Chapter 12

Chaos in City

Chapter 12

Chaos in City

Stage 12.1 Escape in Chaos

(All the hidden soldiers take out their weapons and surround the palace. The situation is in a great mess.)

Ace: Nikki, follow me! Try to sneak out through the side gate first.

Nikki: Yes! But what on earth is going on? Why there are so many soldiers?

Ace: Obviously, a rebellion. Looking at their disciplined movements. It’s clearly premeditated.

Nikki: How could we get out of here?

Ace: We disguise ourselves and leave the city. It’s too dangerous to stay here.

Nikki: But Yoko and Momo are still here! I cannot leave them behind!

Ace: *Sigh* …. Okay. Then let’s get out of here and see if we can find them in the garden. Now find a hooded cloak and go!


Stage 12.S1 Instance Trial (1)

Casket Spirit: Welcome to the Casket duplicate test?

Momo: What the heck, a duplicate?

Casket Spirit: Right, a duplicate. In order to bring you more fun, I myself developed this duplicate besides the main story.

Yoko: I think you are as good as the Fantasy Envoy…

Nikki: What’s your test?

Casket Spirit: Ahem, it’s the festive Cloud Empire style. Give me the feel of warm festival atmosphere!


Stage 12.S2 Instance Trial (2)

Casket Spirit: Congratulations! You have cleared the first stage. Now you have come to the second stage!

Yoko: Still more? Boring…

Momo: If you can make some food out of thin air, I will consider helping them show some interest in your duplicate.

Casket Spirit: How sad you’re not interested in my self-developed duplicate. Let’s try your friends’ shadows to compete with you! Now it will be a lot of fun, isn’t it?

Nikki: Who is it?

Casket Spirit: Dress up in pajamas first, and you will know!


Stage 12.S3 Instance Trial (3)

Stage 12.2 Friends Gathering

Nikki: I see them! They are there!

Ace: Hush! Be quiet! Let’s get close first!

Momo: It’s Nikki and Ace!

Yoko: We finally found you. This is horrible!

Nikki: Ace said those are all rebels, and it’s a planned rebellion…

Yoko: Oh dear! Why would something like this happen… I’m scared…

Momo: Take a deep breath and calm down! Your face is all pale. Haven’t you heard of the phrase ‘roll with the punches’?

Yoko: No… *Sob*

Momo: Stop crying! Nikki, compete with her over who looks gloomier; she might perk up.


Stage 12.3 Sneak into the Bedroom

Ace: We should find Prince Royce now. Does he know what’s going on?

Nikki: He took Hika to the imperial bedchamber to see the queen during the contest. So they should still be there now, right?

Momo: Maybe someone distracted them on purpose…

Yoko: Look! There are soldiers sieging the bedchamber like those inside the palace!

Momo: So I was right! Someone led Royce to the imperial bedchamber and then sent soldiers to detain them.

Momo: I’m getting smarter and smarter…

Nikki: But who are these soldiers? Why did all of them suddenly rebel?

Ace: You noticed that none of these rebel soldiers are Lilith’s imperial guards. There must be something wrong…

Ace: We need to dress up as soldiers to sneak into the bedchamber and find Royce!


Stage 12.4 Beauty Trap?!?

Royce: My friends, you have finally come! I knew you would find a way to sneak in!

Nikki: Royce, do you know the whole place is taken by rebels? They have besieged the palace!

Royce: I know. I thought my sister might be in trouble, so I took Hika here. The next moment, the soldiers had us detained.

Yoko: So what happened to queen Nanari?!

Royce: When we got here, my sister was already gone. I’m not sure if the soldiers took her somewhere else.

Momo: So what do we do now?

Royce: I have asked Kimi and Joe to investigate Henry. What we have to do now is to find a way to the Imperial Gallery.

Yoko: Yes! Prime Minister! Where is he now? Is he in danger?

Hika: Humph! Traitor.

Royce: Although you look cute, you have to dress up as a soft and lovable girl to surely make the guards outside think you’re harmless.


Stage 12.5 To the Storehouse

Royce: This path leads to the Imperial Gallery where you can find the key to save all of us.

Nikki: You said that Henry is a traitor. What do you mean?

Hika: He is no Lilithian, and when he has risen up and grabbed bigger power, he only gets more greedy…

Royce: Power can light up the fire of wildest ambitions. Even in his earlier days in the frozen North, the seed of desire had already been planted.

Yoko: It’s the Prime Minister who rebelled! Oh dear!

Ace: But since you already suspected him before, then why do you let all these happen? This is unreasonable.

