Chapter 8

Mysterious Moonlit City

Chapter 8

Mysterious Moonlit City

Stage 8.1 Lively Passing By Girl

Momo: I… I can’t move!  I should have eaten more, so instead of walking I could roll around like a ball!

Yoko: I know it’s a long way from the Long Street to Moonlit City.  But your straightforwardness is… overwhelming.

Nikki: Momo, come on!  Look, the gate tower is right ahead of us. We are almost there!

Momo: Is that grilled fish hanging on the tower?

Passerby Girl: No!  Silly cat those are red lanterns, not grilled fish.

Nikki: Huh?  Hi… hey! Are you from Moonlit City?

Passerby Girl: Heehee, yes, I am!  Moonlit City is my home!

Momo: There seems to be something wrong with this girl…

Passerby Girl: Fat kitty, be careful, or I’l lock you up!

Yoko: Stop teasing Momo!

Passerby Girl: Hahaha, that was fun!

Nikki: Could you please tell us how we can get to the Textile Store in Moonlit City?  We need to go there to look for a friend.

Passerby Girl: The Textile Store!  Of course, I can tell you! But you need to defeat me first!

Momo: I knew it…

Passerby Girl: This fat cat is so funny! Lets dress ourselves in clothes with animals on it to see who is cuter!


Stage 8.2 Meet Mela Again

Momo: Did some robbery happen here?  How terrible…

Yoko: Oh dear!  What a mess, where is Lunar?  Lunar!

Nikki: The one should be a servant working in the textile store.  I will go ask him what’s going on.

Momo: What happened, Nikki?  What did he say?

Nikki: He said a couple of days ago the Moonlit City’s mayor sent someone to the textile store and took Lunar as well as all spices used to dye cloth. They couldn’t fight against the mayor’s guards.

Yoko: The mayor is a bandit! They robbed a store and kidnapped a lady in broad daylight!?

Nikki: We need to find a way to save Lunar!

Mela: What a coincidence, you nuisances are all here.

Nikki: Mela!  You, why did you bring so many people to Lunar’s textile store?

Mela: (whispers to minions: Go check if there are any spices left, and leave nothing behind.)  Ha! I can go anywhere I want in Miraland. I don’t have to answer your question.

Momo: How dare you! You evil woman!

Mela: Speaking of which, I lost last time you, little girl.  I still haven’t gotten over that. I want to compete with you again today.  If you don’t have a sexy bad woman outfit, you’d better surrender!


Stage 8.S1 Meet Lisa Again

Momo: Manager Lisa!! Shouldn’t you be in jail?!

Nikki: Huh? It’s really Lisa! Why are you in Moonlit city?!

Lisa: I knew you were in the Cloud Empire, but I didn’t expect I would actually meet you here in this small city.

Yoko: So you are free again? They released you?

Lisa: You curious kittens! Same as usual, just beat me once, and then I will tell you.

Momo: Okay! You pick the theme. Nikki is ready to compete with you!

Nikki: Momo…

Lisa: How about female fighter? We rarely get the chance to dress like this in public, ahaha!



Stage 8.S2 Pure Female Teacher

Lisa: Actually I am not the theatre’s manager. I was just working for the Litlith government from the start.

Yoko: Wohoo! A legendary agent?! Cool!

Momo: So lady Lisa is still single. That boyfriend must be a guest actor!

Nikki: Momo always has a weird perspective…

Lisa: The original aim was to investigate the mysterious phantom thief and protect the Star Sea, but the manager and the thief’s family had a negotiation and reached an agreement…

Yoko: But why were guards sent to catch the thief?

Lisa: It was just a distraction. Although we had started to cooperate in private, we still needed to catch someone to hide the truth.

Momo: So all these things were done to deceive a common enemy?

Nikki: Who is the common enemy of the Lilith Kingdom and the thief’s family?

Lisa: Yes, you guessed right. That’s why I dressed up as a thief. I was helping the real thief to escape. About the common enemy, you will know soon enough.

Yoko: Ouch, you are leaving us in the dark again!

Lisa: Oh come on, now let’s practice on a pure female teacher style. It’s for my next quest. Then it’ll be goodbye for us.


Stage 8.S3 Star Sea Styled Dress

Nikki: Lisa just left like that…

Momo: She said her next mission is to act as a pure female teacher. I would really want to be her student!

Yoko: Momo, you’re drooling on the floor!

Momo: None of your business! I’m not drooling for you anyway!

Yoko: You! That’s sick!

Nikki: Alright, alright, stop arguing!

Yoko: Nikki, I don’t care! I want to dress myself up. I want to wear a western dancing dress like the ‘Star Sea’! I am gonna leave this cat speechless!


Stage 8.3 Strange Mayor

Momo: How is it?  Have you heard of anything important yet?

