Chapter 13

Wasteland Exoticism

Chapter 13

Wasteland Exoticism

Stage 13.1 Arriving the Wasteland!


Momo: Meow! We finally arrived. How long have we been on the train? A week, I guess?


Imperial Guard: This railway station is the traffic hub of the Apple Federation, the Pigeon Kingdom and the Republic of Wasteland. Different exits lead to different nations. Don’t take the wrong one. We cannot follow you into the Republic of Wasteland, so this is where we part.


Nikki: Thank you for all the help on the journey!


Imperial Guard: It’s our duty. Now we have to report to Prince Royce. Please take care.


Bobo: Don’t worry! With Ace around, we’ll be alright.


Ace: An experienced traveler as I am, Wasteland is a place I haven’t visited. It’s said thar it’s an exoitic and secret place. We cannot be too careful.


Momo: Work goes that many ancient tribes still reside in the Republic of Wasteland. We have to be very careful in case that we offend them!


Bobo: Alright, alright. Such a beautiful girl like me won’t hurt anybody anyway.


Nikki: Horrible! Let’s put on Bohemian style clothes in case we are taken as bad people!



Stage 13.2 The Hot and Dry Border


Nikki: It’s just a small tribe at the border of the Republic of Wasteland, but it already feels so exotic!


Ace: Exactly! Look at these tents and wooden huts. I never saw them before.


Bobo: Wow! Look at the suntanned skin of the locals! So healthy and energetic! Maybe it’s because they lead a hunting lifestyle. Those handsome guys over there all have eight-packs!


Momo: Bobo! Stop staring at them! Don’t you remember that we should remain low-key? It’s too hot here, let’s find a place to rest.


Bobo: Sigh! For sure, this place is all warm!


Nikki: The weather is extremely hot and dry in the Wasteland. So the locals prefer cool style. It’s full of primitive and natural charm.


Momo: So let’s dress up in cool clothing in case we are killed by the heat before we find the Miracle Scroll!




Stage 13.3 Bonfire Concert


Nikki: Hush! You heard that lively music?


Bobo: Huh? It’s the local bonfire party! We lucky kittens!


Ace: Hold on! Don’t get close like a fool! There are many religions here. The pious tribesmen will have complicated rites to…Bobo!? I’m not finished yet!


Nikki: Ah!? Bobo has already rushed out! Will she be in danger!?


Momo: This silly girl! Let’s catch up and check it out!


(At the bonfire…)


Momo: Um…It seems we thought too much…


Ace: You should…


Bobo: Nikki! Ace! Momo! Come here!


Nikki: Bobo! You scared us to bits! We were all worried about you!


Bobo: Huh? For what? The locals here are friendly! I have never heard such powerful folk music! Nikki, dress up as a rock singer and let’s see what primitive drum and modern music will sparkle?




Stage 13.4 Pota


Ace: I didn’t expect there would be such plain and friendly people in this faraway wasteland tribe. This trip is a worthwhile one!


Nikki: Yeah. Miraland is such a vast place for us to discover!


Bobo: I’m exhausted…I was dancing with those handsome Mr. Eight-Packs and they told me this tribe is called Pota, the first tribe you’ll see if you come from the east. Pota…Is it possible it’s related to some food like apple tart?


Momo: Good point! I’m starving already! SInce they have a hunting lifestyle, there must be many different styles of barbecue here, right?


Nikki: Since everybody is hungry and the tent restaurant ahead of us looks great, let’s enjoy some meat and take a break before heading to the Windvale Tribe!


Momo: Yay! Great! Remember to put on your stain-resistant apron!




Stage 13.5 Wasteland Boy


Momo: Meow! Such authentic Wasteland barbecue! I don’t think you can find a better one anywhere else! Nikki, pack grilled fish that I can eat for a year!

Nikki: Momo, slowly, you’re dropping the food on the floor…huh? Why is there a boy under the table?


Bobo: Hey! Hey little one, don’t eat food on the floor! It’s dirty!


Wasteland Boy: I…I am hungry…

Nikki: There is plenty of food on the table. Let’s share the food together!

