Chapter 7

Celestial Pavilion

Chapter 7

Celestial Pavilion

Stage 7.1 Autumn’s Dream
Yoko: It’s so wonderful! Is this a town of the Cloud Empire? Completely different from the Lilith style!
Nikki: Feels like we’ve traveled back to the ancient times. We should take a photo shot here.
Momo: Don’t you think our priority should be finding a restaurant? I’m starving!
Nikki: Ok! Let’s ask around for the nearest inn~ Ah~ Isn’t that Autumn who we met at the ancient pavilion!?
Autumn: Nikki, what a coincidence, we meet again.
Nikki: Greetings, Autumn~ what’re you doing here?
Autumn: When Higo left with Winter, we three decided to step out of the Ancient Pavilion and travel around. We’ve been living there for too long and barely remember anything about the outside world.
Momo: Meow! Big sister Autumn, could you please tell us where is the nearest place where we can grab a bite?
Autumn: This is the Long Street at the foot of Mount Mang. You can find an inn at the end of it called the Celestial Pavilion. The landlady is hospitable. You can rest there. Well, we should take this opportunity to have a competition, Nikki.
Nikki: yeah! No problem!
Autumn: I haven’t worn ready-to-wear clothes of the Apple Federation for a long time. Although robes are very beautiful, I would like to try another elegant and mature style…

Stage 7.2 Mill’s Heir Lunar
Momo: It seems that we are still far from Moon Inn. Long Street really is as long as it’s name.
Lunar: Because this is the nearest station to Moonlit City. Once we get out of Long Street, you need go a long way through the wasteland to reach Moonlit City.
Momo: Lunar!
Yoko: Oh gosh! Lunar, what are you doing here!!!!
Lunar: Here’s a Cloud Mill branch opened by my mum on the Long Street. I came here to collect the spice of the Cloud Calico fabric. Great to meet you here. What a pleasant surprise~
Nikki: Wow! I heard that the Cloud Calico fabric is a unique fabric in the Cloud Empire. I didn’t expect that it’s from the Cloud Mill opened by Lunar’s family!
Lunar: It’s all thanks to my mum’s secret scroll on dyes. How about you follow me into the shop first? I will make some snacks for you.
Momo: Lunar, you are so amazing!! Only you know how Momo is feeling right now!!
Lunar: Eh, but you have to work for your meal. Whether Momo gets to eat a good meal depends on Nikki~
Yoko: I’m starving! Nikki, come on!
Lunar: White fairy, elegance beyond world, pure like snow, falling for love.
Textile Store Servant: Milady! Milady! Something is wrong! Someone put yeast into the spice for this batch of cloth and they’ve gone bad!
Lunar: What! Does my mother know?
Textile: She asks that you make haste for Moonlit City. She said that it must have been the actions of an evil person.
Lunar: Ok! Nikki, I have to go. I hope to see you in Moonlit City!
Nikki: I hope everything goes well and they find out who was behind the malicious act!
Momo: Those bad guys must pay for their actions!

Stage 7.3 Modern Dancer Sofia
Sofia: Nikki, Momo, Yoko!
Momo: Oh my god, this is my lucky day! Pretty girls keep appearing!
Nikki: Sofia! It’s been a while. What’re you doing in the Cloud Empire?
Sofia: For two precious treasures! …. Eh, so why are you here? What’s your story?
Yoko: Nikki was planning to travel and train in the Miraland to become a better stylist, so we came to the Cloud Empire after attending the Designer’s Tea Party.
Nikki: Sofia, what are the precious treasures you are referring to?
Sofia: Well, it’s not big deal to let you know. The Star Seer says that two rare treasures of the Cloud Empire will appear here in a few days time. I came here for those treasures.
Yoko: Huh? Sofia, aren’t you a dancer? Why do you want to find the treasures?
Soffia: Well… it is because that I will be performing modern dance in an upcoming show. I want to find inspiration in the Cloud Empire under the pretext of searching for the treasures. Nikki, try on a simple and cool modern dancing dress.

