Chapter 4

The Tea Party

Chapter 4

The Tea Party

Stage 4.1 Rainy Seashore City
Nikki: It’s been a long time since I saw the sea. The breeze here feels so nice!
Yoko: Yeah, this is Wintermount, the second largest city in the Lilith Kingdom. As a cozy coastal city, it’s trade and tourism industries are quite advanced. Every year talented young designers gather at the Hillside Square to compete and meet each other!
Momo: I know, I know. Your idol that Harry guy started his business from here.
Yoko: It’s Henry the Prime Minister!! And he didn’t start his own business but rather he showcased his true talent!
Passerby Girl [Orange]: Has anybody told you that you are a little too… noisy?
Nikki: We’re so sorry. It’s our first time in Wintermount and we are a little excited. Please forgive us.
Passerby Girl [Orange]: Ah, newcomers. My name is Orange. You can talk to me if you need any help during your time in Wintermount.
Orange: Maybe you don’t know yet, but it’s currently monsoon season in Wintermount. I suggest you put on clothes suitable for rainy days, which won’t get wet easily.
Nikki: Yeah! Thank you so much!

Stage 4.2 Temptation of Swimsuit (1)
Momo: Let me go! I’m not going anywhere near the water!
Nikki: Momo, we hardly ever pass by the beach. It would be a pity if you don’t try the water slide! I’ll go get the closet keys first. You guys wait here!
Yoko: Don’t be afraid! It’s no big deal; we can put a life vest around your waist. Don’t worry, you won’t slip off the buoy!
Momo: Well, you don’t need a life vest. You already look like one!
Yoko: How can you say that to a cute girl like me!
Momo: I’m… gonna throw up…
Nikki: I’ve got the keys! Yoko, let’s change into our swimming suits!
Momo: Yoko, don’t forget. It’s “cute” girl!

Stage 4.3 Temptation of Swimsuit (2)
Nikki: What do you think, Momo? Isn’t it fun? Momo!?
Yoko: Momo!!
Momo: Are you trying to scare me to death?!!
Yoko: You’re not answering us. What are you staring at?
Momo: Humph! Not you! That’s for sure!
Nikki: I know! Yoko, look; it must be that lady sitting beside the swimming pool!
Mature Lady [Mira]: Such a cute kitty! Is this your pet?
Momo: She’s in good shape… and what a pretty bikini..
Nikki: Yeah, it’s our best friend!
Mature lady [Mira]: Adorable. I’m Mira, a model working here. Didn’t expect to meet up two cute girls while I was swimming.
Nikki: Hi Mira! It’s great to meet you too!
Yoko: Nikki, you should try on a sassy swimming suit! You’ll look great.

Stage 4.4 Toto, Girl in Love! (4)
Yoko: You’ll have to cross this path to get to the Tea Party. Go through this rose garden and we’ll get to the Hillside Square.
Nikki: I’ve never seen such a huge rose garden, it’s so romantic!
Momo: The introduction plate says that it was built in honor of Prime Minister Henry’s accomplishments. Because when the Prime Minister was young, his final formal dress of roses won him the first prize and fame.
Yoko: Nikki, you also possess such unique and extraordinary skills! Try your best in this event!
Toto: Excuse me, is this the rose gar—- Nikki! Yoko! Momo!
Momo: Let me guess, you switched to another zodiac sign today?
Toto: Momo you’re too smart for my questions! This time, it’s the Leo CEO I met yesterday at the wine party. Nikki, do you think I should be dressed plain and fresh?
Nikki: Well… I think it’s better to work with the aura of the garden. Adding some tiny floral patterns would be good too!

Stage 4.5 Rose Garden
Yasu: So this is where where the Prime Minister made his debut! It’s so beautiful here!
Henry: Are you interested in me?
Yasu: I’m… only curious…. I think the Prime Minister is great!
Henry: There will be plenty of time for you to find out about me in the future. But for now, accompany me to the preparatory meeting for this contest.
(The other side of rose garden)
Momo: Toto is a real winner at life… that boy, he is totally a carbon copy of Christian Gray!
Nikki: Watching these little lovebirds strolling in the rose garden, how sweet…
Momo: The emphasis being when we meet Toto next time, she might have another stud…
Nikki: We should wish her well. That could have between her Mr. Right this time!
Yoko: I think we should think about our own Mr. Rights first! We should hang around in the rose garden. Who knows, maybe we’ll meet some handsome guys here!
Nikki: That’s true! The sun is a bit strong after midday. We’d better dress ourselves in thin and sunproof clothing.
Orange: Wait a minute, let us compete another around. I’ve got my sun hat. No way will I lose to you again!

