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Guarding WIngs



When light and shadow meet, he has to leave her. When he sees the sun, he’s a swan wandering on the lake. In the long night, he recalls every step she took. He found he’s deeply in love with her. At this moment, he only wants to guard her smile forever. He promised, ‘I’ll never leave you again.’ The dusk has come. In the applause, they started dancing. Stars and fireworks are their witnesses. As the bell of daybreak tolls, he’s gone. In the mist, a black swan is chasing her shadow. Her smile spreads, like a ray of light into his dark world. He whispers, ‘I should never leave like this…’ Light of setting sun cast down and Black Swan turned into a boy. For an instant, love falls. The power of love broke the curse. Sealed memory revived, submerged palace rose again, and all the lost were found. The date of departure is always so close. Beside the lake, sun and moon once again separated the lovers. Dragging his fatigued body, the boy lingers in the night. Anxiety and hesitation took him. The sorrow was weak but endurable. An extra second became a luxury as the morning bell tolls.

Suit Details

Posed Suit

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Hair: Intersect
A-; SS+; SS-;  A+; A
Dress: Soft Long Night
A+; A+; SS-;  S+; A+;
Coat: Elegant Wings
S-;  SS; A-;  S+; A
Shoes: Daybreak Pursuit
 A+;  S-;  SS-;  SS-; A
Foreground: Dark Feather Chant
SS-;  A-; S-;  SS-;  S-;
Hair Ornament: Rosy Feather
 SS-;  SS; A;  S-; A-;
Earrings: Dusty Shard
S-; SS-;  SS-;  A+;  S-
Necklace: Boundary of Day
A-; SS;  A-;  S+;  S
Gloves: Lock of Hesitation
 S-; S+; SS;  A-;  S-
Makeup: Void Expectation
A; SS-; SS-;  S-; A+
Posed Dress: Black Swan Love
A; SS-; SS;  A+; A;

Suit Availability

  • First Available
    February 12-18, 2019. Part of Swan Love Event
  • Returned to Game
    To Be Determined

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