Stage 7.4 Landlady of Celestial
Momo: I! Am! So! Tired! I’m starving!
Yoko: God, we have finally reached the Celestial Pavilion. Let’s go get something to eat!
Nikki: Great home cooked food! I’m stuffed~
Landlady [Lucy]: Look at the way you dress. I’m guessing you aren’t guests of Cloud Empire~
Momo: I love this chapter. There’s a beauty that awaits me on every stage!
Yoko: Yes, we are from the Lilith Kingdom. Are you the landlady of the Celestial Pavilion?
Landlady [Lucy]: Yes, I’m Lucy, the manager of the Celestial Pavilion. I don’t think I’ve seen you before. What’re you doing here?
Nikki: Hi, I’m Nikki and they are Yoko and Momo. They’re traveling with me around Miraland so that I can become a great stylist.
Lucy: Ha~ I haven’t met a girl as lovely as you for a long time! Nobody has talked about designing with me for many years now. It’s gotten quite boring.
Momo: It seems this manager is more than just about the looks…
Lucy: Well, young Nikki, if you can beat me, an aging lady, I will promise you one condition.
Nikki: Um…
Lucy: Don’t say “No” to me, let’s have a try!

Stage 7.S1 Office Lady Vivi
Momo: The landlady is so nice! She gave us some tickets to attend the Cruise Party! There must be bowls of grilled fish waiting for me there, ohohohoho!
Yoko: Momo, it’s a cruise festival on the Celestial Lake. Not a buffet dinner!
Nikki: Excuse me, is this the boarding entrance?… Vivi!
Vivi: Hi, all! I wasn’t expecting to meet you guys here in the Cloud Empire!
Momo: That should be my line…So the authors just make the side characters appear whenever they like?
Yoko: Huh? You should be working as a stylist model at Wintermount. Why are you here?
Vivi: This is my work! You didn’t know? You will need a ticket to board the ship. If you can beat me, you can go aboard.
Momo: I know how things go around here in Miraland. But, such a requirement still sounds a bit weird…
Nikki: Sounds fun! So what’s the styling theme?
Vivi: It should be no trouble for you. It is elegant and mature banquet dress.

Stage 7.S2 Toto, Girl in Love (6)
Momo: Thanks to Nikki, we have grilled fish and roasted duck here! Perfect!
Nikki: The roasted duck in Cloud Empire is so good. I hope I can live here forever!
Toto: Agreed! *Nom nom nom*
Nikki: Ah! Toto! You were watching flowers with your boyfriend in the Flower Field right? You guys came to the ship as well?
Momo: Nikki, such questions aren’t necessary anymore. We should just get to the chase.
Yoko: So what’s the zodiac sign of your new boyfriend?
Momo: So Yoko can be smart after all…Ouch! Why are you hitting me? It was a compliment!
Toto: It’s a libra designer this time. He is very talented. You won’t be able to imagine how beautiful the clothes he designed for me are!
Yoko: It’s so unfair…Toto has changed boyfriends six times already, yet I’m still single, all the way to chapter 7.
Momo: You said exactly the same thing back at Chapter 6 when we were in the Flower Field.
Toto: Nikki, I can’t wait to change into new clothes and compete with you! It’s a humble but graceful style!

