Chapter 9

Styling Contest Prelude

Chapter 9

Styling Contest Prelude

Stage 9.1 New Comer

Yoko: Welcome to the royal city of the Lilith Kingdom!!!

Momo: Now go prepare some grilled fish for the new guests!

Nikki: So this is the royal city of the Lilith Kingdom?  It looks like one of those castles in fairy tales!

Yoko: The post says: Dear guests, if you are attending the Fantasy Styling Contest, please go to the ‘West Contestant Village’ to check in at the ‘Official Hotel.’

Nikki: So there is a contestant village specially for contestants.  Maybe I can meet Lady Kimi here…

Momo: Nikki, let’s go to the hotel! I’m starving!

Yoko: Wait wait wait, you’d better put on something casual and convenient!


Stage 9.2 Contestant Village

Henry: Have you allocated all the preparation work for the Fantasy Styling Contest?

Yasu: Yes.  All of it has been assigned to the implementation teams.  By the way, Prime Minister, is it ok to schedule the meeting regarding the deployment of imperial guards for tomorrow?

Henry: About the meeting, I will arrange it myself.  You can have the day off tomorrow. Go and buy yourself some new clothes that you like.

Yasu: Um… Yes– yes, sir.  Thank you, Prime Minister!

Yoko: Nikki, look! That’s the registration office ahead of us!  

Momo: Let’s take a look at the prize that the champion gets.  Maybe it will be free grilled fish for an entire year, and hot ladies will grill for you!

Yoko: Momo, you just ruined the whole team’s image!

Nikki: Orlando said the Iron-and-Blood Queen might be planning something at the Fantasy Styling Contest.  If we want to find out and act against it, the best way to do that is to attend the contest ourselves.

Yoko: Yeah! And I believe Nikki is good enough to win the champion!

Momo: Why are you always stealing my lines! I should be the one who encourages Nikki to attend the contest!

Yoko: Humph, I can also help Nikki get warmed up, like helping her out with Gothic styled formal attire.  Can you do that?  All you can do is wear some different colored cloaks!!


Stage 9.3 Familiar Opponent

Nikki: Alright, Momo, don’t be mad!  Let’s go to the go the hotel and get something to eat.

Momo: No!  Before certain someone apologizes, I will not eat– I mean, I will not talk to her! Let’s go eat!

Yoko: Momo… I’m sorry, don’t be angry.  I… I will go grill some grilled fish for you!

Momo: Ha! I want fish grilled by hot ladies.  You have absolutely nothing to do with the word ‘hot!’

Yoko: You little—!

Momo: Wow! A beautiful lady for real!

Nikki: Isn’t this Kane?  The designer from the North Kingdom we met in Wintermount?

Kane: Hey, nice to see you again!  I knew Nikki was an excellent stylist back at the designer’s tea party, so I’m not surprised to see you in this Fantasy Styling Contest!

Yoko: Kane is a designer so why is he here too?

Kane: Although there are differences in what designers and stylists do, but I think that anyone wants to design good clothes, it’s very important for them to grasp the styling skills.  Only like this can a designer know what kind of clothes are really needed. So I have been preparing for this styling contest as well!

Nikki: Got it.  So we will have the chance to compete and learn from each other in the contest!

Kane: We can do it right now! It seems Nikki hasn’t been to North Kingdom yet, so why not try the maple leaf theme winter outfit?

Yoko: Momo, let’s go together this time! Go Nikki!


Stage 9.4 Masked Person Again

Momo: The horror!  Help!!

Nikki: Momo, are you okay?

Yoko: What happened?  Ah! Nikki, look! That is the bandit who was armed to the tooth and tried to rob our designs with her pawns in Wintermount! She may be planning to cut people p again!!! The horror!

Masked Girl [Qiong]: Aren’t you… exaggerating a bit?

Nikki: something feels different…

Qiong: Nikki, could you stop the cat and the girl from screaming?  My eardrums are hurting. Allow me to give you a short introduction of yourself, since it didn’t go so well last time.  My name is Qiong, and I am a contestant. Identity and nationality are confidential.

Momo: Villains have a strong presence when they speak.  I could never learn how to do it…

Nikki: Hi, Qiong, may I ask…

Qiong: No questions, let’s compete on the Cloud Empire style.  And hurry up!  I have other things to do after this.

Yoko: Villains have a strong presence when they speak.  I could never how to do it either…


Stage 9.5 Ancient Pavilion Duo

Winter: Higo, look! It’s Nikki and her friends!

