.10-5.13, 6.S2 (Kimi’s Mirror Shadow), 10.2-10.4, 10.9

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