Ace: Um, seems like he hasn’t eaten for quite a while…He’s eating more Momo than Momo…


Momo: What?

Nikki: Little boy, what’s your name? Why are you here alone?

Wasteland boy: …


Bobo: How long since you had last meal? Did you get lost? Where are your families?


Wasteland boy: …

Ace: The boy seems very cautious. He says nothing. Look at the pattern on his face. What does that mean?


Nikki: How about dressing up local tribal clothes? Maybe that will make him more comfortable




Stage 13.6 Cloud Traditional Style


Nikki: Little boy, now can you tell us your name?

Wasteland boy: …


Momo: What’s wrong with him? He just ate all my fish and still doesn’t want to tell us anything!


Wasteland boy: Who…are you?


Nikki: Ah~ Sorry! We forgot to introduce ourselves. I am Nikki and they are my friends Bobo, Ace, and Momo. We are stylists and we are heading to the Windvale Tribe . We just happened to pass by the Pota Tribe.

Wasteland boy: You…you are foreign stylists?


Bobo: Right! Nikki is an awesome stylist!


Wasteland boy: Humph! Why should I believe that? Ransa is cunning! She can do anything! Prove it if you want be to believe you!


Momo: Huh? This tiny boy’s got some nerve! Nikki, dress up in traditional Cloud apparel and let him see what you can do, Please focus on simple and cool style as it’s so hot here!




Stage 13.7 Chief’s Son, Tuda


Wasteland boy: I have never seen such…ethereal clothes!


Bobo: Uh-huh? So now you should believe we are real stylists!

Wasteland boy: Humph! You’re indeed good, but still far away from the level of Wasteland wear!


Momo: Meow! How dare you–


Nikki: Momo, calm down! He’s just a kid! So do you believe us now?

Wasteland boy: Um…yes…I’m Tuda…I’m…the son of the Pota Tribe chief…


Momo: What!? The son of the Pota’s chief? Then why are you starving on the street? Or did you run away from home?


Tuda: I…I didn’t! I’m really the son of the Pota’s chief! The totem on my face is the very proof! A bad foreign woman called Ransa came here sometime back, and she earned my father’s recognition with her style skills. She was appointed as the archpriest of our tribe. Then she began making a strange elixir for my father, only worsening my father’s condition. He finally fell into a long coma and she grasped the leadership all herself. And I was imprisoned…But I found a chance and snuck out.

Ace: Then you have a reason to be so cautious. It’s too much for a little kid…


Tuda: I don’t get a chance to expose her real face to the rest of my tribesman, and many her men were after me… You foreigners – you are not with Ransa?


Bobo: Come on! If we are, do you think we’ll let you stand here speak all these?


Momo: Nikki, dress in a Lilith young girl outfit to convince him again!




Stage 13.8 Tribe’s Ritual


Tuda: Wow! That’s cute! I like it so much!


Momo: He’s a kid after all! But cute can never be wrong!


Bobo: Momo! Are you saying I am a kid?!


Nikki: Stop right there! We’re supposed to be thinking about how to help Tuda!


Ace: It’s another Nidhogg incident. Is betrayal a trend now?


Bobo: I still don’t believe our Prime Minister could betray us! There must be some reason!


Momo: I don’t know if Nidhogg has betrayed or not, but obviously this Ransa is not a good person. We should help Tuda!


Tuda: Thank you very much! But we gotta hurry. The tribe ritual has already begun and everyone in the tribe will be there. It’s the best opportunity to uncover her!


Nikki: Let’s go!


(At the ritual site…)


Tuda: Ransa! You evil woman! Give me the antidote to cure my dad!


Ransa: My dear Tuda, what are you talking about? Where have you been? I’m worried about you!


Tuda: Save it! I knew everything already! I won’t let you take leadership of my tribe!


Ransa: Oh my! That’s not a good buy, Tuda. Chief is ill now, what’s wrong that a person of greatest power temporarily rules the tribe for him?


Tuda: So to say, if I defeat you, will you hand over the antidote and leadership?