Nikki: I’ve asked the inn’s landlord at the street corner and he told me the Mayor of Moonlit City used to be very hardworking and loved her people. She would send her guards to give away clothing materials or other supplies to the people.  Everybody loved and respected her.

Yoko: Yes!  The tofu shop owner said her favorite green glazed dress was made of the cloth the mayor gave her.

Nikki: But since the Iron Rose Stylist Legion came a couple of months ago, the mayor completely changed and had her guards plunder precious designs and clothes like crazy, making sure that even the jewels were taken away.

Momo: Why did the mayor take Lunar’s dyeing spice?

Yoko: Maybe it’s because Lunar’s family have the best Cloud Calico and the spice is a most important element to dye cloth.  In other words, it’s a very rare material!

Nikki: Now we need to find a way to sneak into the mayor’s mansion and save Lunar.  Dress up as a common Cloud Empire Maid first.  It will be easy to sneak in!


Stage 8.4 Officer Orlando

Nikki: Ouch! It hurts!

Handsome Officer (Orlando): My apologies, my lady!  Are you ok?

Nikki: Um… it’s ok! I’m sorry! I was in a bit of a rush, so I wasn’t paying attention just then… I am really sorry!

Momo: Huh?  Nikki, look! The guy in officer uniform, is it possible that he is the Apple Federation guest Henry was talking about?

Yoko: Ah! I remember it! Yasu mentioned that he is a very gentleman-like soldier and is easy to recognize!

Momo: Yup yup.  Prime Minister was very jealous about that!

Orlando: I am Orlando and I really am an officer of the Apple Federation.  Are you Prime Minister Henry’s friends?

Nikki: Yes, we are! Hello, I’m Nikki and they are Yoko and Momo. We are hurrying to save our friend.  Do you happen to know about the mayor of Moonlit City?

Orlando: Nikki, I think we have the same goal in some respects. But I need to get to know your ability first, then we will talk about what to do next.

Nikki: Great! AS long as you help us save Lunar!

Orlando: The theme is very simple, it’s the formal suit from the Apple Federation I am wearing now.


Stage 8.5 Possibility of Evil Plot

Orlando: Haha, now I remember.  Kimi mentioned that she met a genius stylist in Wintermount.  It’s you, right? That girl is pretty arrogant. It’s the first time I’ve heard her praising someone so highly.

Yoko: So Kimi and Orlando know each other! Makes sense, they are both from the Apple Federation!

Momo: Ooh, Nikki’s face is as read as a tomato!

Nikki: Momo! …Ah, by the way Orlando, you said you would discuss with us on how to save Lunar, so what should we do?

Orlando: Um, so this is what happened. A couple of months ago, the Pigeon Queen sent an Iron Rose Stylist Legion’s envoy to the Cloud’s Moonlit City, prompting suspicion in the Apple Federation and the Lilith Kingdom. As it turns out, the mayor went all cuckoo, but Queen Nanari has appointed Henry to handle political affairs, so he couldn’t stay in the Cloud Kingdom for long, which is why I am here to investigate this incident.

Nikki: So that’s it!  No wonder when we were at Celestial Lake, Henry said he would meet you on Moonlit City.   You will investigate the plote, while we go help Lunar!

Orlando: Right, your friend should be the young master of the Cloud textile workshop.  The mayor took all spices from their stores and took her away. This must be the Iron Rose’s doing.

Momo: I kinda feel this game is heading in a dark direction… Uh no, I didn’t say anything.  This is scary!

Orlando: Nikki, I invited a Cloud Maid to be my model.  Let’s practice. Since we are in Moonlit City, let’s go for Cloud clothes with a flower as the theme.


Stage 8.6 Acquaintance’s Secret

Yoko: Orlando is an Apple Federation military officer, and he also knows Kimi and the Prime Minister.  He must know many things that common people don’t!

Momo: I think so!

Orlando: Hehe, what do you want to know then?

Nikki: Um… is Manager Lisa really the bandit to steal the Star Sea?  Before she was taken away by guards, she told me: “Sometimes there is something you don’t understand, just because you don’t know the secret behind it.  For me, I have no curiosity. I just do what I should do.” What does that mean?

Orlando: This is a political affair of the Lilith Kingdom, so it’s none of my business.  But since you want to know, I can fill you in on what I know. Manager Lisa is neither a staff of the theater nor a thief.  Since she would follow a plan like this, something must have gone wrong.

Momo: What’s the plan?

Orlando: She was just following orders.  But the aim of the mission changed from arresting people to reaching an agreement, so a real thief was needed for the trade to continue smoothly.

Yoko: After listening to all that, why am I still so confused?!

Nikki: Do you mean the Lilith government…

Orlando: Niiki, don’t think about all these things right now.  I have also prepared an ink dyed modern evening dress, let’s concentrate on getting prepared for confrontation!


Stage 8.7 The Mayor is…!?

Nikki: Orlando is awesome.  He can just take us and walk into the mayor’s mansion through the front door!

