Shoujo heroine 100%, naturally gifted stylist

  • The real world
  • December 6
  • Sagittarius
  • 5' 5"
  • Gentle, thoughtful, likes giving advice and helping others
  • Casual, feminine, pretty
  • Combining clothes and accessories for any style or fashion
  • Dressing up, shopping, collecting cute things

"A stylist's mission isn't to make you look good—it's to help you face the world with confidence and positivity."


Nikki is the main protagonist of the game. Originally a fashion student from a world similar to our own, Nikki was transported to Miraland to shape its destiny.

Nikki initially seems dense because of her careful and soft-spoken nature. However, she is prudent and sharp as a sewing needle. She has a knack for finding clever solutions to complicated situations. Nikki isn’t a fan of conflict, but will never hesitate to stand up for her friends.

She travels the Seven Nations with her cat Momo, competing in stylist battles and forging friendships along the way. Unfortunately, when her new friends are terrorized by an elite league of stylists, Nikki realizes Miraland is not as idyllic as it seems.

As she learns more about the mysterious evils that threaten the land and its inhabitants, Nikki joins her friends to resist. In doing so, she entangles her life and future with that of the Seven Nations.


All Journey chapters through present update

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