Stage 4.S1 Kids’ Pastry Cook
Momo: There’s a kindergarten spring outing today. The snacks those kids are eating look so good!
Yoko: Momo you’re pathetic! You plan to grab the children’s food? Obviously, the teachers’ desserts are better!
Nikki: Can we join their party too? Baking sounds fun!
Kindergarten Teacher: I’m their teacher Azami. You’re free to join us and play with the kids. Come try it out!
Nikki: Ah! Thank you, Ms. Azami! How can we help?
Teacher Azami: Next we will be baking cupcakes. You can change into a cute pastry chef costume and we will be good to go!
Momo: Quick! Get changed, Nikki! Remember to bake me a grilled fishcake!
Yoko: Momo’s taste in food is…ewww!

Stage 4.S2 I want Pizza!
Yoko: How long will it take to finish baking? I’m starving!
Momo: Look! Yummy Pizza Two for One! Delivery within 10 mins! I want it! I want it!
Nikki: Momo, where did you get that restaurant leaflet?
Momo: Doesn’t matter! Let’s order takeout now! Later, we can eat grilled fish pizza with cake. Ah, that would be the life!
Yoko: I agree with Momo!
(Ten minutes later)
Nikki: Momo, Yoko, come on! The pizzas here! –Hi, hello. This is payment for the grilled fish pizzas.
Pizzagirl Charbes: Good, but you have to compete with my styling before you can have the other pizza!
Momo: What?! We’re starving here! And why is a pizza delivery person challenging us to a contest?! I wanna file a complaint!
Pizzagirl Charbes: Sorry, look at the small print here. You have to defeat the delivery man in a styling contest to enjoy the promotion!
Yoko: Nikki, our pizza is counting on you! Do not forget the western restaurant standard apron!

Stage 4.S3 Kindergarten Teacher
Nikki: That was delicious. I have no more regrets in life!
Momo: Ahhh… I just wanna stay here and eat cake and grilled fish pizza forever!
Yoko: That won’t be possible; we still have to go to the Designer’s Tea Party and witness Nikki becoming the greatest stylist in the whole world!
Nikki: I…I don’t know if I can do it…
Yoko: Don’t doubt yourself! You said it was the queen of Lilith that brought you here. It means that you are the chosen stylist and your destiny is to rebuild Miraland. Free the land from torture by Queen Elle and the Iron Rose stylists!
Momo: Come on, don’t be so serious. If that’s true then I’d be the Chosen One, King of the animals.
Teacher Azami: Was that you who defeated the pizza girl just now?
Nikki: Ah…yes, that’s me!
Teacher Azami: I rarely see people who can get the second pizza! Would you like to compete with me again? I was just thinking about how to improve my styling skills! The simple and lively kindergarten teacher style should be okay with you, right? And, don’t forget the apron. Your clothes are sure to get dirty when cleaning up the kids’ stuff.

Stage 4.6 Office Lady Vivi (2)
Vivi: Nikki, do you remember me?
Nikki: Vivi! You came to Wintermount too? How was your interview?
Momo: Did I lose my memory? ….
Yoko Why are you pretending? Last time you harassed her in Wheat Field! Don’t you remember?
Momo: How could I possibly harass someone else?? I was helping Lunar catch the thief!
Yoko: Oh…. so you do remember ha ha ha!
Vivi: I think the last job didn’t suit me well, so I came here to apply for a modeling job the Designer’s Tea Party.
Nikki: Yeah, modeling is good. It’s not that easy to find a suitable job after graduating.
Vivi: Yes! So I need your assistance! I ought to dress myself up as a mature model. Just a bit of natural elegance would be great. Please help me, Nikki!

Stage 4.7 Meet Lunar Again
Momo: Are we leaving for Hillside Square now?
Yoko: Yes, there should be lots of prominent young designers coming to Wintermount. We cannot miss a grand event like this!
Nikki: Look over there. Is that Lunar in Han Chinese Clothing?
Momo: It really is the silhouette of a goddess!
Yoko: Lunar!!!
Lunar: Ah, Yoko, Nikki, and Momo! It’s really nice to meet you! Well, didn’t you go to Cicia?
Nikki: Yes, we went to the Theater and visited the Design School. Now we are attending the Designer’s Tea Party!
Yoko: What about you, Lunar? Coming to join the contest too?
Lunar: I am here to present my new design. Nikki, can you help me compare ti to the design of the Pigeon Kingdom dress?
Nikki: Of course! But what is the style of the Pigeon Kingdom?
Momo: I know this one! Must be part of the land under the control of Iron-and-blood Queen Elle. The Pigeon Kingdom is similar to Europe during the Renaissance. People around here excel at sophisticated fantasy style. It’s a fantasy kingdom where elves, dwarves, humans, and goblins live in harmony. Nikki, you can start from elegant and gorgeous classic style.