Orlando: Why is that cat staring at me like that… Nothing big, I have a diplomatic token from the Apple Federation government, so I won’t be checked and questioned.

Mayor: But this is Moonlit City which is under my rule, not your territory.  There’s no need in getting so cocky.

Momo: What the!?

Yoko: Oh, my god!!!

Nikki: THis… This is the girl who competed with me…

Momo: I am… stunned.

Mayor: Ahahahaha, you guys are still so funny! I have been waiting for you for a long time! Why were you so slow? What’s the point of competing with this guy wearing glasses all the time… it’s so boring!

Orlando: Respected mayor, I am a senior commander of the Apple Federation.  It is only proper for you to show at least some politeness to me.

Momo: I prepared words and lines for situations where I face a dark villain, but I’m lost for words right now…

Yoko: Me too… Did this little girl kidnap Lunar and rob all the spices?  She isn’t just playing house right?

Nikki: So you’re the mayor!  Why did you take away Lunar and everybody’s designs and clothes?

Mayor: This is not fun!  Defeat me first, and I will consider telling you!  Here! Quick, I have prepared a cross gender modern everyday outfit!  Come and play with me!  


Stage 8.8 Truth Behind Puzzle

Orlando: Nikki has beaten you.  So can you tell us now? What agreement did you and the Iron Rose reach and what are you planning to achieve?

Mayor: Humph, yes yes I got it.  I will tell you.

Nikki: Lunar!

Lunar: Nikki, Momo, Yoko!

Momo: Huh?  Lunar weren’t you captured by the mayor?

Lunar: Actually I just heard from my mother that a couple of months ago the Pigeon Queen sent Mela to talk to the mayor of Moonlit City, asking her to cooperate with the Iron Rose to rob people of their race designs and materials.  In return, the mayor would get some of the treasures.

Mayor: And so I pretended to accept the offer, secretly gathering people’s valuables and hiding them in a safe tunnel under Moonlit City. In addition, I asked the mother of the textile family to make a batch of pretty-looking designs and clothes which are actually quite common, so that I could trick Mela!

Nikki: But, what about the yeast powder you put in all of the family’s spices? That was all for show! It was to make them believe that the whole batch of Cloud Calico had been destroyed, so Mela wouldn’t take them. Lunar arrived at Moonlit City yesterday, and I sent people to damage the textile store.  In actual fact, they picked up Lunar and helped her make the designs and clothes.

Yoko: Wow…. This is Brilliant!

Orlando: It’s just as Henry and I thought.  The Iron Rose is seeking alliances in the continent, entering an even crazier phase in their operation.  

Mayor: This will only stall their efforts for a short while.  I have no idea what the Pigeon Queen is secretly planning to do next.

Nikki: Secretly plan!?  So are we discussing how to fight against the Pigeon Queen?

Mayor: Nikki, you are surely smart!  REmember, the real enemy is the unknown.  If you can’t fulfill the prophecy, you will never be able to return to the world you came from.

Nikki: What!?

Mayor: Oh, hahaha, I was joking! Speaking of the Iron-and-blood Queen, I want to dress up as a Pigeon Elf.  I think I will definitely look more beautiful!

Yoko: The Pigeon Kingdom reminds me of the Light and the Dark Elf, nothing would go wrong if I dressed like that!


Stage 8.9  To Lilith City

Nikki: I’m still confused.  Does the Pigeon Queen want to take all the treasures for herself and then rule the whole continent?

Orlando: Henry and I also don’t have any clue.  But we all know it’s not a good omen.

Momo: My grandpa’s grandpa didn’t say that we would encounter something this dangerous!

Nikki: The Mayor told me I might not be able to go back to my previous world, is that true?

Mayor: Uh, you believe that?  I was just joking. Don’t take it seriously! If you really want to know more about the prophecy and the stuff about getting back home, you can pay a visit to the Star Seer!

Nikki: Star Seer…

Orlando: Since you have figured out what has happened in Moonlit City, you should go help out with the Fantasy Styling Contest next.  

Yoko: Ah! You mean the Fantasy Styling Contest held in Lilith capital every year!?

Orlando: Yeah, Henry is hurrying back to the country to assist Prince Royce in holding the styling contest. Based on what we’ve seen up to now, the Pigeon Queen might take some action at this grand gathering.  After all countless outstanding stylists will bring their excellent creations to the city. The Iron Rose will definitely steal the valuables which they desire.

Yoko: I will not allow this kind of thing to happen in Lilith, we have to stop them! I will register you for the contest.  With your ability, you will definitely be able to scare them away!

Momo: That’s true! That Mela has lost to Nikki twice in a row!

Mayor: You seem to have made your decision!  I need to stay in Moonlit City, so I won’t go to the Fantasy Styling Contest.  Why not you girls both dress up in Lilith’s fantasy dress and let me see how you look!  Then I will give you some supplies and see you guys off!


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