Ransa: Hohoho! A good joke, I give you that! Defeat me? Everyone deserves a chance, even he’s a little boy, right?

Tuda: You said it! Let’s go for the mature and gorgeous priestess outfit – your preferred theme. But as a kid, I will pick one from the tribe to fight for me!


Ransa: Lots of conditions! Hehe~ No problem!

Tuda: Nikki, now I can only rely upon you! You have to win this!




Stage 13.9 Iron Rose Badge


Ransa: No! How is that possible?


Tuda: Ransa! Don’t forget what you said! The whole Pota Tribe is watching!

Ransa: Humph! It’s a mistake this time, but I will come back!


(Ransa left the antidote and disappeared…)


Tuda: Father! You’ve woken up!


The Chief: Tuda…You have really grown up…


Tuda: Father! I didn’t handle Ransa just by myself. It’s Nikki who helped me defeat Ransa!


Nikki: Chief! It’s nothing much. Tuda, as a little kid, was so brave and wise confronting Ransa in the ritual. He’s a real fighter!

The Chief: It’s all my fault…If I didn’t crave for Ransa’s potion, this wouldn’t…this wouldn’t have happened…


Tuda: Father! Don’t say that! What’s important is we are all safe now. During these days, Ransa seems to be searching something. There must be something deeper in this!

The Chief: Ah! Ransa once gave me a badge. Maybe it’s a clue…


Ace: Is this…the Iron Rose’s badge?


Momo: Yes! Same with that of Sherry and Mela!


Nikki: So Ransa is part of the Iron Rose? And she came to the Wasteland to look for designs?

Ace: Things are beginning to link up…


Nikki: We’d better to go the Windvale Tribe fast to find the Miracle Scroll!

Tuda: Are you leaving already? After experiencing these incidents, I feel like I really have grown up overnight. The world is so big. I have decided to travel around and improve my styling skills. First I want to go to the North Kingdom – the polar opposite of the Wasteland. Nikki, could you help me pick out an ethic Nordic style outfit?




Stage 13.S1 Tribe’s Request (1)


Tuda: Nikki, thank you for helping me save the tribe!


Nikki: Tuda, actually it’s your wisdom and bravery that saved the tribe!

Tuda: I know my designing skills are not good enough yet, and I lack experience. Nikki, since you have come to the Pota tribe, could you please do something for us?


Nikki: What can I do for you? I will try my best to help you if it’s within my ability.


Tuda: Our tribe’s people are very curious about clothes from other nations, bout for our own reasons, we have few chances to actually see any of them. Could you please help our people to design clothes with styles that they like?

Nikki: Of course! It’s my honor to promote the dressing styles of other nations!


Tuda: This little girl always likes the pure and cute young girl style of the Apple Federation. Nikki, please help her realize her wish!


Nikki: No problem!




Stage 13.S2 Tribe’s Request (2)


Tuda: It looks like casual everyday wear is a piece of cake for Nikki.


Nikki: Nah! It’s just that there are many similarities between the Apple style and my hometown’s, so it’s easy for me.

Tuda: I see. But the next girl’s with may be a little tough to satisfy. She has a boundless imagination and likes clothes with futuristic style.

Nikki: Then the Ruin Island’s style should suit her well. I think I can do it!


Tuda: Nikki is so awesome!  I have a lot to learn from you!




Stage 13.S3 Tribe’s Request (3)


Little Girl: Hi! Excuse me, are you Nikki?


Nikki: I am, and you are?

Little Girl: Tuda told me you are helping the tribe to fulfill their styling wishes, right?

Nikki: It’s true! What kind of style do you like?

Little Girl: I saw you guys mixing folk music with rock music at the bonfire part. That was stunning!

Nikki: That was Bobo’s idea! It was quite a nice combination. We didn’t expect that.

Little Girl: So…Could you help me mix a rock style outfit? And I prefer to get dressed like a mature and hot lady!


Nikki: Ah! But aren’t you still a child?

Little Girl: Well…Tuda always says so! I want to prove to him that I can be mature and hot too! Nikki, you will help me, right?


Nikki: A little kid with a big heart! No problem! Leave it to me!



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