So many things are happening in Miraland! Suddenly the story is getting a lot more serious…

There are still so many thing we don’t know,

But my biggest question remains:

is anyone going to give me grilled fish?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, our heroine Nikki wins the preliminary styling contests. She is now in the final three with Sherry and Ace – two formidable opponents. On the eve of the final contest, Nikki runs into Mela, who is definitely up to no good. Nikki beats Sherry and goes on to battle Ace, but notices Sherry is strangely transfixed by Ace and cannot stop staring at her.

Before they can declare a winner, the contest is interrupted as an intruder breaks into the Queen’s palace! Royce rushes away to protect his sister, passing control of of the Fantasy Styling Contest to Prime Minister Henry. Sherry and Mela flee the palace together, while the front row of the audience suddenly jump up and draw their swords. As the crowd begins to panic, Kimi leads Yoko and Momo to safety.


The Royal Palace in Lilith Kingdom

New characters:


Ace and Nikki fight their way through the panicked crowd to find Kimi, Momo, and Yoko. Suspecting treachery, the group then goes after Royce, only to find the Royal Palace under siege. They sneak into the castle to rescue Prince Royce and Hika, and then follow Royce towards the Imperial Gallery. As they sneak past the fray outside, Royce informs them he has long suspected Henry of being a traitor to the throne. Acting on these suspicions, he passed control of the Styling Contest to Henry as a test – while installing a secret force outside the city in case of conflict. However, this force only responds to direct command from royalty and with Royce trapped in the palace and the Queen missing, no one has come to help.

Within the Imperial Gallery, there is a casket harboring the guardian spirit of Lilith. Passing the spirit’s trials enables the victor to create a Phantom, which can move without physical limits. Nikki suspects this is how Queen Nanari originally contacted her, and she clears the trials so Royce can restore order to the city. They discover Henry has fled to the North Kingdom, leaving trouble in his path. Queen Nanari and Yasu are both missing, presumably kidnapped by Henry’s army. As the gang takes in this news, the casket suddenly shows a new prophecy! Miraland is heading towards a crisis – but the Windvale Tribe possesses the Miracle Scroll, the key to saving their home. The Chosen One must retrieve the scroll, and who else could this be but our fashionable heroine? Nikki and her crew set off for their next destination: the Republic of Wasteland!


The Royal Palace in Lilith Kingdom, the Imperial Gallery

New characters:


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