Chapter 3

Witch and Star Sea

Chapter 3

Witch and Star Sea

3.1 Bookish Girl Timi (2)
Yoko: Since we’ve got plenty of time to kill before the public show, how about I show you around Cicia?
Nikki: Sure. By the way, what do you think Sofia meant when she said ‘As long as you try hard enough, you can beat the Star Sea’?
Momo: Let’s find others to compete with, see if we can help Nikki upgrade the ball gown.
Yoko: Good idea! Let’s go for some training at the Cicia Design School. That place is a heaven for students who like to compete and study freely!
Timi: Hey! Nikki!
Nikki: It’s Timi!
Nikki: By the way, aren’t you supposed to be attending school in Wheat Field?
Timi: Yes… But I… I came here with my senior classmate for advanced studies at the design school.
Momo: Meow! The ‘he’ you were referring to last time must have been you senior crush!
Timi: I… I’ve had a crush on him for over a year. I came here so I could spend more time with him.
Timi: But there are so many pretty and fashionable girls here; I’m feeling so ordinary. Could you please help me out?
Nikki: You could try wearing an English style school uniform. It’s elegant and pure; you’ll definitely blow his mind!

Stage 3.2 Lead Singer: Kaze (2)
Strange Woman (Hika): Master, if you want to study here, I can handle the admission procedure for you at any time.
Strange Woman: But please go back with me first. You’ve been out traveling for too long.
Royce: Hika, how is it that you can always find me!
Royce: Please, please leave me alone! It’s creepy…
Royce: How about you go around and look for some fun, try to find something interesting to warm your icy face.
Royce: As for me, I’ll go on traveling, and I’ll never expose you when we’re back to report the mission. What say you?
Hika: Master, if I can’t bring you with me then it will be my failure. I will not force you. I shall now head back to accept my punishment.
Royce: Stop right there! You accompany me to the Designer’s Tea Party, and then I’ll consider going back with you.
Royce: Don’t take things so hard and return to suffering alone.
(At the other side of the school)
Yoko: Kaze! Kaze’s here! Oh, my maiden’s heart is bumping!
Momo: I’ll give anyone who pulls this lunatic away one free bowl of my grilled fish.
Yoko: Don’t you see how cool Kaze has dressed today? Fatty cat!
Kaze: Hi! How are you guys? It’s nice to see you again. Eh… Why are they fighting?
Nikki: Hi! Hahaha that’s just their way of expressing affection towards each other.
Yoko: No way!
Kaze: Ha! I came to this school today to help recruit new members for the band. But i don’t think it’s been very efficient so far.
Nikki: How about you try wearing some punk clothes? That should attract more attention.

Stage 3.3 Prime Minister’s Secretary
Nikki: So this is the academy of design’s artwork gallery! It’s such a splendid building!
Yoko: All the classical works in the Designer’s Tea party will be exhibited here.
Momo: That Royce guy also said something about the Designer’s Tea Party. He advised Nikki to take part in it.
Nikki: Want to go to Wintermount after the show ends? Maybe we will be on time for the party!
Yoko: You in the front! Wait!
Secretary Suit Lady (Yasu): What… what’s the matter?
Yoko: Don’t be so nervous…
Yoko: I just think your suit is so distinguished, and seems to be high quality and tailor made!
Secretary Suit Lady: Of course, this is the Prime Minis– No, nothing.
Nikki: Prince Minister? You are the Prime Minister’s secretary??
Secretary Suit Lady: I didn’t say anything. I’m leaving!
Yoko: It’s rare to see such distinguished formal wear. Could you please complete with Nikki? Ok it’s settled!
Yoko: Oh by the way, what’s your name?
Secretary Suit Lady: My name is Yasu, I’m a government employee of the Lilith Kingdom…
Yoko: What a coincidence! Nice to meet you. Let’s be friends!

Prime Minister (Henry): You kept me waiting that long just for a production report?
Yasu: Sir, so… sorry! I was dragged into a competition by a student I met on the way, so…
Prime Minister: Did you win?
Yasu: ….Sorry, I …
Prime Minister: If one does not have power he will be eliminated. Remember this and accompany me now to the conference.

Stage 3.4 Manga Artist Aiko (1)
Momo: This is what you call a design gallery! These clothes look like they’re worth tons of grilled fish!
Yoko: Nikki, work hard and try to showcase your skills at the Designer’s Tea Party!
Manga Artist (Aiko): You’re a designer?!
Nikki: I’m Nikki!!
Momo: Nikki, I can’t even bring myself to tease you anymore…
Yoko: She’s a great stylist!
Manga Artist: I see. Nice to meet you, I’m Aiko and I’m a manga artist.
Aiko: My new manga is about the love story between a fashion designer and a stylist, so I came here for inspiration.
Nikki: Sorry for acting like that just then. How can I help you?
Aiko: How about you show me your talent so I can experience the unique charm of a fashionable stylist!
Momo: Let’s use the theme fresh and natural mori girl!