Stage 7.S3 Meet the Prime Minister
Nikki: Wow! Isn’t that Yasu over there? The man beside her is the legendary Henry, right?!
Yoko: Where, where is my Prime Minister?
Momo: Can you stop drooling in public? Standing next to you is so embarrassing!
Yasu: Nikki! Hello, it’s good to meet you here! Let me do the introductions. Prime minister, this is Nikki, Yoko and Momo. This is the Prime Minister of the Lilith Kingdom.
Henry: Is this the girl who defeated you last time?
Yasu: Um…Yeah, Nikki is a great stylist!
Henry: Nikki, I have heard from Kimi that you chose Cloud Empire as the first place to train yourself, right?
Nikki: Ah, Mr Minister knows Kimi too!! Yes, that’s right! She suggested that I should start at the Cloud Empire and become a great stylist step by step!
Momo: This girl here gets overexcited whenever someone mentions lady Kimi…
Henry: I believe you can surely learn a lot very soon. We have just met a guest from the Apple Federation. If Moonlit City is your next stop, you will be seeing him there. Then you will understand more.
Nikki: The Apple Federation. A guest?
Yasu: A very gentleman-like soldier, easy to spot!
Henry: Since you are interested, why not[r(sic) compete with Nikki over North Kingdom camouflage Style?
Yasu: Prime Minister…I…

Stage 7.S4 Bookish Girl Timi (4)
Nikki: Why would an officer from the Apple Federation go to Moonlit City? Is there something going on there?
Yoko: Alright, Nikki. Don’t think about nonexistent problems. We are on the ship now; Enjoy ourselves and just take it as an attempt at preserving stamina! Look, Momo has probably ‘accumulated’ what is enough for a whole year.
Momo: You ate no less than me!!!
Timi: *Giggle* Seems like you two are as close as ever!
Nikki: Timi! I missed you so much!
Yoko: How did your love confession go? How are you getting along with your senior?!
Timi: I missed you guys too~ In fact before I confessed to him, I found a letter in my bag which was from him…
Momo: Wohoo! So it wasn’t one-sided after all!
Nikki: Great! Congratulations! So you are here on a date?!
Timi: Yes, I have prepared a dress made out of Cloud Calico. Nikki, could you help me to dress up?
Nikki: Of course!

Stage 7.S5 Sport Girl Aron (5)
Aron: Hi! Why are you guys all laughing?
Nikki: Aron! Ahaha, nothing. We just received some good news from our friend, and we are happy for her!
Aron: Then I think you will be happy for me too!
Yoko: What? Is Aron having a boyfriend too? The world is so cruel.
Aron: I am about to attend the Miraland Boat Race held in the Cloud Kingdom. You can congratulate me on becoming the champion in advance!
Momo: Of course, Aron. You will definitely be the champion!!
Nikki: Good luck! You can do it!
Aron: Ha, thank you everyone! I have been training these days, so I want to change into sun-proof sportswear. Could you help me, Nikki?
Nikki: Yes, of course!

Stage 7.5 Meet Haru Again
Lucy: You really have great potential. If I could be ten years younger, I would compete with you everyday and keep losing! Ahahahaha!
Nikki: I’m flattered, Lady Lucy, you are really awesome too!
Haru: Nikki! You– you, why are you here!?
Momo: Oh dear! Short-haired Nikki! Haven’t you eloped with Saki? Why are you back in the Cloud Empire?
Haru: Don’t stand in the hallway. Let’s talk inside the room!
(inside the room)
Saki: It’s been awhile. Last time Haru and me separated from you guys at the tea party, we tried heading north. But the further north we went, the worse Haru’s condition would get. MAybe she just can’t bear the freezing weather. Finally we decided to get back to the Cloud. It’s our hometown so would return eventually anyway, sooner or later.
Yoko: So you don’t need to hide anymore?
Haru: There’s a saying that the most dangerous place is the safest place. Speaking of hiding, Nikki, why don’t you dress yourself in inconspicuous passer by clothes? I think I can still improve!