Royce: To make the final affirmation, that’s why I appointed him to take charge of the Contest. And I assigned the royal army outside the city to not make him suspicious.

Royce: It’s a secret force only known to the Lilith royal family. All of them are not registered and they only take orders from the royal family.

Hika: But a royal member has to be there to command them. Now that all the paths have been blocked, we have no way out.

Nikki: So what should we do now? How do we help Royce sneak out here?

Ace: Prince Royce mentioned the Imperial Gallery just then. Maybe we can find a way there.

Yoko: Since that’s the case, let’s use skateboard and dash to get there!

Momo: Um, I feel something is not right…


Stage 12.6 Casket Trial (1)

Momo: Wow, this is the legendary Imperial Gallery. It’s amazing!

Yoko: I so want to see the Fairytale Concerto outfit! It must be beautiful beyond imagination!

Nikki: Are you looking for this box?

Royce: Right, this is the casket my sister gave me when she was ill. She said the guardian spirit of Lilith lives within it.

Royce: If someone can pass the casket’s three trials, she will gain the ability to use phantom to send messages with the spirit’s help.

Nikki: Phantom? So that’s how the Queen contacted me at the very beginning?!

Royce: I think so, But we are short of time. I hope Nikki can help us pass the casket’s tests.

Nikki: What should I do now?

Momo: Step 1: open the casket!

(A shadow appears)

Yoko: Woah, the first test is a test of time — fresh Cloud Empire style!


Stage 12.7 Casket Trial (2)

Ace: The tests will get harder and harder. I wonder how difficult it will be in the end.

Yoko: Don’t worry, Nikki’s ability covers all the difficulties.

Momo: Ahem, this is how plot armor works. Oops, did I say something weird?

Royce: Well done, Nikki! If the casket spirit can bring my shadow to the secret army outside the city, then I can command them to defeat the rebels!

Nikki: Yeah! I’ll keep trying!

Hika: Now let’s move on to the second test!

(A shadow appears)

Momo: The second one is a test of space — Apple Federation sports style!

Stage 12.8 Casket Trial (3)

Yoko: Yay! Only one more round to go! And I really want to go see the Lilith’s Fairytale Concerto!

Ace: I heard one of the sets had a puppet theme…

Royce: Huh? How did you know that?

Ace: It’s one of my friends. He knew an old designer who was very passionate about puppets all his life. The best outfit he designed in his life was collected by the Lilith royal family Fairy Concerto after he died.

Momo: Passionate about puppets. Sounds like some horror movie… And shouldn’t we be focusing on the casket?

Royce: Oh yeah! Nikki! We’re depending on you!

Momo: Let me take a look of at Tips!

(A shadow appears)

Momo: The third one is a test of love — Futuristic Ruin style themed on love! Sounds so difficult!


Stage 12.9 The Crisis Has Just Begun!

Hika: Thank you so much! If it weren’t for Nikki, his highness couldn’t have used the casket’s power to command the royal force and suppress the rebels.

Nikki: (Blush) That’s what friends are for.

Yoko: I still can’t accept that the handsome prime minister is a traitor!

Momo: Have you heard of the ‘cute and charming villain role’?

Yoko: Nope. Again…

Momo: Ah, okay.

(Royce arrives in a hurry)

Royce: The city has restored order. Henry is surely behind the rebels, but he is nowhere to be found now.

Royce: That’s what Kimi told me too.

Ace: I guess he’s returned to where he came from.

Royce: You mean the North Kingdom! That’s possible. Now that the rebellion has failed, he can still head back to his base to start over again.

Nikki: I’m wondering how Yasu is doing…

Royce: She disappeared too. Henry must have taken her.

(The casket makes a sound)

Momo: Huh? Words are appearing on the casket!

Ace: The crisis of Miraland has just begun. The Miracle Scroll of the Windvale Tribe is waiting for the Chosen One.

Hika: Isn’t the Windvale Tribe located in the Republic of Wasteland?

Royce: So the missing of my sister, Henry’s betrayal and the Iron Rose riot are all foreboding a crisis of Miraland? Maybe the scroll can tell us more.

Yoko: And the ‘Chosen One’ must be Nikki! We have to go to the Wasteland to find the legendary Miracle Scroll!

Momo: Wow, I have never been to the Wasteland! There must be many exotic, beautiful ladies!

Ace: Nikki, let me go with you.

Nikki: Um, are you sure?

Ace: I’ve spent my life traveling. It makes no difference where. I also want to figure out what’s the trick behind this Miraland Crisis.

Royce: Okay, it’s assuring to have Ace with you, I will send some soldiers to escort you to the border. Afterwards, you are on your own.


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