Chapter 11

Styling Contest Finals

Chapter 11

Styling Contest Finals

Stage 11.1 Past the Group Games

Yoko: It’s not as easy as you make it sound.

Momo: What she should do next is crush the opponent in the finals and win the championship!

Kimi: It’s not as easy as you say it. The winners in other two groups should not be trifled with.

Nikki: Yes, I know!

Momo: Nikki is always the first to get lady Kimi’s words.

Joe: So you got any idea of the other two winners?

Kimi: Prince Royce is on the way. He should know more details. Let’s take this moment to practice once again over the Modern Everyday Apple Federation outfit.


Stage 11.2 Prince’s Message

Yoko: Just imagine Prince Royce speaking on the stage, it would be fantastic!

Momo: Humph, if I get a chance to stand on stage and sing a song, I can also blow thousands of girls away.

Yoko: Momo, seriously?

Nikki: Haha, Momo has a dream to launch his own rock concert.

Joe: I really wish to watch it.

Royce: Hi, everyone! I knew you would make it, Nikki! But the other two are also very strong. Hika, would you please introduce them for us.

Hika: The other two players are Ace and Sherry…

Nikki: Ace! That wandering swordswoman!

Royce: Yes, yes. How awesome that she can travel everywhere freely…

Hika: Master, Queen has promised you…

Royce: Alright, alright, let’s talk about it later. Nikki, why not compete with Hika over the sweet Lilith little girl style? Hika looks so cute when she is dressed that way.


Stage 11.3 Manga Artist Aiko (6)

Nikki: We’ve met Ace. We just wonder about the last one…

Momo: Hika said the name is Sherry. That sounds like a pretty girl’s name.

Yoko: Do you know anything except pretty girls?

Momo: Are you talking about muscular man?

Aiko: Nikki, Momo, Yoko!

Nikki: Aiko! How’s your manga going?

Aiko: Last time when I looked for inspiration in the Fantasy Styling Contest, I happened to meet an extremely beautiful female stylist there!

Momo: How beautiful is ‘extremely beautiful’?

Aiko: She has this brilliant flowing long hair and looks like a china doll! But she is kind of cold to get along with.

Yoko: So what’s your story later? What kind of surprise would the designer give the stylist?

Aiko: Haha, secrets! Now Nikki, let’s go over the artistic painter style. It will be related to the story!


Stage 11.4 Bookish Girl Timi (7)

Nikki: Timi! Timi!

Timi: Nikki! Hi! I’ve heard that you progressed through the group stage. Congrats!

Nikki: Thanks! And what about you? What’s your next plan?

Timi: I am planning to write a book!

Momo: Wow, the bookish girl is about to write one herself!

Yoko: What kind of book?

Timi: I want to write down the story of my senior and me as the best witness of these years.

Yoko: So romantic! It’s even more meaningful for you as you secretly love him for so long. You really should write those down no matter what’s the result.

Timi: Yes, I will. Nikki, good luck for you too. I believe in you!

Nikki: Thanks! I will try my best!

Momo: So, as the routine goes: time for you to have a contest over the theme winter school uniform!


Stage 11.S1 Office Lady Vivi (5)

Vivi: Nikki! I knew you would come and take part in the Fantasy Styling Contest!

Nikki: Vivi, you are here too!

Vivi: yes, I came here just to cheer for you!

Momo: Don’t you have to work today?

Vivi: Thanks to the Fantasy Styling Contest, the fashion boutiques are in dire need of models to tout their products. So recently I have been working here!

Yoko: What a cool career woman!

Vivi: Aha! But recently I kind of want to try lady’s outfit. Nikki, could you help me?


Stage 11.S2 Lead Singer: Kaze (4)

Kaze: Nikki! I am here to cheerlead for you!

Nikki: I really appreciate it, Kaze!

Momo: A song is more suitable for you!

Yoko: Wow, Kaze is so attractive when she is singing!

Kaze: Haha, I am terribly sorry that I’ve been singing too often lately that my throat is not in good condition. Maybe next time! Come to think of it. Am I the only one to ever ask Nikki to pick neutral gender clothes. Why not take the chance?


Stage 11.S3 Toto, Girl In Love (8)

Yoko: Every time I meet Toto, I kind of feel nervous. It must have nothing to do with the fact that I’ve never been in a relationship.

Momo: Speaking of that, your pet is still single! Meow!

Nikki: Toto, you look even more beautiful than the last time!

Toto: Haha, Nikki, you are awesome! This time, I took my boyfriend to cheer up for you. Try your best!

Nikki: Sure!

Momo: Would you mind me asking what’s…

Toto: Oh yeah! He’s a Sagittarius actor and he looks super handsome when acting as a policeman! He’s really into lively and cheerful girls. Nikki, could you do me a favor?


