Chapter 2

Fairy Tale World Lilith

Chapter 2

Fairy Tale World Lilith

Stage 2.1 Lilith Cutie Yoko
Nikki: We are finally at the Lilith Kingdom! Lunar is still gathering materials for her design. I kind of miss her.
Momo: Speaking of Lunar, she looks so pretty when she smiles! She’s definitely a goddess of the east. So different from a certain loud unreasonable girl I know…
Yoko: Momo!! I’ll knock you flat!! Girls in the Lilith Kingdom can be cute, too!!
Nikki: Oh yeah, Yoko, you’re from the Lilith Kingdom! Are all your styles so… dreamy?
Yoko: Yeah! The Lilith Kingdom is a neighboring country of the Apple Federation and the Cloud Empire… it’s like an adorable fun-filled fairy tale land. We specialize in enchanting fantasy styles.
Momo: Nikki, why not compete with her on the Lilith fairytale style, I’ll bet a bowl of grilled fashion on your win!

Stage 2.2 Cicia, Capital of Art
Nikki: Cicia is indeed the largest city in Lilith. The theater here is grand!
Yoko: That’s right! Cicia has the most highly rated theater in the world!
Nikki: Oh! I read in the newspaper that in a few days, the December Troupe will be performing their new play, “The Candy Witch and the Star Sea!” Speaking of December Troupe, why does that sound so familiar…
Passing by Handsome [Royce]: I’ve told you, I’m Royce, a friend of the troupe’s chief. Now let me go and watch the rehearsal! Humph, I’ll have to sneak in through the secret path then…
Nikki: Hey! Please wait! … I wish I knew where the secret path is…. If only I could get into the theater….
Passerby Girl: If you wanna sneak in, just follow me. But first you’ll have to compete with me over which one of us looks more like a passerby!
Momo: you can even compete to see who’s more like a passerby? Someone kill me! I’m done with this crazy world!

Stage 2.3 Caught by the Manager!
Yoko: Wow, so we can sneak in through the secret path. It’s my lucky day!
Momo: Yeah, and you just pretended to be nervous and “accidentally” kicked me. Of course, it’s your lucky day.
Nikki: I didn’t know there was a secret path leading directly into the theater’s machinery room! This is amazing!
Office Lady [Lisa]: If his majesty is to come to the theater, I will know and inform you. Please do not worry.
Strange Woman [Hika]: Please see to it. I have to go now.
Office Lady [Lisa]: Ah! How did you get in!? Are you the Phantom Thief who sent the warning letter a few days ago?
Nikki: Sorry… Sorry! We aren’t the Phantom Thief. We just sneaked in for the rehearsal of December Troupe. We don’t know anything about any thieves!
Office Lady [Lisa]: Sigh…. It’s so hard to be a theater manager. Apart from managing, I’m also responsible for finding people and catching thieves! The December Troupe is on leave today. If you wanna see the rehearsal tomorrow, you’ll have to beat my styling.
Nikki: Challenge the theater manager? Then I’ll have to try on the elegant and simple professional style!

Stage 2.4 Toto, Girl in Love! (2)
Yoko: That cute guy who led us to the secret tunnel looks like a really talented person. I wonder if anything will happen between us in the future~
Momo: If you think saying this will persuade the developer to give you two extra lines, dream on! The main character will always be Big Meow and his grilled fish!
Toto: Nikki! You’re here too! Looks like I wasn’t wrong when I said that our paths would cross again~
Nikki: Toto! How was your date with the Aries guy? It went well, thanks to you! But now my new boyfriend is a Capricorn working in this theater as a manger! We’re going rowing tonight on our date. Nikki please help me out one more time!
Momo: Wow you’re switching between boyfriends way too fast!
Nikki: Well… if you want to go rowing you should wear something that’s not only warm and windproof but also sweet and cute.

