Chapter 1

Arriving in Wheat Field

Chapter 1

Arriving in Wheat Field

Stage 1.1 Sport Girl Aron (1)
Nikki: The queen disappeared just like that, but I still don’t understand… Wait, Momo, you heard of this world before!?
Momo: My grandpa told me some legends and stories about Mirland, but that’s not the point. Momo wants to go home and eat grilled fish! Even if it means I don’t get to see the little elves in Pigeon Kingdom!
Nikki: I always feel like Momo knows about a lot of awesome stuff… Okay! Since we’re here, let’s put on some light and lively sports clothes and wander about!
Interrupting Girl: Wait! If you want to dress up, we might as well compete! I was just about to change and go jogging
Momo: Why does every random person we meet want to battle…
Interrupting Girl: I’m not a random person! I’m Aron and I love sports!
Nikki: Hello Aron! Does this path lead to the nearest own?
Aron: Yes! I’m gonna go jogging after I beat you, let’s do it right now!
Cute-looking Little Girl: Wow! Your style looks so pretty. Where are you from? What did you come to Wheat Field for?
Nikki: Huh? Hi, I’m Nikki. I eh, have no idea how I came here. So this is Wheat Field?
Cute-looking Little Girl: Oh come on, you must have snuck away from home for fun. I used to do that as well! My name is Yoko and I’m from the Lilith Kingdom. This is the small town of Wheat Field which is on the border of the Lilith Kingdom and the Apple Federation. Let me show you around.
Nikki: Okay! Hi Yoko, I’m Nikki and this is Momo.
Momo: So we’re just gonna randomly go on a new journey…

Stage 1.2 Shining Daily Clothes
Nikki: This small town here seems similar to our world, same streets, same architectural style.
Yoko: Oh, so you’re from the Apple Federation?
Nikki: No, no, Momo and I came from another world… What is this Apple Federation that Yoko speaks of?
Yoko: A visitor from another world? Ha ha, I’m not buying it! It can’t be that easy to travel between worlds. Stop joking, Nikki!
Momo: Can we skip that for now? Just tell us about the Apple Federation!
Yoko: Okay, okay. The Apple Federation is the largest nation in Miraland, and it’s a heaven for designers and stylists. The architectural style in the Apple Federation is ahead of its time, and fashionable dress wear is an essential part of everyday life.
Momo: So it’s very similar to the big cities in our real world! In that case, Nikki you can compete with Yoko over simple loungewear style!

Stage 1.3 Lunar from Cloud Empire
Yoko: Look, there’s a girl crying at the door of that flower shop ad she looks so sad! I’ll go check it out!
Nikki: Yoko, did she tell you what happened? Is there anything we can do?
Yoko: Forget it! That girl from the Cloud Empire is so aloof. I asked many times but she just wouldn’t say a word!
Girl from Cloud Empire: You can’t help anyway. What’s the point in telling you? Only a stylist with real talent could beat that thief and help recover my design.
Momo: The Cloud Empire is located east of Miraland. It is a wealthy nation resembling the ancient Tang Dynasty. Everyone dresses up in a flowing and traditional Eastern style. No biggie, Nikki, you can compete with her. You can totally pull off this Cloud Empire style!

Girl from Clould Empire: I didn’t know you were such a skilled stylist. I underestimated you. My name is Lunar, I’m a designer from the eastern Cloud Empire. I just made a design and came here to buy the necessary fabric, but an evil girl stole my drawing.
Nikki: Oh no, that’s terrible! Don’t worry we’ll go find here and make her return your design!

Stage 1.4 Office Lady Vivi (1)
Momo: I have bravely caught this horrible woman!!!! Come and help!!!
The Caught Woman: Help!!! Some cat is assaulting me!!! I’m in a hurry for an interview, what do you want from me cat!?
Nikki: Momo! That’s a resume in her hands, not a design. Let her go!
Interviewee OL: What a scary cat… I’m Vivi, a freshly graduated job hunter and I’m heading to an intervew.
Nikki: I’m so sorry for the trouble! I hope you’re not late for your interview because of us.
Vivi: Why don’t you complete with me in the chic polished and professional style to give me some inspiration for improvements I can make on my interview outfit.
Yoko: No biggie, Nikki! Go for it!
Momo: Hey! That’s my line! Stop stealing my spotlight!