Stage 11.5 Ace’s Kindness

Ace: Nikki, the finals are tomorrow. I hope we both do our best no matter what.

Nikki: Ace, I know what you mean. It’s a competition. I will put all my effort into it!

Ace: Aha, that’s the spirit! I heard that the other contestant is from the Pigeon Kingdom but I’ve never met her before.

Nikki: Yes, I’ve heard. Apparently, she’s a pretty girl.

Ace: Now you sound like your cat! I’d better sleep early tonight. But before that, let’s practice together for a bit!

Nikki: Ugh, fortunately, it’s not Fantasy Envoy’s super-whatever…

Ace: Try female pirate!


Stage 11.6 Mela Appears

Yoko: Oh my, I saw Mela on the stand just now!

Momo: She didn’t qualify, right? But anyway she’s up to no good for sure!

Kimi: Royce told me that Sherry’s identity and profession were all unclear on the entry form, and she was found having been in contact with Mela at the contestant hotel.

Joe: So this china doll and that Iron Rose chili must have something under the table.

Yoko: How do you come up with those nicknames?

Nikki: So is Sherry possibly a member of Iron Rose?

Mela: What a small world! Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be tending the matches? Or somehow you became smart enough to know you wouldn’t win anyway.

Momo: You big chested woman! Watch your mouth!

Mela: I got no time for you, fat cat. Let’s do some practice on mature and sexy style. It’s for your own good!


Stage 11.7 Sherry’s Challenge

Henry: …and thank you, Prince Royce. Now, I declare the finals of the Fantasy Styling Contest begin!

Momo: Ahhh I’m too excited to breathe!

Yoko: Stop grasping me. You’re spreading your nervousness to me!

Henry: In the first round, we will have Miss Sherry from Pigeon and Miss Nikki from Lilith! Both of them…


Kimi: So Nikki is now a Lilith?

Yoko: Nikki said when she came to this world, she was brought to Lilith. So, Nikki is ours, haha!

Kimi: I see…

Joe: What a special nature and delicate appearance!

Momo: Delicate! Beautiful!

Yoko: Don’t forget which side you’re standing for!

(At the other side of the stage)

Nikki: Hi, Sherry. You look beautiful…

Sherry: So you’re Nikki? How did you go from a nobody to an overnight sensation at Wintermount?

Nikki: You heard of me?

Sherry: I’m afraid yes. I have been curious about you for a while, but I rarely leave Pigeon. I will treasure this precious opportunity.

Henry: The theme of the first match is: gorgeous and noble evening dress.

Kimi: Oh no, the outfit Sherry is wearing now is a work designed by Pigeon’s master Farrell. Talking about the gorgeous property, it’s second to none!


Stage 11.8 A Fairy from the Tales

Yoko: You’re the best, Nikki! Eh? What’s going on with Royce?

Henry: Your grace, we got an intruder in the outside garden of Queen’s palace…

Royce: What? My sister is in danger? Hika, let’s go. Henry, I’m afraid I have to leave the matters here to you.

Henry: No problem. I can handle this.

Kimi: Royce and Hika left in such a hurry means some emergency has happened, but now that Henry is still here, the contest should be secure.

Momo: Have you noticed the red china doll Sherry is staring at Ace all the time?

Yoko: Are you gonna keep adding adjectives like this…However, she does look quite astonished after seeing Ace. Strange…

Momo: I think she just said she was curious about Nikki. How could her interest change so fast?

Henry: The second match is between Nikki and Ace over the theme an elf from fairy tales.

Kimi: Why is Sherry dragging Mela and leaving?


Stage 11.9 It’s a rebellion?!

Momo: Oh boy, I was planning to grab a Fairy Concert set, claim a title of court stylist, and all after Nikki won the champion! Why do such horrible things happen all the time!

Yoko: Silence! Don’t you see those poker faces in the first row have drawn the swords!!!

Kimi: You two go find some corner to hide. It’s too dangerous here. I will go check what’s happening with Joe.

Momo: What about Nikki? She and Ace seem to be trapped on the stage!

Kimi: Ace is one of the very best swordsmen. Nikki is definitely safe with her.

(Stage side)

Why are there so many assassins disguising as the audience? What’s going on? Where is Henry?

Ace: I knew it’s a big showdown, but not like this. Be careful, Nikki, the blades won’t recognize who you are.

Panic Audience: Help! Help! I…I am so scared!

Nikki: Calm down! See, nobody is hurt yet.

Ace: For now. And the longer we stay here, it’s harder to say. Nikki, hurry, change your clothes into something common and convenient!


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