Prince of Lilith Kingdom, Remarkable Designer

  • Lilith Kingdom
  • Leo
  • 6' 1"
  • Flighty, capricious, flamboyant
  • Formal, ostentatious, tailored
  • Running away from responsibility, able to make any girl swoon with a smile
  • Adventure, designing outfits for Hika (and bullying her into wearing them)

"Would you like to experience an enchanting love story?"


Royce is the younger brother of Queen Nanari, and next in line for the Lilith throne. Despite rumors that his sister is gravely ill, Royce shirked his royal duties and ran away from the palace. Royce has been traveling Lilith undercover ever since, dodging his personal guard Hika, and trying to delay his inevitable return to the palace.

Despite looking the part of a perfect fairytale prince, Royce avoids the spotlight, preferring to observe a developing situation from a distance. Since running away from the palace, Royce has lived a debonair life, gathering inspiration for his designs amongst the Lilith commoners.

For all his handsome winks towards pretty women, only Hika receives anything but a smile from Royce. He seems to do his best to ditch her when he can, but contrarily becomes frustrated when she gives up on her mission and resigns herself to returning to the palace alone. By Chapter 9, Royce is back in his role as Prince of Lilith, helping his sister organize the Fantasy Styling Contest.


Journey 2.2, 2.S2, 3.2, 3.6, 4.8, 5.5, 5.12, 9.7, 9.8

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