Stage 1.5 Toto, Girl in Love (1)
Nikki: Excuse me, have you seen someone passing by holding a drawing?
Roadside Beauty: As a matter of fact, a sassy woman just hurried off with a piece of paper.
Lunar: Yes! That must be Mela, the girl who grabbed my design! Do you know where she went?
Roadside Beauty: I can tell you but I’m busy considering what to wear for my date with an Aries photographer. How about one of your compete with me and provide some ideas?
Momo: No biggie, Nikki! The cute romantic date outfit is perfect for you. I choose you as our representative!
Yoko: Momo! You stole my line!!!
Roadside Beauty: Nikki you are so great! Thanks a lot! My date today will be fantastic! By the way, I’m Toto. Let’s compete more when we meet again.
Nikki: Wait up!! Toto you haven’t told us where Mela went yet.
Toto: Ummm, I think she went in the direction of the school. I’ll go to my date now. See you!

Stage 1.6 Bookish Girl Timi (1)
Momo: Nikki, I don’t see any sassy girls around here!
Yoko: There’s a school girl standing at the gate waiting for someone. Let’s go ask her.
Nikki: Hi, sorry to disturb you. My name is Nikki. Have you see a woman dressed in sassy clothing carrying a drawing pass by?
Bookish Girl: Hi, Nikki. I’m Timi. A design? Are you guys designers? It would be great if you were! By the way, would you mind competing with me? Let’s do the innocent school girl look. I…. I… want him to like me.
Momo: I wonder if she heard any of our questions…. Ask her again after you two have finished competing.
Timi: Thank you for your help, Nikki! I’ll keep getting better. By the way, I’m starting to remember the sassy girl you mentioned just then. She’s the only person in this town who dresses up so sassy! She usually hangs out at the bar nearby. Try finding her there!
Nikki: Yeah? Thanks, Timi! Bye!

Stage 1.7 Lead Singer: Kaze (1)
Yoko: Wow! There’s a band that’s playing over her! Look! The lead singer is so cool!!!
Momo: Nikki, who is this crazy girl? I don’t know about her…
Nikki: Perhaps the singers of the bar will know something Mela. Let’s go ask that cool lead singer later.
Cool & Attractive Lead Singer: Oh, hey… are you waiting for me?
Nikki: Yes, I’m Nikki, we’re looking for Mela, a girl who supposedly snatched my friend’s design. Do you know her?
Cool & Attractive Lead Singer: Hi, I’m Kaze, my band regularly performs in this place. Mela usually comes by in the evening. You can wait for a little while; she should come soon.
Nikki: Ah, thank you! By the way… You’re not to compete at styling with me, are you? I think I’m getting used to the strange custom around here…
Kaze: Can we!? Let’s compete over casual and boyish style!

Stage 1.8 Lunar’s Trial
Lunar: Nikki, Yoko, Momo thanks for all the help, I…. don’t know what to say
Nikki: Lunar, we’re friends! Of course, we’ll help you! I just don’t know if I can actually defeat Mela.
Yoko: Don’t worry. It’ll be no biggie for Nikki! Ouch! Why are you stepping on me, Momo!?
Momo: Yoko, whenever you’re here, you either steal my shine or my lines! Are you gonna steal my grilled fish in the future!?
Lunar: Stop arguing you two. Nikki needs another practice session to defeat Mela for sure. I’ll compete with you now, let’s try Mela’s sassy nightclub style.
Lunar: Nikki, you’ve got some real talent in you! This shoe is my greatest design. I believe it can help you. You will defeat Mela!
Stage 1.9 Legendary Iron Rose
Yoko: Stop right there! Give us Lunar’s drawing, right now!
Mela: I was wondering who was inquiring about my whereabouts. No way some losers like you guys are going to get the drawing from me. Don’t make me laugh!
Nikki: What if I win?
Mela: Hey little miss, don’t be naive. Do you know who you’re messing with? Where did you get your courage from?
Lunar: Nikki is a gifted stylist. She’s waaaay better at designing than a thief like you!
Mela: Hmmm! You should be honored that I chose your drawing as a target. How dare you call me a thief, I will make you guys pay for that! Let’s compete over sassy style if you dare!
Mela: I did not bring my collection with me to the Lilith Kingdom. You can have your drawing back. But remember. Making an enemy of the Iron Rose organization was a bad idea. You’ll pay the price of your actions sooner or later!
Nikki: I can feel Mela is quite strong. I can’t imagine what ts Iron Rose organization is like.
Yoko: Rumor has it that after Princess Elle became the leader of the Pigeon Kingdom, she established the Iron Rose Stylist Legion. It has 10 designers of the highest level who were ordered by the Queen to go around and acquire top notch clothing designs by whatever means necessary….
Momo: Meow! That’s just daylight robbery!
Nikki: Oh ok, let’s first decide where to go next. Since it was Queen Nanari who brought us here, let’s go to her Lilith Kingdom first!

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