Chapter 10

Styling Contest Games

Chapter 10

Styling Contest Games

10.1 Group Match Prelude

Momo: I am so excited! The day has finally come!

Yoko: I never imagined that I would watch the Fantasy Styling Contest here as a friend of [a] player in the castle! This is so cool!

Nikki: I feel so nervous. Last time I had Lunar by my side in Wintermount; now I’m all by myself.

Momo: Easy, Nikki! You are the protagonist so you’ll be protected by plot armor!

Yoko: Um, what was he saying? …

Nikki: According to the rules, it’s the group stage today and all participants will compete in 3 groups. I wonder what kind of rival I will encounter…

Yoko: Relax, Nikki. How about some warm-up first?

Momo: It seems that when you’re not bickering with me, you’re still helpful! So let’s go for a fresh mori girl outfit!

Yoko: Momo!!


10.S1 Lead Singer: Kaze (3)

Yoko: Is that Kaze over there?!

Kaze: Hi everybody! It’s been a while. How is everyone doing?

Momo: We came here with Nikki to attend the Fantasy Styling Contest!

Nikki: Hi Kaze! Are you here for the contest too?

Kaze: Yup. Cicia is not far from the royal city, and I just happen to have a break, so I came.

Yoko: So does your band come here too?

Kaze: Yes. The royal city is very bustling these days. So our band performs at the bar near the Contestant Village every night.

Nikki: Awesome! We can go see your performances!

Kaze: Oh right, Nikki, could you help me pick a casual sportswear? That will make things more convenient when I have to move the instruments.


10.S2 Sport Girl Aron (6)

Aron: Hi, all! I knew I could see you guys here. An outstanding stylist like Nikki would definitely sign up for the contest!

Nikki: Aron! How was the Miraland Boat Racing competition that you took part in? The one in the Cloud Empire?

Aron: We got the second place in the team race! It was the best performance we ever had!

Momo: You love sports so much yet you didn’t win the race?

Aron: Well, loving sports won’t help me beat those people from the North Kingdom. They’re literally supermen!

Nikki: Aron looks really cute today!

Aron: Haha, really? I will have a short vacation after the contest. I want to try on something with a floral-pattern girlish style, but I’m not really used to it. Nikki, help me out!


10.S3 Manga Artist Aiko (5)

Aiko: Nikki, Momo, Yoko!

Momo: There are a lot of familiar faces here today!

Nikki: Aiko! Are you here to collect materials?

Aiko: You know me so well! I am preparing the manga sequel. Many readers are looking forward to it!

Yoko: A love story between a stylist and a designer. I really want to know when they will get married!

Aiko: Not so fast. I just thought of a scene where the stylist comes to attend the Fantasy Styling Contest, and the designer follows to give her a surprise!

Nikki: That sounds great!

Aiko: Right! Nikki, try on a classic Pigeon Kingdom style dress. I want the stylist to meet her Prince Charming in a traditional princess dress!


10.2 Kimi’s Encouragement

Nikki: Kimi!! Kimi!!

Yoko: Wow, it’s rare to see Nikki get so excited.  Kimi and Mr. Joe are here!

Momo: The girl should behave like a lady…

Kimi: Greetings Nikki!

Nikki: Hey Kimi! Are you here to take part in the contest too?

Kimi: I am just here to watch. The Fantasy Styling Contest in Lilith is one of the most important contests on the continent. A lot of outstanding stylists emerge from here every year.

Joe: Hello? No one noticed me? …In fact, Kimi just wants to say Nikki will be the outstanding stylist this year!

Nikki: Um, really?

Kimi: Yeah, I believe in you after all those trials you overcame in the Cloud Empire. You will have no problem in reaching the finals. Do your best.

Nikki: Thanks! Thank you for your encouragement!

Kimi: Since you just came back from the Cloud Empire, why not go for traditional Cloud Empire clothes?


10.3 Last Warm-Up

Kimi: Nikki is really great!

Nikki: Really? I will keep trying!

Joe: I’ve never seen my lady praise someone in such excitement.

Kimi: Mister, do you think our next quarter’s design quota is a bit low?

Joe: What? Of course not! Ah! It’s the principle of Cicia Design School! Excuse me.

Momo: That was fast. It was like me when I rush to the grill house.

Yoko: Rush? Don’t you always roll like a ball!

Momo: Arrgh! Yoko!!

Kimi: I think you two would make pretty good cheerleaders. Oh right, Nikki. Try the modern daily Cloud Empire one-piece dress. Maybe you will encounter a rival from the Cloud Empire.

Nikki: Sure!


10.4 Group Game First Match

Momo: Look, Nikki is about to come on stage!