Stage 7.6 Quick Witted Nikki
Lucy: I know I shouldn’t interrupt your reunion, but I still need to remind you of something. My informer reported that a group of men from the Haru’s family is heading this way. I think you that’s information that you would want to know.
Haru: Oh dear! My father’s men are coming for me? Nonono, I need to calm down. My father wouldn’t hurt me.
Lucy: Are you sure it’s simple as that? Those men are armed to the teeth and have murderous looks on their faces. They seem to be after some precious treasure.
Nikki: Precious treasures? Wait, Sofia mentioned that two treasures from Cloud Empire have appeared on this Long Street these days. Haru, are you carrying treasures?
Haru: I have these clothes that my mother gave me, but she…. She told there is someone who is even more important than these clothes. So I don’t think the clothes are the “treasure.”
Saki: But nobody knew if the treasure refers to these clothes or not.
Nikki: Wait! I have an idea to stall them! Since I look like Haru, I can disguise as Haru to confuse them. Then you can take the chance to get away.
Lucy: It sounds great, but it’s not easy to imitate the characteristics of a girl from the Cloud Empire.
Momo: That’s not good! That’s not good! What should we do?
Lucy: I have a design of Ink Orchid here make the outfit quickly and wear it, this might help.

Stage 7.7 Precise Deception
Wintermount Waitress [Masked Concubine / Qiong]: My lady. You have to go with us. By the order of our master, every single one of your belongings must be taken as well!
Momo: Is… Is this the waitress who blocked us from entering the restaurant back at Wintermount?
Yoko: You are not a waitress, huh? You just stopped us from finding Haru on purpose!
Waitress [Masked Concubine / Qiong ]: I am the Cloud Empire masked concubine. If it weren’t for stalling you, I wouldn’t have dressed like that. I didn’t expect the Ghost Dancer to disobey the order and release you.
Nikki as Haru: I won’t go with you!
Masked Concubine [Qiong]: My lady, this is not your decision anymore. Please take all your belongings and go with us, or I will have to use force.
Nikki as Haru: Why can’t I decide for myself? Since you serve my father, why are you so rude to me?
Masked Concubine [Qiong]: I ONLY serve your father. You’re not only his daughter, but the target of my mission as well.
Nikk as Harui: You! … Ok I will go with you, but you have to compete with me first. If you win, I will take the hidden belongings with me.
Masked Concubine [Qiong]: I accept. But I will pick the theme. How about this Pigeon Kingdom formal wear?

Stage 7.8 Lucy, the Heroine
Man in Black [Masked Concubine / Qiong]: The lady’s worst style is in the Pigeon style. How can you win? Are you the real Haru?
Nikki: The real Haru has already gone. They should have left this nation by now.
Momo: Good job, Nikki! I’ve almost fallen for you in these two stages!
Man in Black: You’re the girl who beat the Ghost Dancer! I should’ve noticed earlier, you two look so similar… Wait. Since someone can pass off as the lady, then lady isn’t the “treasure?”
Yoko: Has she gone mad? Why is she talking to herself?
Man in Black: Since the real Haru is gone, I’ll take you back then!
Nikki: What– You– Are you insane?! I’m not your Lady Haru, just some irrelevant somebody!
Man in Black: With that face of yours, you’re not getting out of this.
Momo: Somebody help! Someone is kidnapping girls! Help!!!
Lucy: You have to get past me if you want to kidnap people at my hotel!
Nikki: Landlady Lucy!
Lucy: Nikki, dress up in something convenient for fighting. Just help me fend off one or two minions. Just see is at your training!
Yoko: I know it must be your super handsome heroine style. You look really cool, my lady! Nikki you can’t lose!

Stage 7.9 To Moonlit City
Momo: Nikki, the beautiful landlady didn’t even give you a chance to show off, she handled all of those bad guys…
Yoko: Really… strong…
Lucy: I’ve gotten too loosened up in the past few years. My moves, look sluggish.
Nikki: Landlady Lucy, you are really powerful! Were you once a heroine fighting off all kinds of villains?
Lucy: Ahaha, forget my past, you are the future star people are looking forward to seeing.
Nikki: Me? Future star?
Lucy: Little girl, there are many trials waiting for you ahead. If my information is correct, you should head to the Moonlit City to find your friends!
Nikki: Lunar! Thank you! I do have to rush to Moonlit City.
Yoko: Wait, Nikki! It’s cold walking at night, so put on something thick and warm!

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