Nikki’s Faithful Cat Friend Adviser, Master of Fashion

  • The real world
  • Leo
  • Straightforward, blunt, honest
  • Speaking human (but you’ll never find out how he learned to do this…)
  • Eating, roasting advising Nikki

"Please don’t talk to me in public dressed like that."

Momo’s Lookbook


Nikki’s beloved pet cat in their home world, Momo was summoned to Miraland together. Although he is just as bewildered by the strange customs of Miraland as she is, he seems to have prior knowledge of Miraland, which was passed down in his family through five generations.

Momo provides much of the comic relief for the story, but his insights are critical to Nikki’s personal development. Unlike Nikki, Momo is quick to notice behaviors or feelings that other characters try to conceal or don’t even realize in themselves. Also unlike Nikki, if Momo observes something, he will call it out, without much consideration for other people’s feelings.

Momo is most proud of his ability to speak the human language in their original world, though no one knows how he learned it. Momo never fails to have something to contribute to a conversation, usually in the form of snarky comments or banter with Yoko. For all his harsh words, Momo is fiercely loyal, fiercely adoring, and sometimes just fierce, towards Nikki.


All Journey chapters through present update

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