Stage 3.S1 Who is like Sissi?!
Nikki: Momo, what are you sighing for?
Momo: Sigh, there’s nothing for Momo to wear in these fitting rooms. No one thinks about animals!
Nikki: It’s okay, Momo. I’ll ask mom to make kitten clothes for you after we get back home.
Momo: Meow…*blush*
Yoko: Nikki! Such a beautiful dress! It’s like the court dress of our queen in Lilith!
Nikki: Wow! It’s so gorgeous! It looks just like Princess Sissi’s dress!
Yoko: Who’s Princess Sissi?… Never mind, let’s try it on! Court dresses with such edgy and embellished designs are rare!

Stage 3.S2 Wedding Dress Design
Yoko: This entire exhibition is for wedding dress designs; they’re so beautiful! What kind of person could design such a celestial wedding dress?
Nikki: This introduction plate reads ‘Henry’s school year designs’. Henry must be a great designer!
Yoko: It’s the prime minister of the Lilith Kingdom! I only knew that he’s a legend in the Miraland, but I had no idea that he was capable of such exquisite designs.
Momo: He’s a legend?
Yoko: Yeah! The Prime Minister is from the North Kingdom, a nation far to the north. Its people are warlike and they worship their military. The north kingdom is the ‘kingdom of storm and fire’. Totally different from the Lilith kingdom of our fairy tales. It is said that Henry lived a poor life as a teenager, but impressed everyone at the Designer’s Tea Party and became one of Queen Nanari’s designers.
Nikki: That sounds legendary!
Yoko: Yup! Though he’s from the North, he’s also the pride of the people of Lilith. But his works are rarely seen because he only serves the queen nowadays. Seeing his work has been an absolute honor. Nikki, let’s compete at wedding dresses!

Stage 3.5 Sport Girl Aron (3)
Henry: Why are you still upset?
Yasu: I was a disgrace to you…
Henry: So that’s why you’ve been frowning the whole trip. Are you trying to make everyone at the meeting I was bullying you?
Yasu: No… not that… You’ve always looked after me and never once bullied me.
Henry: Maybe I’ll try it next time. Now hurry, pack up the files and come back with me.
(At the other side of the playground)
Nikki: I learned so much during this visit. The seniors have taught me a lot!
Yoko: Hey, you think that girl at the playground looks like Aron?
Momo: Looks like Aron? That IS Aron!
Aron: Are you calling me?!
Nikki: Are you having your PE class right now?
Aron: We’re about to have a test. I’m practicing my running.
Aron: Since you’re here, Nikki can you please help me with the style of my track suit? In our school what we wear for PE class will also be graded!
Momo: This is the most shocking news I’ve heard in awhile!

Stage 3.6 Toto, Girl in Love (3)
Hika: Master, is your study tour just about taking baths in hot springs?
Royce: A stuffy person like you will never understand; only comfortable and pleasing enjoyment can trigger my boundless inspiration…
Hika: Master, so where should we go next to trigger your inspiration?
Royce: Eh… Obviously some place to showcase my masterpieces; the Designer’s Tea Party in Wintermount!
(At the other side of the hot spring)
Momo: Ahhhh… This is so good! Best choice Yoko has ever made!
Yoko: After a long day of walking around, a bath in the hot spring feels like heaven!
Nikki: I feel like my body is going to float!
Momo: Please, no more challengers…
Toto: Nikki!! Momo!! Yoko!!
Momo: Please leave me alone…
Nikki: Hi Toto! Are you here to enjoy the hot spring as well?
Toto: Yep yep! Today I’m having a date here with an Aquarius painter.
Toto: But he’s not here yet. Nikki please help me design a set of pretty bathrobes!
Yoko: Awesome…
Momo: Wear a towel or a bathrobe!

Stage 3.7 Lisa is Sick?!
Yoko: It’s surprising that neither of you slept in. Let’s ask the manager for VIP seats!
Nikki: Huh? I’ve been looking for ages, yet I don’t see manager Lisa anywhere.
Nikki: It’s the first public show of the new play. You’d think that she wouldn’t be absent for this!
Momo: The director next door said that Manager Lisa fell sick, because she was so tired preparing for some big shot, who is coming to watch the performance.
Nikki: Lisa is sick?!
Yoko: Do you know who this big shot is?
Momo: Meow! Of course I know; it’s the Prime Minister Henry you were talking about. Manager Lisa is taking his visit very seriously!
Audience: I came in early and I happen to have some spare time for competition. So I’ll choose you guys as my opponents!
Momo: Where did she come from? Freaked me out!
Nikki: Are you coming to see the play too? What are we competing over?
Audience: Well obviously formal dresses for viewers of the show! In accordance with the elegant and fancy style of the Candy Witch and the Star Sea!