Higo: Nikki, Yoko, Momo!  Long time no see! Did you come here directly from the Cloud Empire?

Yoko: Hahaha it must be fate!  We meet again so soon!

Nikki: Nice to see you! We left Ancient Pavilion for Long Street, then for Moonlit City.  Later we heard that there would be a Fantasy Styling Contest held in Lilith, so we came here.  

Higo: Yes, the annual Fantasy Styling Contest in Lilith and the Designer’s Tea Party in Wintermount are the two biggest events for stylists and designers, if you can win the Fantasy Styling Contest, you will be a renowned stylist across the entire continent.

Winter: Why does Higo refuse to attend?

Nikki: What?  Higo isn’t joining?  Why not? It’s such a good opportunity…

Higo: Ahahaha, having spent so many years in the Ancient Pavilion, I just came here to learn about the outside world and see all these awesome stylists.

Momo: That sounds like one of those true masters…

Higo: The other days I designed a modern cloud empire suit with a koi fish theme for Winter.  Nikki, since we’re here, you might as well try it on!


Stage 9.6 Serial Competitions!

Nikki: I don’t know why, I just feel so nervous.

Momo: There’s this suffocating despair in the air.

Mysterious Man [Fantasy Envoy]: Hey, it’s a pleasure to meet you al!! Let’s be friends!

Yoko: You look kinda cool.  Are you here to attend the contest?  I’m Yoko and this is Nikki and Momo!

Mysterious Man [Fantasy Envoy]: Just call me Fantasy Envoy.  The Fantasy Styling Contest is about to start, so I came here to gauge the ability of the young stylists.  I’m just going to be here for a little while.

Nikki: Have we met somewhere before?  You feel so familiar.

Momo: Familiar? ….

Fantasy Envoy: Hahaha, many people have said that I possess a certain kind of affinity.  Maybe that’s what you’re feeling.

Nikki: I see.  Hello Fantasy Envoy! It’s good to know you!

Momo: I still feel nervous….

Fantasy Envoy: Seems like you are a contestant. Today is your lucky day.  I can help you to practice your styling skill. I recently created a ‘Super Fantasy Interlink Combination’ and you can be the first one to experience it.

Nikki: Sounds cool!

Fantasy Envoy: Listen up! A casual Apple Federation lady dress and Apple Federation high-class ready-to-wear suit! Begin!


Stage 9.S1 Manga Artist Aiko (4)

Aiko: I am here to tell you some good news. My manga has been published and has received raving reviews. The editor has even asked me to write a sequel!

Nikki: Fantastic! Is it the love story between a stylist and a designer that we talked about last time?

Aiko: Yeah! It’s all thanks to Nikki who really gave me so much inspiration!

Yoko: What’s the ending of the story? Did they get married?!

Aiko: Aha, not so fast! That might happen in one of the following sequels! The ending for now is the hero preparing to make a romantic ‘Love Confession’ at the seaside of Wintermount!

Nikki: That’s so romantic! Speaking of which, Wintermount’s beach is really beautiful!

Momo: And filled with sexy and pretty girls in swimsuits!

Yoko: I want to get back to Wintermount for vacation!

Aiko: Let’s compete on the seaside holiday swimsuit! It will feel like we are there!


Stage 9.S2 Bookish Girl Timi (5)

Yoko: Timi! Timi! Are you here for a date?

Timi: Nope. I am here to take part in the fantasy styling contest!

Momo: But aren’t you attending school?

Timi: I’m about to graduate from the Cicia Design School! Though I only went to Cicia to follow my senior, I still want to attend the Fantasy Styling Contest to see how good I am!

Nikki: You can do it! Perhaps we will meet at the contest!

Timi: You too, Nikki! You are the best stylist I have ever seen. Hope you will do your best in the contest! By the way, I will go attend the ball with my senior after the contest. I need your advice, Nikki.

Nikki: I think it’s a good choice to wear a short Cloud Empire cheongsam. But I’ve never tried it before.

Yoko: Good idea! Everybody will be dressed in formal wear. You will really stand out if you wear an elegant traditional cheonsam!


Stage 9.S3 Toto, Girl in Love (7)

Momo: Quiz time! What’s the zodiac sign this time? The winner can earn a sweet kiss from Momo!

Yoko: The prize is really…discouraging.

Nikki: Toto, you look very happy every time I see you!