Stage 4.8 White Angel
Hika: Master, I suggest you reconsider; I may not be a proper choice.
Royce: Listen, Hika, with you right beside me how could I have any chance to flirt with pretty women and ask them to be my model? These are problems caused by you, so you are obligated to fix them!
Hika: So you want me to model all your designs?
Royce: Of course! But not those are overly sexy…
(The other side of rose garden)
Yoko: Lunar’s model and design are great, but Nikki’s are better!
Nikki: I love Lunar’s design; you should try your best in the Tea Party!
Momo: How about we team up? Lunar for the design, Nikki for the styling, it’s perfect!
Lunar: That’s a good idea!
Yoko: I love working as a team! Watch us outperform everyone at Hillside Square, ha ha!
Momo: Grilled Fish Team assemble!
Lunar: Nikki, I have another design, it’s a medical team nurse uniform. I invited a local Wintermount girl named Orange to be my model. Compete with her to see what I can do about the design.
Nikki: Sure! Hey Orange, we meet again!

Stage 4.9 Hanfu Goddess Lunar
Lunar: I have to admit, every time I see Nikki styling, I have this urge to come up with a better design. Nikki, can always show the best of clothes.
Yoko: I get so pumped every time the results of Nikki’s dress up battles are released!
Momo: Nikki, are you beginning to fall in love with this world like I am?
Nikki: Yeah! We’ve met a lot of nice people around here! Besides Yoko and Lunar, there was also toto, Timi, Lisa, Viva, Sofia, and Aiko… they triggered my passion for styling and design. Though I still don’t understand why the Lilith Queen summoned me, I really want to spend more time here!
Yoko: Lunar, the last two times it was your model who wore your designs. How about you try it on yourself this time? Compete with Nikki with your ultimate work!
Momo: I know, I know! Choose the beautiful celestial Han outfit as the theme. Lunar and Nikki look best in Han outfits!
Lunar: Sure I’ve improved the one that I made in Wheat Field. I’ll try it on again.

Stage 4.10 The Cloud Couple
Nikki: Lunar, let us help; we can decorate the booth together!
Lunar: Sure. Thanks, guys! Um, Nikki, did your twin sister come here too?
Nikki: What?! I have no twin sister. Why do you ask that?
Lunar: Look at the neighboring booth. That lady near the scholar looks a lot like you.
Yoko: Let me see… WOW! Isn’t that just Nikki with short hair?
Momo: So similar! Nikki, since when do you have such a classy twin sister?
Haru: Hey guys. You’ve been looking at me for awhile. May I ask if you want to compete with our designer?
Nikki: Hey, I’m Nikki. You… do you think we look a bit similar?
Haru: You do look like me with long hair. Ha ha… glad to meet you. I’m Haru from the Cloud Empire. This must be fate.
Saki: Haru, why did you come to this booth?
Haru: Saki! They are both from our neighboring booth. We can take this opportunity to compete with them! Nikki, shall we?
Nikki: Sure! Let’s use your young girl outfit as the theme.

Stage 4.11 Design + Style = Couples
Haru: Nikki, you are really awesome! I get the feeling that the designs I made recently are not that good…
Lunar: Greetings. I’m Lunar, a designer from the Cloud Empire. Are you a designer too?
Haru: I’m just here to show my boyfriend’s designs. He is the best designer I’ve ever seen.
Saki: We came to Wintermount to collect bride money for Haru. I’m not rich now, but I will be one day. I cannot allow Haru to live in poverty with me, and I have to make her father accept our marriage.
Yoko: How touching! I can’t hold back my tears!
Nikki: Bless you two! You’re going to be very happy.
Momo: Oh great, not this lovey dovey nonsense again! Are you trying to flood Hillside Square with your tears?
Saki: I brought lots of designs this time. Any interest in a bit of competition?
Lunar: Just what I wished for. Nikki is my stylist. You choose the theme.
Haru: So take the dinner dress Saki design for me as the theme. I like the fresh and simple style!

Stage 4.12 Misunderstanding
Saki: Haru, can you bring some desserts back to the market? Let’s treat our new friends!
Haru: Okay! I was just thinking about having some donuts. I’ll be back soon. Wait for me!
Yoko: Wow, she is such a runner!
Lunar: There must be a reason for you to ask Haru to leave… who’s this bunny girl?
Saki: Honestly, this is my design costume. But I was worried that Haru would not like this kind of gaudy pattern, so I found a reason to make her leave for a bit and let Mira try it on.
Nikki: But is this a wise thing to do? Yes, you are considerate, but I think it’s important for you two to trust each other.
Lunar: Let’s just have the competition first. Nikki, do you remember that woman Mela you defeated before? The bunny girl suit is just another way of being sassy and cute.
Momo: So they’re going to start competing just like that? Was it only me who saw Haru running away in tears after coming back for money? …

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