Nikki: Thank god Sofia avoided it in time!
Yoko: I think someone did it on purpose.
Momo: Let’s think about what to do next.
Yoko and Nikki nod.

Stage 3.8 The Phantom Thief
Yoko: It’s horrible! How could such an accident happen during the show!
Momo: It was so cruel!
Momo: Someone altered the mechanism to make it fall down. Luckily it didn’t hit Goddess Sofia!
Nikki: The director said some bad guy stole the ‘Star Sea’ and they’re looking for him.
Nikki: But now it’s total chaos in here. Everyone is looking for the exit. It’s easy for the culprit to escape.
Yoko: Let’s get back to the machinery room. That’s the entrance we used to sneak in. Maybe the Phantom Thief will try to escape from there!
Momo: I caught the Phantom Thief! Come quick!
Innocent Passerby: What are you doing?! I’m just an innocent passerby, okay?
Nikki: Momo, she isn’t a thief. The parcel in her hand is filled with signed pictures of actors.

Stage 3.9 The One Who Stole the ‘Star Sea’ Is?
Momo: Got you this time! You’re caught! Surrender!
Lisa: Didn’t expect you would come through the secret path in the machinery room. My mistake.
Yoko: Manager Lisa!! YOU’RE the Phantom Thief!?
Nikki: So when we snuck in here the first time, you were messing up the mechanism in the machinery room?
Lisa: You are so smart, Nikki.
Lisa: To accomplish the task, I planned the accident during the first show long in advance, and my sick leave today was also just an excuse so I could carry out this plot.
Lisa: Sigh, this time I failed my lord.
Nikki: Someone ordered you to do this?
Nikki: The Minister’s guards are already waiting at the door. Aren’t you going to tell us who this person is?
Lisa: Someday you will understand all of this.
Lisa: But now, Nikki, I wish to compete with you one last time. So let’s battle with today’s Thief attire.

Stage 3.10 Manga Artist Aiko (2)
Yasu: Prime Minister, it’s too dangerous here, please leave as soon as possible!
Henry: What are you worrying about? My guards are here. You think I’m unable to protect you?
Yasu: … Ah… No, that’s not what I meant…
Henry: Follow me. Don’t get pushed away by the crowd.
(At the other end of the theater)
Director: Nikki, could you please help the workers evacuate the audience?
Director: It’s too chaotic here, we need enough people to lead such a large crowd outside.
Nikki: Okay sure!
Aiko: Hey! So we meet again. I didn’t expect you guys to work at the theatre.
Yoko: Aiko, are you here to gather materials as well?
Aiko: Yeah but it’s a shame there was an accident during the show.
Aiko: Wait, wherever Nikki is, there will always be inspiration!
Momo: Nikki, I think she considers you her heroine stylist.
Aiko: Nikki, give me one of your cute animal outfits. A heroine needs to play cute sometimes as well!

Stage 3.11 Star Sea
Sofia: Nikki, Momo, Yoko. I truly thank you for your help. Otherwise the ‘Star Sea’ would have been stolen.
Momo: Just repay us by treating us to a feast of grilled fish!
Yoko: I’m sorry, please ignore him!
Yoko: Can I get any signed photos from the hero?!
Nikki: Can we get to see the ‘Star Sea’? Due to the accident, we didn’t get a chance to see you in it!
Momo: I’m with Nikki! That dress has been a recurring theme for 2 chapters. It’s even more priceless than grilled fish!
Sofia: Of course you can. But i also want to see if Nikki’s recent effort has paid off.
Yoko: Nikki is super hard-working! We trained so much at the design school my legs hurt!
Sofia: Haha, no point talking about it. Facts speak louder than words. Nikki, you’d better beat the ‘Star Sea’ to prove yourself!
Nikki: Beat the ‘Star Sea’?
Momo: Is that even possible?!
Sofia: To be able to make progress towards your goal is a fortunate thing.
Sofia: So what’s my goal? How long can an heir of the Phantom Thief family be dancing on the stage? …

Stage 3.12 To Wintermount
Yoko: Nikki actually beat the ‘Star Sea’! You are an amazing stylist!
Nikki: I didn’t know I could do it. Thank you for your support! Where are we going next?
Momo: Nikki you forgot already?! We are going to the Designer Drinking Party!!
Yoko: Momo you silly cat! It’s the Designer’s Tea Party! You might as well call it the Designer’s Dine and Wine Disco club!
Nikki: Hahaha Momo must be hungry. It’s getting later. Let’s eat lunch before leaving for Wintermount.
Momo: Yes please! Lunch first! Tea later!
Momo: But you’d better put on some warm evening walking attire. Otherwise you’ll catch a cold.

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