Stage 2.S1 Cinderella’s Sister
Momo: Nikki’s so smart! The December Troupe is resting. We can go the rehearsal of the troupe next door.
Yoko: Let me see here… Wow, the drama is called Romeo and Cinderella. That’s quite a big crossover.
Nikki: IT must be a play about love!
Actress: Hey! What are you two girls and the cat doing here?
Nikki: Uhh…. sorry, the theater manager told us we could look around.
Actress: I see. I’m the heroine Cinderella…. ‘S older sister! How about you compete with me over the styles for this role? If you win, I’ll consider signing an autograph for you guys.
Momo: Why would we need an autograph from Cinderella’s sister… But anyway, that’s not the point! Nikki you can’t lose! Change into your aristocratic ball gown!

Stage 2.S2 Royce Interrupts Again
Director Next Door: I didn’t expect to meet such a great stylist here! I’m the director of Romeo and Cinderella. May I have the pleasure of making your acquaintance?
Nikki: Oh hi, I’m Nikki. Very nice to meet you here.
Director Next Door: Sofia from the December Troupe has the precious ball gown ‘Star Sea.’ If we don’t work hard on the style of the hero, our show will certainly be as popular as the Candy Witch and the Star Sea. Please provide us with some inspiration for Romeo’s style!
Momo: But you’ve only got Cinderella’s sister over here, where’s your Romeo?
Director Next Door: Our lead actor is not here today, but I just caught a young man in the lobby. Let’s make him his stand in to compete with Nikki!
Royce: What the heck!? I’m just here looking for a friend, why am I being forced to join a styling match?
Nikki: Ah, it’s the boy we saw at the entrance! Hi, I’m Nikki. I came here to see the rehearsal.
Director Next Door: Cut the small talk! Transform into a brave and debonair Romeo!
Royce: Not unless you promise first not to tell any strange women that you’ve seen me!

Royce: I really didn’t expect to meet such an amazing stylist today. Nikki, you really should go attend the Designer’s Tea Party in Wintermount.
Nikki: The Designer’s Tea Party?
Royce: Yes, it’s an annual pageant for designers and stylists. I have to go now. Remember to give my best wishes to the chief of the December Troupe.
Nikki: Sure! I’ll remember that!
Royce: Farewell! Looking forward to seeing you again in Wintermount

Stage 2.5 Lisa’s Casual Clothes
Nikki: I still think we shouldn’t have gone rowing with Toto just then.
Momo: It’s okay, Nikki! We weren’t on the same boat with them anyway. Besides, Toto invited us to a barbeque after rowing! Grilled fish! It’s grilled fish we’re talking about!
Yoko: I can’t wait to see you become a fat meal ball after eating and all that grilled fish.
Theater Manager: Aren’t you Nikki? What a coincidence, I just happen to be on a date with my boyfriend here. I was in such a hurry last time that I didn’t even introduce myself. My name is Lisa, and I’m the manager of the theater.
Nikki: Hi Lisa! You look really nice in casual attire!
Yoko: I think I’m getting the hang of the way things work around here. Let’s compete on casual wear that would be appropriate for a BBQ.

Stage 2.6 Sport Girl Aron (2)
Yoko: We’ve run into two couples in a single day. It’s so depressing!
Momo: Now I’m happy! All the grilled fish is in my belly!
Aron: Nikki! Yoko! Momo!
Nikki: It’s Aron! Come to think of it, Aron is the first person I met in Mirland besides Queen Nanari!
Yoko: Nikki, you know our Queen Nanari!? But didn’t the queen abdicate, due to sickness a long time ago?
Aron: What are you talking about? It’s Bathrobe Festival tonight, let’s put on a kimono and hang out together!
Momo: There will be so many fun things to do! Hurry up, Nikki! Put on a kimono and let’s go to the night fair!
Yoko: Is Nikki really the destined one from another world? Is that why the Queen used forbidden arts to transport her here through time and space? … Forget it, I’ll asked her next time. Hey wait for me!!
Stage 2.7 Girl’s Pajama Party
Nikki: Hi! Excuse me, do you know where the Western Wildness hotel is?
Strange Woman [Hika]: Go straight and turn right at the first crossing, it’s the second building to the left. By the way, have you guys seen a sweet talking man with golden hair dressed in expensive clothing?
Yoko: Nope! Never seen him! Thank you for us the way, bye!
Momo: Why did you lie to her? That guy Royce we just met fits her description perfectly!
Yoko: Don’t you think she’s probably a crazy fan of his? Before the developer gives me a date, I’ll prevent anyone from laying on the only handsome guy who has appeared so far! Let’s go back to the hotel!
Nikki: We will finally get a good night’s sleep at the hotel!
(The group arrives at the hotel)