Toto: Hehe, because love is always surrounding me. I insist on dressing up nicely every time I go out. Maybe I might just meet my true love!

Nikki: Your boyfriend…

Toto: It’s the Scorpio doctor I met at the hospital last week when I was sick! Nikki you have no idea how handsome he is in a white doctor coat! I felt better the moment I saw him!

Yoko: Amazing…You found your love at the hospital? Looks like it really is true that opportunities are only for those who are prepared.

Toto: We are going for a date at the bar tonight. Nikki, please pick a sexy and mature lady outfit for me!


Stage 9.7 Prince’s Visit

Nikki: The Fantasy Envoy was awesome, but now I feel so tired…

Momo: It’s good he’s gone now.  I don’t know why but…. His existence makes me all tensed up.

Yoko: Look, it’s Prince Royce and Hika!

Royce: Hello everybody! I knew you guys would be here! And also this is the first time I am helping my sister host the Fantasy Styling Contest. I have been working day and night so I am burned out!

Hika: Yes, your highness.

(After Hika leaves)

Royce: Actually I used to think she talked too much because she was always urging me to get back to the palace.  Now that I’m back to Lilith, she’s gone all quiet…

Momo: So now you’re complaining she doesn’t talk enough?

Royce: You little cat….! By the way, Nikki, do you know about the Ruin Island?  It’s at the edge of Miraland; an advanced nation built on an industrial wasteland. The people there are very good at a simple sci-fi style.  They’re known as a “nation of the future driven by advanced technologies.” I asked Hika to change into a Ruin Island styled outfit.  Think about it for a while, then try styling.


Stage 9.8 Prince’s Request

Royce: Nikki, you did a good job!

Yoko: Wow, this is the first time I have seen clothes from Ruin Island, it’s amazing!

Momo: That looks very similar to a carton I watched before…

Royce: To be honest I already commanded others to notify me if you came to the contestant village.  So when Nikki signed up, I got the message instantly and then came here with Hika.

Nikki: I see.

Royce: Hika and I both believe in your skills.  But to be honest, the Fantasy Stylist Contest this time is different from what it usually is. Both me and Henry believe that someone might want to cause trouble at this contest.

Nikki: You mean the Iron-and-Blood-Queen and her Iron Rose Stylist Legion?

Royce: It seems like it, but I got the feeling that it’s more complicated than that. My sister is seriously ill and I can hardly ever see her.  Political affairs are mainly managed by Henry, so I don’t have a complete grasp of all the information. I need you to win the competition and officially become the Imperial Stylist of the Lilith Kingdom, to be someone like Hika, who I can fully trust…

Hika: Your highness! Not in public…

Momo: Well…. Something is going on here.

Nikki: I promised Kimi that I would become an excellent stylist.  So I will try my best to win the contest regardless of the circumstances.

Royce: Okay! Then let’s talk about it later. Now compete with HIka on the mori style theme!   


Stage 9.9 One-piece Dress

Swordswoman [Ace]: Was that Lilith’s prince you were talking with?

Nikki: Hi there, those two are my friends!

Swordswoman: Ouch.  I thought I could meet someone special. It’s just a misunderstanding.  Let’s be friends! I am Ace. What’s your name?

Nikki: Hi Ace, the name’s Nikki.  These are my friends Momo and Yoko.  

Momo: Wow, another pretty girl!

Ace: Haha, that cat is funny, just like the Fantasy Envoy!

Yoko: You met the Fantasy Envoy too?!

Ace: Yes, I’ve been traveling around since I was a child and I’ve bumped into him in many countries.  He is a restless soul like me and spends his time wandering around. Ha, I happened to meet him outside the city in the morning and he was telling me enthusiastically about how he had created a set of interlink combo or something…

Nikki: Is it the ‘Super Fantasy Interlink Combination?’  

Ace: Yes, that’s it!  You tried it? This guy is literally a lunatic.  Whenever he creates something new, he can’t wait to tout his products to the entire world.  

Momo: He makes people nervous…

Ace: I am here to attend the styling contest too. It’s so boring just wandering around.  Do you want to do some practice with me?

Nikki: Okay! What kind of practce are we doing?

Ace: Let me see. The swordsman outfit I’m wearing, gorgeous and lively one-piece dress, and also elegant Pigeon Kingdom lady!

Momo: Isn’t this how the Fantasy Envoy did it?  You’re a lunatic just like him!


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