Yoko: Wow, Prince Royce’s address is so awesome! Mr. Henry’s speech is also pretty cool!

Kimi: Nikki is in group B this time, it’s fortunate she doesn’t have to compete with the stylists from the Pigeon Kingdom in the group games…

Henry: (Stage Speech)…And the champion shall be awarded the title ‘The Royal Stylist of Lilith’, and gain the chance to participate in designing this year’s Fairytale Concerto…

Momo: What is the Fairytale Concerto suit?

Kimi: Fairytale Concerto is Lilith’s royal outfit. It’s the signature of the nation. Every year a new set of apparel will be produced and collected by the royal family.

Yoko: Every Lilith girl dreams of putting on a Fairytale Concerto dress one day!

Momo: Look! Nikki is about to compete against her first opponent!

Yoko: Huh, isn’t that Kane who we met in the Contestant Village? Looks like she was assigned to the same group as Nikki.

Yoko: Uh oh, the styling theme is North Kingdom style warm army uniform. That’s Kane’s expertise!

Momo: Nikki, you can do it!


10.5 Interval (1)

Nikki: I feel stressed out after the first match. Everybody is so great and they are all trying their best to compete…

Momo: Nikki, don’t get discouraged! See, you won just then! Although it was a narrow victory…

Nikki: Momo?! Why are you in the back stage? Did you sneak in?

Momo: Hush! I was worried for you! Believe in yourself and you will do even better starting from now on!

Contestant in Group A: Hey, are you in group B or C?

Nikki: Hi! I am in group B, anything I can do for you?

Contestant in Group A: I’m so nervous! Could you help me practice before the real match? I…

Nikki: Yeah sure! You just think about the most beautiful clothes you designed in the past!

Contestant in Group A: Really! Thank you very much!

Momo: Nikki is really good at comforting people.  We don’t have must time for rest so let’s try a simple evening dress!


10.6 Group Game Second Match

Momo: The audience in the front row is so annoying! They’re so tall and block my sight!

Yoko: They look strange and so serious. They are not enjoying the contest at all. It’s a shame they got all the seats!

Momo: Just what I said! It should be us professional cheerleaders on those VIP seats!

Yoko: Look! It’s Nikki’s turn! The opponent’s outfit is really exotic!

Joe: She’s supposedly a contestant from the Republic of Wasteland where people’s clothes are wild and natural, filled with uncertainties and raw desires.

Kimi: I still remember Mr. Joe promoting wasteland style scarves and shawls at the autumn-winter accessory festival last quarter.

Joe: Ha, you have a good memory, my lady!

Momo: Luckily Nikki has tried the wasteland style clothes several times before already.  I hope she can perform well!


10.7 Interval (2)

Momo: See, I said you would get better and better! That was a neat win!

Nikki: I feel a sense of familiarity when it comes to the wasteland style. It’s like the Bohemian ethnic style in our previous world.

Contestant in Group C: I saw the whole match backstage. To defeat the opponent from the Republic of Wasteland at her own style, that’s incredible!

Nikki: Hi! Thank you!

Contestant in Group C: I am in group C. It will be my turn soon. Could you please do some warm-up with me over Lilith gorgeous dress?

Nikki: Sure, no problem!


10.8 Bookish Girl Timi (6)

Nikki: Timi! I didn’t expect you would be my opponent in the third match!

Timi: Remember what I said back in the village? But anyway I’m glad that I can compete with Nikki in the first styling contest after my graduation!

Momo: What a silly girl. She never won against Nikki before. Why is she so happy?

Yoko: Momo, hush! I can’t hear what they are saying!

Timi: I will do my best this time too! I hope you do the same!

Nikki: Yeah!

Momo: Ah? The theme is graduation gown! The theme was literally picked especially for Timi!


10.9 Past the Group Games

Yoko: Yay! Three consecutive wins! The highest score!! Nikki has progressed from the group stage!!!

Momo: Woohoo! Nikki, you are the best!

Nikki: Thanks, thanks all! It’s all because of your support!

Kimi: You really did a good job. Each group will have a winner to attend the finals, and from the three players [the] champion will be selected.

Joe: The lady means you are one step away from the champion, and she believes you will win.

Kimi: That’s right. I believe you can do it.

Nikki: Ah…Kimi…I! I will do everything I can!

Kimi: I have heard a little about the other two contestants and they are both quite talented. Nikki, be careful.

Kimi: I took a couple of outfits from the Apple Federation with me. They are chic girlish outfit and casual daily clothes. Try them on!

Momo: The Fantasy Envoy is quite scary when it comes to marketing…


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