Momo: Owwwwww. What should I do, I’ve had too much grilled fish for my stomach to hold! Momo is so full!
Nikki: What should we do? Momo looks like a fat meatball!
Yoko: Remember, what I said? Hahaha! Two stages ago I said ‘I can’t wait to see you become a fat meat ball!’
Momo: Yoko!!! I hate you!!!
Nikki: Hmm, how about we throw a pajama party and play cards with Momo until he digests all the grilled fish in his stomach.
Momo: Nikki is so sweet! You two go ahead and put on pajamas, Momo doesn’t need clothes!
Nikki: But I haven’t got any pajamas. What should I do?
Momo: Right, but we found the design for Panda Pajamas at the night market, didn’t we? We can try to make them!

Stage 2.8 Rehearsal at Theater!
Nikki: Finally, we’ll get to watch the December Troupe rehearsal!
Momo: Look, the lady walking through the VIP entrance is so lovely! The man behind her looks awesome too!
Yoko: The theater manager is talking with them!
Lisa: It’s my honor to welcome you two noble guests from the Apple Federation.
Lady [Kimi]: Miss Lisa you’re too kind. I think the ‘Star Sea’ is well worth the long journey.
Joe: My lady, it’s getting a bit late. The president instructed us to return to the Apple Federation today.
Lady [Kimi]: Ah okay. Elsa, if there’s nothing else important talk about I guess we better get going. See you next time.
Momo: Wow, that’s a beautiful young lady! Oh, the manager’s coming!
Nikki: Hi, Miss Lisa. Is ‘Star Sea’ one of the costumes for the show?
Lisa: Yes, the biggest mystery in “The Candy Witch and the Star Sea” is the ball gown that Sofia wears. The dress is called the “Star Sea.” The first time I saw you, I thought you were the Phantom Thief who sent us the warning letter claiming that he was going to steal the dress.
Momo: Awesome! I really want to see the ‘Star Sea!’ Let’s go the rehearsal!
Lisa: Nikki, first you’ll have to change into something that’s casual yet chic, then I’ll take you inside.

Stage 2.9 Dancer Star Sofia
Yoko: Shh!! Keep up up! This is the backstage dressing room. Let’s see how beautiful the legendary ‘Star Sea’ really is!
Nikki: Yoko, should we really be doing this? What if we’re caught?
Actress [Sofia]: Who’s there! Why are you sneaking into the dressing room!
Momo: Darn… caught red handed.
Nikki: S… sorry, we’re not the Phantom Thief!
Actress [Sofia]: I know you’re not the Phantom Thief. I’m just asking who you are?
Nikki: I’m Nikki, this is Momo, and she’s Yoko. We just wanted to see what the “Star Sea” looks like.
Actress [Sofia]: Nikki? So you’re that great stylist the manager has been talking about. I’m Sofia, the leading actress of this show. It’s nice to meet you and your friends.
Nikki: Sofia, you’re so pretty! We’re all looking forward to seeing your show!
Sofia: Thank you. But my interest in you is great than my interest in the play. How about we compete,and if you win, I’ll present you with my cherished ball gown as a gift and invite you to the performance. Then you’ll get to go see the “Star Sea.”
Yoko: So many benefits from winning! Believe in yourself, Nikki! You can definitely design a gorgeous and elegant ball gown.
Sofia: As expected, you’re strong. Someday you’ll become even stronger. Remember, as long as you work hard enough, this dress can beat the “Star Sea.”
Nikki: Yes, I’ll remember that! Thank’s so much, Sofia, I’ll work hard! Goodbye!

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